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How to write an eLearning course script

21 October 2020
The script of an online course has a direct impact on its teaching effectiveness. Find out how to write engaging eLearning scripts.

Memorability in eLearning - Infographic

14 October 2020
Here is how cognitive distortions can be used effectively and productively in the creation of eLearning.

Create a video for eLearning

14 October 2020
What is the most suitable lighting for your video? Where to place the microphones? Creating an eLearning video is not as easy as it sounds!

Content care vs creating eLearning content

7 October 2020
Is it better to "take care" of eLearning content, using and organizing already existing resources, or create them from scratch?

5 questions to ask yourself before designing an online course

7 October 2020
Designing an online course is an exciting but also very challenging activity. Before you embark on this adventure, ask yourself these five questions!

Learning styles: how do your students learn?

7 October 2020
The 7 learning styles to know to create an effective online course suitable for all types of students.

Tips to speed up the creation of eLearning courses

23 September 2020
How to start an online course quickly for remote workers.

How to dynamize an eLearning content

23 September 2020
An online course allows you to create content more dynamic than that of a traditional textbook. How to take advantage of the interactivity?

What works in gamification?

16 September 2020
Anyone designing an online course needs to know what gamification strategies work best for their target audience.

How to choose the perfect title for an online course

16 September 2020
The course title is the first opportunity to capture the attention of users. But how to choose a title that works?

How to choose the 'voice' of your online course

9 September 2020
Subtitles or audio? Artificial voice or voiceover? Here is why and how to choose the most suitable (human) voice for your online course.

How to select music for an eLearning course

2 September 2020
With eLearning, the choice of music has an emotional and didactic value. Here's how to choose the "soundtrack" for an online course

Analysis of training needs: what it is and how to conduct it

29 July 2020
All the things you need to know about training needs analysis.

5 video formats to use in an eLearning course

15 July 2020
There are many ways to do videolessons: with or without the trainer, live or recorded. Here is how to choose the most suitable video according to the participants.

Why are they avoiding your online course?

8 July 2020
The training course you have designed with so much care and effort is not succeeding. Why not? What can you do to attract students?

The tutor in eLearning: tasks and skills required

8 July 2020
The tutor is an indispensable figure for any online course and plays a crucial role in the learning experience of the trainees. Let's find out why.

Sales courses: how to turn them into eLearning courses

8 July 2020
With distance working, sales training must also take place online. How to move product knowledge and sales techniques to the online channel?

Tips to improve the navigation of an online course

1 July 2020
Navigating an online course has an impact on the educational success of users and the credibility of the platform. Find out how to make it clear and intuitive.

SME vs. instructional designer: the roles of eLearning

1 July 2020
Who is SME and what is its role in corporate training? What is the difference between the instructional designer and other eLearning professionals?

Agile Methodology: how to use it in eLearning

17 June 2020
The term Agile indicates a software development methodology that meets the criteria of flexibility and speed. What are its advantages in online courses?

How to look like a design expert (even if you are not)

17 June 2020
Are you entering the world of eLearning design? Are you scared of the graphic side? With a few tips you will look like a real design professional!

Learning by doing (and online learning): what is it?

10 June 2020
Learning in a practical way requires contact with other people and real interactions in the workplace. How can this form of learning be exploited with eLearning?

Online courses: no to boredom!

10 June 2020
A boring course is equivalent to an uninvolving and effective course. With a bit of inventiveness it is possible to design a training course both instructive and enjoyable.

Blocking or not blocking navigation in eLearning courses?

3 June 2020
Should students of an online course be able to navigate freely through the content or should they follow a set path?

Why isn't your gamification strategy working?

3 June 2020
It is not enough to apply the principles of gamification to improve an online course. What are the mistakes that can make this strategy fail?

How to teach English and other languages with online courses

27 May 2020
Language learning is based on four specific skills. Here is how to teach how to read, write, speak and understand English in eLearning mode.

How to choose the navigation style in the eLearning course?

27 May 2020
Intuitive navigation is fundamental to the success of an online course, but how to choose the most suitable type of navigation for your course?

eLearning: the importance of (also) online interactions

27 May 2020
The possibility to interact with other students and tutors allows to involve students and to improve their critical and learning skills.

How to make online continuing education accessible

20 May 2020
Continuing education is no longer a visionary project of large companies, but an urgent necessity also for small and medium enterprises. How to keep life learning alive with a small budget and quickly? (The answer is in eLearning).

Why include subtitles in an online course?

20 May 2020
Let's find out how subtitles improve the teaching effectiveness of online courses and what aspects should be taken into account for proper subtitling.

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