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20 December 2017: 5 parametrs to measure the effectiveness of e-learning

The five key factors to measure the success of eLearning courses through the analysis of data

13 December 2017: Six reasons why corporate training programs fail

A list of problems to avoid, for designing the best and more effective training programs

13 December 2017: Top 7 e-Learning Advantages. Infographic

E-Learning is a powerful tool for imparting information and skills to employees in various training and corporate companies. It is a convenient, consistent, and flexible way to learn.

13 December 2017: How to design engaging and very appreciated e-learning courses in 6 steps

6 very simple tips to design engaging and enlightening e-Learning courses for your students.

6 December 2017: Creative ideas to design effective feedbacks in e-Learning courses

How to use graphics, animations, icons and other graphic ideas to design effective feedbacks to quizzes ad to results pages

6 December 2017: Training differences between an e-mail and a e-Learning mini-course

Very often companies try to use e-mail for micro training. But it’s probably better to design a mini course…

6 December 2017: Gamification in e-Learning

Latest trends in the use of Gamification in designing learning contents in e-Learning mode ...

6 December 2017: 5 Reasons to get started using Scenario-Based e-Learning

What do we mean with Scenario-Based e-Learning, and how to use it at its best?

29 November 2017: Tell me the colours of your course and I’ll tell you who you are

About the importance of the use of colours in the didactic design of e-Learning courses ...

22 November 2017: Advantages of eBooks and Audiobooks in e-Learning training

When you’re designing e-Learning training, do not close yourself on a single format of downloadable documents, because each has specific advantages

22 November 2017: 10 suggestions to make a e-Learning effective, in collaborative logic

A list with 10 favourite ways to create e-Learning courses truly interactive, addictive and innovative …

15 November 2017: 5 reasons to invest in the development of customized elearning courses

A good elearning course is always customized, thought and developed to cope with specific training needs

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