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Post an article in 3 steps

About what topics can you write an article?

  • Training in elearning
  • Design for elearning
  • New trends, trends and elearning trends
  • Professional reflections on eLearning
  • Research projects and case studies of elearning
  • E-learning didactic design
  • Report on elearning conferences
  • Theses and original research on elearning
  • Regulation for elearning training
  • Personal elearning training experiences (platforms, tools, fruition ...)
  • Sector analysis (trends, product types, methodologies)

What do we publish?

To be published your article must be an original content.
It may include include quotes appropriately reported and accompanied by links
It can be signed, even by more than one person
It can be accompanied by a short professional profile of the author / authors.

All articles are sent free of charge and always include a link to the author's profile.
The editorial team of Elearning News will evaluate your article and will publish it in a very short time.

What do we not publish?

  • articles that do not concern the eLearning topic
  • non-original articles, copied or pasted by other blogs or sites
  • articles already posted on other blogs or sites
  • articles with predominantly promotional content
  • articles with company presentation
  • articles featuring professional profiles

How do I post an article?

How to post an article - Sign in
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How to post an article - Write
Write your article, complete with title and subtitle and any references, and enrich it with images.
How to post an article - Submit
Submit and wait for Editorial Approval.

How is an article made?

How to post an article - Structure

TITLE of the article: write a title with no more than 75 characters.

SUBTITLE of the article: Write a short sentence describing the content of the article.

IMAGE of the article: Insert an image with a minimum size of 256x134 pixels and indicate the source of the image for the rights to use.

CONTENT of the article: Use html styles (heading, paragraphs, punctuated and numbered, bold, italic) to emphasize the content. Enter external links related to article content. But remember that irrelevant or promotional links will be removed from the article or will not make it possible to publish it. The ideal length of the article is between 700 and 1500 words.

REFERENCES of the article: If you feel it necessary, enter the references of your article at the end of the page.


You must be the copyright owner of the article to be able to enter it. Authors who enter articles that do not hold copyright will have their account suspended.

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