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AI and eLearning: personalizing courses with technology

21 February 2024
The exploit of AI technology promises applications in many fields. In eLearning, the personalization of teaching is perhaps the main advance. Let's find out why.

Technology for Training: The Growth of the Italian Market

29 November 2023
The revenue of Italian EdTech companies has surpassed 2.8 billion euros. Let's explore trends and challenges in digital education in Italy and around the world.

The Evolution of the eLearning Market: A Comprehensive Analysis

22 November 2023
The world of education has been radically transformed by the integration of technology. Let's explore the challenges and trends in this new educational landscape.

How artificial intelligence is transforming project management

18 October 2023
Artificial intelligence has a strong impact on every sector, but project management is being revolutionized by this technology. Let's see how and why

The future of eLearning from the lessons of the past

13 September 2023
An analysis on the main challenges of eLearning to predict the changes that will impact the sector and find out how to best tackle them

EdTech: the key markets and business models

19 April 2023
The education technology market is in turmoil: let's find out what the key markets and business models of EdTech are.

The eLearning training consultant

12 April 2023
The eLearning industry has grown exponentially. This led to new professions, including the eLearning Training Consultant

The challenges of artificial intelligence in online learning

12 April 2023
Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize the way we learn. But what are the challenges of implementing AI in eLearning?

E-learning and social media: tips for using LinkedIn

12 April 2023
LinkedIn has invested heavily in e-learning, even creating its own platform. We discover advantages and strategies for using LinkedIn in education.

ELearning tools that use artificial intelligence

5 April 2023
Pros and cons of eLearning tools AI based and how to leverage the latest applications to enrich learning experiences

Managing human capital in the new world of work

22 March 2023
Companies and workers are challlenged by a rapidly changing world of work. Let's find out how they are reacting according to the "2023 Human Capital Trends" report.

TikTok can be useful for training

8 March 2023
One might think that TikTok and education are worlds apart, but the opposite seems to be true and social media may be showing us the way to the future of learning.

Using Whatsapp as a training tool

22 February 2023
The most popular instant messaging application can also be unexpectedly useful for educational purposes.

L&D: key lessons from 2022 to look forward to 2023

1 February 2023
The article presents an analysis of what worked and what did not work in the L&D sector, and reports lessons learnt from 2022 to focus on in 2023. 

Trends that will influence LMS platforms

18 January 2023
LMSs appeared during the pandemic and have been revolutionising education ever since. But how are they evolving?

eLearning: major trends of 2023 for motion graphics

21 December 2022
Personalization, interactivity, use of advanced technologies... Let's discover the new 2023 trends in motion graphics applied to eLearning.

Tools for E-learning aimed at disabled, frail and vulnerable people

14 December 2022
With a view to ensuring equal access to education and training pathways, eLearning practices should be a priority.

Digital museums: art learning through technology

30 November 2022
When art meets digital: how virtual museums work and how they can help in art learning

eLearning and ESG: the whys of a symbiosis

30 November 2022
How does eLearning help companies achieve their environmental, social and governance sustainability goals?

Are eLearning providers ready for market needs?

23 November 2022
ELearning providers appear to be adopting five strategies to beat the competition and meet the needs of learners.

E-learning: training becomes increasingly social and mobile

16 November 2022
Online training is confirmed as an increasingly inclusive tool used by companies to provide continuing education for their employees.

Job training: the future is in the metaverse

19 October 2022
This is stated in an interesting and recent report.

Augmented reality applied to e-learning

19 October 2022
What is augmented reality and how can it be used for online training? Here are all the benefits.

Digital Certifications and Open Badges

19 October 2022
The spread of technology has encouraged the introduction of digital certifications in education, the most popular format of which is the Open Badge. Let's find out more.

Key eLearning trends

28 September 2022
New technologies are being developed every day, and there are more and more debates about training methods brought about by the development of these technologies. 

HR-IT collaboration: optimizing business efficiency

28 September 2022
What are and how to take full advantage of a synergistic approach between IT and HR teams?

The benefits of e-learning for the environment: why online training is green

21 September 2022
Reducing pollution, combating deforestation and saving energy are some of the environmental benefits of e-learning. 

Students with DSA: more enrollment in Online Universities

21 September 2022
Telematic universities increasingly popular among students with disabilities and with DSA, and among those who choose them, 60 percent more make it to graduation. 

Subconscious language learning: reality or science fiction?

14 September 2022
The spread of eLearning is popularizing subconscious language learning. This method is much discussed by experts, and in this article we explore why.

The importance of Self-Directed Learning in the enterprise

22 June 2022
Trained and motivated employees are the main asset of a dynamic company. The two do not always walk in parallel.

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