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How the pandemic changed eLearning

20 October 2021
During the pandemic, eLearning showed its immense potential. How has the industry changed in recent months?

Italy: boom of online trainees

6 October 2021
The pandemic has changed many scenarios, including the desire for (online) training, which has seen a considerable increase in 2020 compared to the previous year.

Simulation Technologies: The Benefits

22 September 2021
Simulation-based learning can be a great ally for trainees and companies. What are the main benefits of using these technologies?

The state of training in the Italian Public Administration

22 September 2021
In 10 years, spending on training in the Public Administration has been halved. The numbers of the INAPP 2021 survey and future scenarios.

Is the future of education in hybrid learning?

15 September 2021
What is hybrid learning, what are hybrid learning models, and what role will it play in the future of education and training?

AI and HR: the future of human resources?

23 June 2021
How can solutions that include the use of Artificial Intelligence help HR work faster, saving time and resources?

What does HR tech mean?

9 June 2021
The digital revolution has touched all sectors. Let's talk about HR tech and understand what areas it encompasses. 

HR challenges of 2021: smart working and training

9 June 2021
Enhancing agile working and digital training: these are the main challenges that the HR sector will have to face during 2021

Microcredentials in EU learning

12 May 2021
The EU approach to microcredentials will provide flexible and modular learning opportunities in lifelong learning.

The fate of remote working: will people return to the office?

21 April 2021
We read conflicting opinions on whether or not to return to the office post pandemic. Who will stay to work from home? Will it really be possible to say goodbye to telecommuting?

New trends in eLearning: user-generated content

31 March 2021
Companies are increasingly using user-generated content. What is it and why is it so important for online training?

Some trends that will change LMSs in 2021

10 March 2021
The heavy use of video conferencing due to confinement measures is changing the face of some LMSs. What other innovations could be introduced in 2021?

Universities and eLearning: what future after the pandemic?

3 March 2021
What is the future of the post-covid university? Will there be a return to traditional education or will a 'hybrid' model of education emerge?

The impact of technology on HR management

17 February 2021
What is the impact of technology on HR management? How does it affect the decision-making processes and working lives of HR professionals?

Corporate training: trends and forecasts 2021

3 February 2021
Discover the top 4 corporate training trends to focus on during 2021

eLearning 2021: the trends not to be missed

27 January 2021
In recent months, eLearning has experienced significant growth in the corporate environment. But what will be the trends in the new year?

Top 5 HR challenges of 2021

20 January 2021
What are the top 5 challenges facing HR professionals in 2021?

Digital skills: increasingly in demand at work

13 January 2021
In the next 5 years, digital skills will make the difference in finding a job. 

eLearning content: evolution over the last ten years

16 December 2020
 What was the eLearning situation 10 years ago? And what is expected in the online education sector in the coming decades?

eLearning and training: a permanent or temporary combination?

2 December 2020
In 2020 many high profile leadership programmes moved online. Is this a trend that will continue after the global pandemic?

Pandemic and digital education in sub-Saharan Africa

25 November 2020
About 300 million people in Africa have been affected by the pandemic's closure of schools.

eLearning, a growing sector

16 September 2020
Due to the mistrust of many people towards face-to-face contact, the eLearning sector continues to grow in the recovery phase.

The Future of HR in 21 New Job Positions

9 September 2020
The study of the Harvard Business Review on the future of human resources positions after the coronavirus.

How has COVID changed eLearning? - Infographic

29 July 2020
How are the changes in corporate training affecting the budgets and expenses of the training department? What are the best strategies to support people in these difficult times?

Digital Upskilling: some examples of online training

22 July 2020
The digital transformation requires new advanced skills that affect businesses and employees. How to increase digital skills with eLearning?

The "new normality" and the consequences on training

22 July 2020
One of the sectors that are growing most and need to adapt quickly to the situation caused by COVID is eLearning.

HR and Big Data: the future of HR is more and more data-driven

22 July 2020
Why is employee data analysis becoming a priority for HR departments in companies of all industries and sizes?

eLearning in the world: main markets and future trends

24 June 2020
What is the value of the eLearning market in the world? What are the main drivers of growth and future prospects?

Trends in educational technology

24 June 2020
New technologies are an endless resource of educational content. From eLearning, to online libraries, to mass media, education tools are just a click away.

How did HR trend 2020 change with coronavirus?

17 June 2020
How do the 2020 HR trends change with the crisis and emergency brought by the coronavirus? The floor to HR expert, Tom Haak.

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