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Storytelling and scenario-based learning, some concrete examples

6 November 2019
Creating a realistic scenario and telling a story that learners can use in the workplace is a great way to maximize the involvement and effectiveness of an online course. Here are some concrete examples.

Instructional Design: the trends 2019 - Infographic

30 October 2019
Business education as an ecosystem.

Social groups: is eLearning the new frontier of social networks such as Facebook?

30 October 2019
Not only work related social networks, but also the most common ones seem to be more open to platforms and online learning groups. How do social learning groups work on Facebook and what are the advantages they can give to eLearning?

Strategies to promote a new corporate culture with eLearning

23 October 2019
What strategies can be adopted to help change behavior in the company through online courses? Events, challenges and social learning are the key words.

The answer to automation in the world of work? Training

23 October 2019
The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that around 20% of current jobs could be automated in the coming years.

What are corporate academies?

9 October 2019
How are they structured and why have one?

Why choose microlearning for a refresher course? - Infographic

9 October 2019
Quick and easy to access, microlearning can be the best tool both to fix some content already learned in the past and to spread new updates on certain topics.

Storytelling and microlearning, can they coexist in an online course?

2 October 2019
How can a long story and short content be integrated? The eLearning answer.

The main errors in mobile learning

2 October 2019
Mobile learning offers endless possibilities. Nevertheless, it is necessary to remember the differences between the various devices in order to avoid oversights during the design of the eLearning platform. What are the main errors?

How storytelling meets eLearning training needs

25 September 2019
A call from a potential client trying to convert a classroom course into an eLearning course. Is this really the only need?

Improving Employee Wellbeing Through Learning and Development

18 September 2019
The creation of learning cultures and healthy workplaces is key to foster employee engagement that leads to their wellbeing

New eBook on eLearning training trends in 2019

11 September 2019
Read the new guide to improve, measure, maximize the impact and returns on your corporate learning strategies in 2019.

The 5 W of Microlearning

31 July 2019
Microlearning is a method of acquiring knowledge online in short-lived "pills", which offers users maximum freedom and flexibility.

4 challenges in IoT testing - Infographic

24 July 2019
How to face the challenges of IoT testing?

What are the latest trends in HR? - Infographic

17 July 2019
In which direction is the evolution of human resource leaders going?

Why take an online course in the form of micro-contents?

17 July 2019
Is creating micro-content just a response to the decline in attention and retention, or a more effective method of transmitting knowledge?

What is Reverse Mentoring?

10 July 2019
In the context of the fourth industrial revolution, we cannot fail to mention Reskilling and Reverse Mentoring.

Why does business education need microlearning? - Infographics

10 July 2019
5 data to support microlearning in business education.

Reskilling and upskilling: the watchwords of the future in the HR sector

3 July 2019
The average global investment in skills upgrading is $ 1,000 per person. The highest investments have occurred in the retail sector.

Business training: growing interest in soft skills and the use of e-Learning

19 June 2019
Safety first, then transversal competences, and finally languages and digital innovation.

5 tips to make an online course interactive

19 June 2019
One of the main challenges in designing an online training course is to be able to keep students' attention high. Adding interactive elements is one of the best strategies to succeed in this endeavor.

Learning organization: what does it mean to be a company that learns at the time of eLearning?

12 June 2019
The term learning organization coined by various authors, including Peter Senge and David Garvin, reflects the attitude of a company to remain competitive in a constantly evolving world. What is the role of eLearning in all this?

Reskilling: training at the time of the fourth industrial revolution

5 June 2019
Today and, increasingly, in the near future the watchword in the world of work is professional retraining.

Gamification and Social Networks influence online learning?

22 May 2019
In addition to the way we communicate, gamification and social networking have a strong impact on e-learning learning processes.

The results of the LinkedIn Report on corporate training 2019

15 May 2019
A LinkedIn research highlights the centrality of education in today's working world.

Is the future of eLearning in speech recognition?

15 May 2019
What are the benefits of an LMS activated by a virtual assistant? How can a voice command be useful for creating inclusive online courses, for example, for staff and students with disabilities?

4 questions on content curation applied to eLearning - Infographics

8 May 2019
Content curation can be one of the fundamental tools to be able to offer trainees a more flexible and engaging training path. What is it? What are the benefits of using this discipline for eLearning?

Is it convenient to use inbound marketing in eLearning?

8 May 2019
Promoting an online course through the creation of free content is the essence of inbound marketing applied to e-learning. Does it really work?

Gamification: some useful examples for online training

24 April 2019
Those who think that gamification is to produce educational videogames did not fully understand one of the major trends in online education. Here then is what gamification means and how it can be used in the field of eLearning.

Neuroscience and learning: 4 debunked myths

17 April 2019
Are there really people dominated by the right hemisphere and others by the left? Does our brain plasticity reduce and "force us to stop" from learning at the age of 3?

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