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The new roles of educational designers in corporate training

17 October 2018
Learning contents are increasingly generated by employees, in a decentralized way. What is the effect on the role of the educational designer?

How e-Learning is transforming talent development

17 October 2018
The key to success (individual or corporate) is the appetite for change. The focus on skill gaps is growing in relation to a rigid labour market and the need to retain talent.

Gamification: what makes a "serious game" involving and educational?

17 October 2018
The study and conclusions of four MIT researchers.

5 Technological trends that influence training

10 October 2018
Let's take a look at the 5 most important technological trends that could influence the way we design learning.

More and more e-Learning in corporate training

3 October 2018
The trend for this type of training grew strongly in 2017 in large Italian companies and is estimated to become prevalent in the coming years.

e-Learning and the influence of technology

3 October 2018
It is difficult to establish to what extent technological dependence actually influences our culture. It would be false to state that it has not made any changes. The idea of e-Learning is a testimony to the influence of technology.

6 benefits of mobile learning

3 October 2018
It is undeniable that mobile phone is an integral part of the lives of billions of people. Likewise, the benefits that mobile learning brings in terms of staff training are increasingly clear.

What is the future of mobile learning?

26 September 2018
The momentum of mobile technology shows no signs of arrest.

The 6 digital trends of eLearning

12 September 2018
The world of digital learning is evolving more and more, introducing new tools and practices: there is a growing need to guarantee cutting-edge learning technologies.

3 tips for using storytelling in e-Learning

12 September 2018
Inserting storytelling elements in e-Learning can involve users and make them come back for other training content. Here are some practical tips for using good stories in online training.

The future of e-Learning in an infographic

5 September 2018
A simple and intuitive representation to explain what will be the future of e-Learning, online learning.

Does digital teaching really threatening teachers?

25 July 2018
The first word that you associate with training is "teacher". Teachers play an important role in any society. But what changes in the age of technology?

e-Learning and gamification: what is possible to learn from videogames?

18 July 2018
Peole who start working in a fast food expects to be trained with for a necessary (and boring) training video. But the initiation rite for the new chefs at KFC is much more original. What does it consist of?

eLearning glossary

20 June 2018
IoT? IoE? Do you know all the terms of eLearning?

Training & Development or Training vs. Development?

6 June 2018
In organizations, are training and development real synonyms?

How to use social networks in eLearning

6 June 2018
Social media is increasingly becoming part of our lives and ideal for optimizing eLearning. How to use them?

7 benefits of Mobile Learning - Infographics

30 May 2018
What are the main advantages of mobile learning and why do people prefer this learning method? Find it out in this infographic.

Choose your best digital learning

23 May 2018
6 case studies show that blended mode improves quality, efficiency and cost of training.

How to train millennials

9 May 2018
To effectively train the workers of today and of the future it is necessary to know them.

eLearning in the age of the sharing economy

9 May 2018
Technological evolution has strongly influenced tendencies and training possibilities: what do eLearning and sharing economy have in common?

Free eBook "Your step by step guide to design high impact blended courses - With 7 success stories [Update 2018]

18 April 2018
Suggestions and ideas to move from training in presence to blended training.

Microlearning in everyday life

11 April 2018
Examples of successful microlearning in everyday life.

Workplace learning 2017

4 April 2018
Linkedin Learning Report on how global training and development professionals are facing the most important challenges.

New eLearning scenarios

4 April 2018
Future and current possible scenarios of eLearning.

3 ways to make your eLearning social

28 March 2018
Together we learn better and more. How to introduce a form of "social" training in the company?

2013-2018: How has the e-Learning world changed?

21 March 2018
What has changed in the e-Learning world in the last five years? Very.

AI Chatbots In eLearning

28 February 2018
The new frontiers of eLearning.

What direction will eLearning take in 2018?

14 February 2018
Discover trends and forecasts for 2018 proposed by EI Design.

Which are the essential skills for online learning professionals?

31 January 2018
At the base of all our results there are skills. In an ever changing world of work, it is essential to stay up-to-date.

Top e-Learning Trends For 2018 That e-Learning Pros Need To Know

20 December 2017
In recent years e-Learning has become increasingly popular in the world. Thanks to the continuous evolution of technology and devices, the approach and applications to e-Learning are constantly changing.

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