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24 February 2021: Europe: investment in digital 

European Investment Bank's annual report shows slowdown in digital investment by EU firms.  

24 February 2021: Distance learning: lesser-known advantages

The pandemic highlighted some of the benefits of distance learning, especially related to the psychological well-being of students.

24 February 2021: Digital education (2021-2027): changing eLearning in the EU

The European Union's vision of how to strengthen cooperation to bring effectiveness, inclusion and engagement to digital education.

24 February 2021: 20 types of content that can be used in eLearning

You need to create an online course? Here are 20 ideas of content to include in your course.

17 February 2021: Writing 'conversations' for eLearning

All content, from multimedia to textual, must be written in such a way that it arouses interest and facilitates learning.

17 February 2021: The impact of technology on HR management

What is the impact of technology on HR management? How does it affect the decision-making processes and working lives of HR professionals?

17 February 2021: AGI: state of the art of General Artificial Intelligence

What is General Artificial Intelligence (AGI) and where do we stand with its development and application? 

17 February 2021: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating: Pantone colours 2021

Pantone has chosen its 2021 colours: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. Here's how to use these colours in the graphics of an eLearning platform.

10 February 2021: How and why to train employees on cyber security?

How to create effective training programmes that help reduce corporate cyber security breaches?

10 February 2021: Support for connectivity in Italian schools

EUR 325 million plan approved to connect 12,000 schools in areas with insufficient connectivity

10 February 2021: Ideas for making distance learning work in schools

Why has distance learning in schools not worked and, more importantly, what are the ways to make it work?

10 February 2021: How to make quizzes in an online course more engaging

How to turn end-of-module or course quizzes into a game or scenario with different twists.

3 February 2021: How to convince them to 'invest' in your online course

Why should they choose your online course? eLearning is on the rise, but that means you have to make room for yourself among the competition: how do you get noticed?

3 February 2021: Corporate training: trends and forecasts 2021

Discover the top 4 corporate training trends to focus on during 2021

3 February 2021: How to create podcasts for online courses

The ideal eLearning content for multitasking people who don't like to appear. The podcast: how to design it and engage learners.

27 January 2021: Main training evaluation models

How to evaluate the effectiveness of a course? Here is an overview of the main learning evaluation models.

27 January 2021: The LMS market (2020-2027) - Infographic

How much will the online education market grow over the next 7 years?

27 January 2021: eLearning 2021: the trends not to be missed

In recent months, eLearning has experienced significant growth in the corporate environment. But what will be the trends in the new year?

27 January 2021: Formal, non-formal and informal learning

How are academic training, in-company training and experiences implemented in eLearning?

20 January 2021: Top 5 HR challenges of 2021

What are the top 5 challenges facing HR professionals in 2021?

20 January 2021: How to organise an online event

To organise successful virtual events (and only virtual ones, for now) a few tricks are needed.

20 January 2021: Gamification: benefits at company level

What are the main benefits that are convincing more and more companies to "gamify" corporate training?

20 January 2021: How to design microlearning content

The risk with micro content is that the information provided is not comprehensive enough. Here is how to structure microlearning content to make it comprehensive and effective.

13 January 2021: How to create multilingual courses

eLearning allows courses to be delivered anywhere in the world. But how to create multilingual online courses?

13 January 2021: The advantages of an LMS integrated with videoconferencing software

Why can't your LMS do without tools for creating and managing videoconferences?

13 January 2021: Digital skills: increasingly in demand at work

In the next 5 years, digital skills will make the difference in finding a job. 

13 January 2021: Personalising online courses with adaptive learning

What are the tools that help to customise an eLearning course and what is the role of artificial intelligence?

23 December 2020: Is microlearning effective at company level?

Microlearning is not just one of many training trends. At company level, it is increasingly proving its effectiveness.

23 December 2020: Multilingual online courses: dubbing or subtitles?

When translating an online course, is it better to opt for dubbing or subtitles? What do you need to assess in order to make the best choice?

23 December 2020: Covid-19: the numbers of smart working in 2020

In Italy alone, agile workers will increase tenfold: over 5 million when fully operational. 

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