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eLearning applied to children: the advantages and methods of use

12 June 2024
Online learning, when used responsibly, can also be effective for teaching children. Let's discover techniques and challenges of eLearning applied to children.

Universal design and eLearning: create all the functions you need

12 June 2024
Apply the principle of universal design to learning on the road to make eLearning accessible to all and promote inclusiveness in training

Can eLearning help emotional well-being in the workplace?

5 June 2024
We explore the importance of emotional wellbeing in the workplace and how eLearning allows us to create healthier, safer and more effective learning environments.

Artistic techniques to include in online courses to improve learning

29 May 2024
The use of artistic techniques within e-learning courses allows us to transform banal topics into captivating experiences capable of stimulating the student's emotional work.

Visual Feedback in eLearning: how to provide effective visual responses

29 May 2024
The visual feedback technique is an essential tool for providing students with feedback on their performances and learning prospects.

Data migration in eLearning: what it is and why it matters

22 May 2024
In this article we discover what data migration is, why it is talked about so often and why it is fundamental for eLearning

The use of generative artificial intelligence in eLearning

22 May 2024
Let's discover the best practices and key strategies for successfully implementing generative artificial intelligence in online training.

Lifelong Learning: the role of eLearning in lifelong learning

15 May 2024
Let's find out how online learning can support lifelong learning in both the professional and personal fields.

Color Psychology in eLearning: how colors influence learning

15 May 2024
The psychology of color in eLearning, a useful tool for influencing student learning and maximizing results.

Bridging the generation gap in learning with AI

8 May 2024
In this article we explore how artificial intelligence can be used to close learning gaps between generations.

UX principles for eLearning: designing courses with the user at the center

1 May 2024
User Experience in eLearning: the essential principles for accessible, personalized and engaging online courses.

Safety and health at work in the digital age: EU-OSHA campaign

1 May 2024
The digitalisation of the workplace brings with it new emerging risks. Discover the opportunities and challenges of digital transformation.

How eLearning helps third sector operators

24 April 2024
In this article we see how third sector operators can benefit greatly from the use of eLearning in their profession.

The role of empathy in eLearning to create effective learning

24 April 2024
To make learning in eLearning effective, the use of empathy also plays a fundamental role in planning. Let's find out why.

Microlearning content that captures attention and improves retention

17 April 2024
Microlearning allows you to transform continuous education into an integrated and accessible process. Find out how to create effective training pills by applying the marketing funnel theory.

The impact of AI on the learning management systems market

17 April 2024
Let's find out how the application of Artificial Intelligence in the field of corporate training is revolutionizing the sector globally.

Cognitive load and eLearning: tips to avoid overloading users

10 April 2024
How to design an eLearning course to avoid students' cognitive overload.

The importance of using simple language in eLearning

10 April 2024
In today's world where we are overloaded with information, using simple language that can be understood quickly is becoming a priority.

Soft skills in eLearning: teaching and assessing soft skills online

3 April 2024
Soft skills are confirmed as essential in a context of rapid innovation. eLearning offers its advantages for their optimal learning.

The situation of eLearning in 2024

27 March 2024
Let's discover the trends in the eLearning market at a global level and the challenges to be faced so that online training is effective and accessible.

"On the go" training: what it is and how to apply it

27 March 2024
Find out how to apply mobile training strategies to corporate training, which uses the mobile phone to fit into the daily micro-moments of people's lives.

E-learning platforms: the requirements for security training

20 March 2024
What characteristics must the e-learning platform from which online courses on workplace safety are delivered have? Find out in this article.

Chatbots in eLearning: automating student support and feedback

20 March 2024
Chatbots allow you to improve support for students of eLearning courses, provided you know how to use them best. Discover the challenges of implementing chatbots.

The psychological dynamics of e-learning

13 March 2024
How can we exploit knowledge of users' cognition and motivation mechanisms to improve online training experiences?

How to create an effective storyboard for eLearning

13 March 2024
The storyboard represents a real strategic document for the success of an online course. Let's find out what it is and how to use it effectively.

Open Badges 3.0: blockchain and certification of eLearning skills

6 March 2024
Let's find out how Blockchain can offer a secure, transparent and immutable system for recording and validating acquired skills.

How to choose an LMS: the 5 mistakes not to make

28 February 2024
Choosing the right LMS is essential for the success of your training project. Discover the 6 mistakes not to make when choosing an eLearning platform.

Data analysis in eLearning: a beginner's guide

28 February 2024
In this article we explore the process of data analysis in eLearning, offering a simple guide for those new to this world.

Corporate training management: the DynDevice LMS case

21 February 2024
Managing training within large companies can be a complex challenge. Find out how to best deal with it.

AI and eLearning: personalizing courses with technology

21 February 2024
The exploit of AI technology promises applications in many fields. In eLearning, the personalization of teaching is perhaps the main advance. Let's find out why.

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