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Color Psychology in eLearning: how colors influence learning

15 May 2024
The psychology of color in eLearning, a useful tool for influencing student learning and maximizing results.

Microlearning content that captures attention and improves retention

17 April 2024
Microlearning allows you to transform continuous education into an integrated and accessible process. Find out how to create effective training pills by applying the marketing funnel theory.

Cognitive load and eLearning: tips to avoid overloading users

10 April 2024
How to design an eLearning course to avoid students' cognitive overload.

The importance of using simple language in eLearning

10 April 2024
In today's world where we are overloaded with information, using simple language that can be understood quickly is becoming a priority.

The psychological dynamics of e-learning

13 March 2024
How can we exploit knowledge of users' cognition and motivation mechanisms to improve online training experiences?

How to create an effective storyboard for eLearning

13 March 2024
The storyboard represents a real strategic document for the success of an online course. Let's find out what it is and how to use it effectively.

AI and eLearning: personalizing courses with technology

21 February 2024
The exploit of AI technology promises applications in many fields. In eLearning, the personalization of teaching is perhaps the main advance. Let's find out why.

HyFlex Learning, what is it and what are the advantages?

17 January 2024
Discover how to combine the hybrid and flexible characteristics of training, providing an advantageous and useful learning model for every type of student.

The Importance of Progressive Disclosure in Web Design

13 December 2023
From Simple to Complex: Progressive Disclosure Strategies for Enhancing the Usability of Web Platforms.

How to Create Effective Slides for an eLearning

22 November 2023
Course Slides are one of the most widely used tools in an online course. Here's how to design them to make learning effective and engaging.

How to use microlearning to improve learning

8 November 2023
The reduction of students' attention span strongly affects instructional design. The solution to make training effective? Microlearning.

Icons in e-learning: how to use them effectively

25 October 2023
Icons are an important tool for online courses. Images can in fact facilitate learning. Here are the advantages and ways to use icons effectively

10 mistakes to avoid when creating online courses

7 June 2023
Creating an eLearning course can be tricky. Let's explore the 10 most common mistakes made by online course creators to learn how to avoid them

Interactivity, how to use it in e-learning courses

24 May 2023
Interactivity is crucial for online courses because it allows students to become an active part. Here, a few tips for using it into e-learning training

The best eLearning content: guidance and tips

17 May 2023
Creating content for inclusion in training courses is a central theme for eLearning. Let’s see some examples of contents and advice on how to create them

The effectiveness of Learning Objects in eLearning course design

17 May 2023
Maximizing online learning: how Learning Objects optimize learning, flexibility, engagement and eLearning course outcomes

Why outsourcing eLearning content development?

10 May 2023
Let's find out when and why outsourcing eLearning content might be a good idea for your company.

Videos with animated characters: where to start

28 September 2022
The process of immersion is one of the most powerful techniques at your disposal for creating effective eLearning courses. 

Ux design for e-learning: what it is and why it matters

7 September 2022
User experience at the heart of e-learning course design. Here's what it is and what it's for

How to follow customer brand guidelines when creating eLearning content

13 July 2022
When creating an online course, why is it important to set up a motion graphics project based on the graphic guidelines provided by customers?

How to use visuals to enhance learning

23 March 2022
Visuals have the power to enrich communication and stimulate emotional response. So let's discover how to leverage visual elements to facilitate learning

The 5 motion graphics infographics that make a difference in eLearning

26 January 2022
Why and when is it appropriate to make an animated infographic? Here are 5 tips for this type of asset in your e-learning productions. 

How to choose the background of an online course

23 June 2021
The design of the eLearning is crucial for the success of a course. The background is one of the elements to which to pay more attention. How to choose it?

Visual clarity: how it affects eLearning

2 June 2021
Did you know that visual clarity greatly affects the way people process information, including in eLearning?

Ultimate Gray and Illuminating: Pantone colours 2021

17 February 2021
Pantone has chosen its 2021 colours: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. Here's how to use these colours in the graphics of an eLearning platform.

An online course with a minimalist design

15 July 2020
Minimalism is always in vogue. In eLearning platforms as well as giving an elegant touch to the site is able to facilitate the study and readability.

Tips to improve the navigation of an online course

1 July 2020
Navigating an online course has an impact on the educational success of users and the credibility of the platform. Find out how to make it clear and intuitive.

How to look like a design expert (even if you are not)

17 June 2020
Are you entering the world of eLearning design? Are you scared of the graphic side? With a few tips you will look like a real design professional!

How to choose the navigation style in the eLearning course?

27 May 2020
Intuitive navigation is fundamental to the success of an online course, but how to choose the most suitable type of navigation for your course?

Classic Blue, using the 2020 color in eLearning

11 March 2020
Pantone has announced that "Classic Blue" is the color of the year. This news is also fundamental for the world of eLearning which can use this shade to design user-friendly and trendy online platforms.

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