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Training organizations: how to increase sales of online courses

26 January 2022
Marketing strategies and tools for training organizations that want to sell online courses: everything you need to know to promote your training offer.

DynDevice LMS: eLearning platform for training centers

15 December 2021
eLearning platform made in Italy that allows training institutions to manage, deliver, sell and promote their courses

Companies with more than 100 employees: 10 reasons to choose DynDevice LMS

8 December 2021
"The eLearning platform is not the future of corporate training, but it is its present." Tullio Meroni - President Mega Italia Media

How to choose an eLearning platform for training companies

1 December 2021
What are the benefits of an LMS for training institutions and how to choose the right eLearning technology provider?

DynDevice Live training: innovation in videoconferencing courses

17 November 2021
The DynDevice LMS platform, now in version 5.3, improves its technical features to ensure its users an innovative and quality training management.

Universities: the benefits of an LMS for internal training

17 November 2021
How can an LMS platform improve the management and effectiveness of university staff training?

How to choose the right enterprise training software?

10 November 2021
What is a training management software, what is it for and how to choose the right one for your company?

LMS: the importance of the notification management system

3 November 2021
An automatic notification system improves the user experience of the platform and simplifies training management. Learn how.

8 Benefits of LMS in SaaS

27 October 2021
What are the benefits of adopting learning management systems (LMS) in SaaS?

The key components of LMS platform security

20 October 2021
What factors should you consider when choosing an LMS to ensure the security of the data and information it contains?

Training in Public Administration: the advantages of an LMS

6 October 2021
Public Administration needs more than ever to restart from internal training and an LMS can be the key. Let's find out why

What is an LMS? Questions and Answers 2021

29 September 2021
What is an LMS platform, how do I use it and how do I choose an enterprise LMS?

Metal University chooses DynDevice LMS for online education

7 July 2021
Isfor, AQM and Riconversider have used the DynDevice eLearning platform to manage the distance learning of the important training project in the metallurgical sector.

Authoring tool for eLearning: what it is and how to choose it

30 June 2021
An authoring tool is essential to create effective online courses in just a few clicks. But how does it work and how to choose it?

How to optimize corporate training

19 May 2021
What is DynDevice LMS? Learn all about the eLearning platform that allows you to manage corporate training online in a simple and effective way. 

LMS: Benefits for Manufacturing Companies

28 April 2021
An LMS can help manufacturing companies respond effectively to ongoing industry challenges. Let's find out how.

The LMS market (2020-2027) - Infographic

27 January 2021
How much will the online education market grow over the next 7 years?

The advantages of an LMS integrated with videoconferencing software

13 January 2021
Why can't your LMS do without tools for creating and managing videoconferences?

The 7 LMS integrations that will improve your business

16 December 2020
What additions to the learning management system can help you achieve your business objectives?

DynDevice LMS and Artificial Intelligence: DyBot

11 November 2020
Published on international scientific journal the paper on the new DynDevice LMS chatbot.

Corporate Intranet: what it is and what benefits it offers to companies

14 October 2020
What is a company Intranet? And why is it a useful tool for any type of company, especially medium and large?

Better a cloud or local LMS?

23 September 2020
Let's discover the differences and features of the two main LMS models: cloud and local. Which is the best for your company?

Corporate Compliance: how to make training exciting

29 July 2020
A company training project does not necessarily have to be boring. On the contrary, with eLearning tools compulsory training will be more interesting.

How and why to connect your LMS to the HR management system

15 July 2020
Let's find out why linking your LMS to HR management will improve the effectiveness of corporate training and employee performance.

Why include subtitles in an online course?

20 May 2020
Let's find out how subtitles improve the teaching effectiveness of online courses and what aspects should be taken into account for proper subtitling.

Learning Analytics in online training

13 May 2020
How can learning data analysis improve your online course and help you create more effective learning experiences?

Strategies for creating successful Learning Objects

29 April 2020
Learning Objects are like Legos, bricks that can be used over and over again to create different constructions. Here are some ideas for planning some really reusable learning objects.

Tips for a good video conference call

22 April 2020
Whether it's corporate training or didactics, for a successful videoconference it is essential to avoid "technical problems" and keep participants involved. Here are some tips to make everything go smoothly.

What is a virtual class? - Infographic

8 April 2020
An interesting infographic presents global data on the use of virtual classrooms.

The eLearning Glossary - Part II

8 April 2020
There are many terms of eLearning that you need to know in order to start distance learning and keep up with an ever-changing sector.

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