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APIs in eLearning: how to use them to personalize courses

10 July 2024
Thanks to APIs, eLearning platforms improve user experience and data flow to analyze their learning experience. Let's explore the advantages and challenges of their use.

Cybersecurity in LMS: protecting user content and data

26 June 2024
Cybersecurity is an essential principle even for eLearning platforms and systems. Counteracting cyberattacks requires attention from IT managers and users.

E-learning platforms: the requirements for security training

20 March 2024
What characteristics must the e-learning platform from which online courses on workplace safety are delivered have? Find out in this article.

How to choose an LMS: the 5 mistakes not to make

28 February 2024
Choosing the right LMS is essential for the success of your training project. Discover the 6 mistakes not to make when choosing an eLearning platform.

Corporate training management: the DynDevice LMS case

21 February 2024
Managing training within large companies can be a complex challenge. Find out how to best deal with it.

PMI eLearning for occupational safety training

13 September 2023
eLearning is an advantageous tool for occupational safety training. SMEs can benefit by adopting best practices and personalizing its use

Questions to answer before choosing an LMS

14 June 2023
Pandemic has given a big boost to eLearning, and the offerings, once limited to a few players, have clearly expanded. How do you choose your LMS?

7 tips for creating effective and inexpensive eLearning courses

3 May 2023
Not sure how to calculate the expenses of an eLearning project? Is your budget limited? In this article we explore 7 tips for developing effective and inexpensive eLearning courses.

How the Metaverse will change the world of e-learning

26 April 2023
What is the Metaverse and its plus for e-learning? The future of digital education comes through a parallel universe, combining real and virtual worlds in a unique experiential environment

EdTech: the key markets and business models

19 April 2023
The education technology market is in turmoil: let's find out what the key markets and business models of EdTech are.

Why should your LMS be LTI compliant?

19 April 2023
The LTI standard provides a simple and secure path for integrating third-party resources, apps and tools into your company's LMS. Let's find out how.

eLearning and new professions: the gamification expert

19 April 2023
The e-learning industry is growing day by day, hence the need of new professional roles: let's give a look to the gamification expert

How to design an effective course structure

19 April 2023
Designing didactics in courses is a critical step in eLearning training. Learning theories can help evaluate the final design.

The eLearning training consultant

12 April 2023
The eLearning industry has grown exponentially. This led to new professions, including the eLearning Training Consultant

How to develop an eLearning course for the healthcare industry

12 April 2023
Designing eLearning courses in the medical field is a task as delicate as it is important. Let's discover techniques and guidelines for producing a course suitable for the target audience.

The challenges of artificial intelligence in online learning

12 April 2023
Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize the way we learn. But what are the challenges of implementing AI in eLearning?

E-learning and social media: tips for using LinkedIn

12 April 2023
LinkedIn has invested heavily in e-learning, even creating its own platform. We discover advantages and strategies for using LinkedIn in education.

9 reasons to use technology in corporate training

5 April 2023
Interactivity, lower environmental impact, greater involvement: let's find out what are the advantages of using technology in the context of corporate training.

ELearning tools that use artificial intelligence

5 April 2023
Pros and cons of eLearning tools AI based and how to leverage the latest applications to enrich learning experiences

Digital marketing specialist for e-learning

5 April 2023
The role of the digital marketing specialist is of paramount importance for e-learning promotion

What's new in DynDevice 6.0, eLearning platform for companies

8 February 2023
Video editor, improvements to the management of eLearning pills, new CME training management: find out what's new in the latest update of the DynDevice LMS eLearning platform.

Trends that will influence LMS platforms

18 January 2023
LMSs appeared during the pandemic and have been revolutionising education ever since. But how are they evolving?

8 reasons why adopting an LMS in the enterprise fails

16 November 2022
How can you prevent the implementation of an eLearning platform in your company from turning into a failure? Discover the most common pitfalls to avoid

E-learning: orientation and choice of distance learning

2 November 2022
Technological development has improved access to and use of distance learning services, enabling the creation of tools that facilitate learning.

The most valued features of LMSs in 2022

14 September 2022
An eLearning Industry survey of more than 1,000 LMS users reveals which Learning Management System features most meet their needs and desires

The benefits of an eLearning platform for teachers

14 September 2022
How can an eLearning platform optimize the activities of a corporate trainer? 

How to prepare your company for using a new LMS

27 July 2022
10 steps to implement an eLearning platform within your company and make it quickly operational and profitable.

Assessing stress in online learners

6 July 2022
Stress is part of learning, but it must be managed so that it does not become a problem and affect the success of the training itself.

Project Based Learning (PBL): what it is and how it works

29 June 2022
Project-based learning can significantly improve the effectiveness of a training course and amplify its effects in the extra-curricular context. Let's find out how.

The eLearning Glossary - Part III - Chapter Two

15 June 2022
eLearning is a constantly evolving field. The same applies to the terms used in the field of distance learning.

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