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What's new in DynDevice 6.0, eLearning platform for companies

8 February 2023
Video editor, improvements to the management of eLearning pills, new CME training management: find out what's new in the latest update of the DynDevice LMS eLearning platform.

Trends that will influence LMS platforms

18 January 2023
LMSs appeared during the pandemic and have been revolutionising education ever since. But how are they evolving?

8 reasons why adopting an LMS in the enterprise fails

16 November 2022
How can you prevent the implementation of an eLearning platform in your company from turning into a failure? Discover the most common pitfalls to avoid

E-learning: orientation and choice of distance learning

2 November 2022
Technological development has improved access to and use of distance learning services, enabling the creation of tools that facilitate learning.

The most valued features of LMSs in 2022

14 September 2022
An eLearning Industry survey of more than 1,000 LMS users reveals which Learning Management System features most meet their needs and desires

The benefits of an eLearning platform for teachers

14 September 2022
How can an eLearning platform optimize the activities of a corporate trainer? 

How to prepare your company for using a new LMS

27 July 2022
10 steps to implement an eLearning platform within your company and make it quickly operational and profitable.

Assessing stress in online learners

6 July 2022
Stress is part of learning, but it must be managed so that it does not become a problem and affect the success of the training itself.

Project Based Learning (PBL): what it is and how it works

29 June 2022
Project-based learning can significantly improve the effectiveness of a training course and amplify its effects in the extra-curricular context. Let's find out how.

The eLearning Glossary - Part III - Chapter Two

15 June 2022
eLearning is a constantly evolving field. The same applies to the terms used in the field of distance learning.

The eLearning Glossary - Part III

1 June 2022
eLearning is a constantly evolving field. The same applies to the terms used in the field of distance learning.

DynDevice LMS: what do customers think?

18 May 2022
We could talk about our eLearning platform, but we prefer to leave that to our customers. 

DAD: edtech platforms in the world

4 May 2022
Asia is excited about the edtech sector, in Europe GoStudent is the most funded start-up in the sector

The advantages of an LMS with integrated eCommerce

6 April 2022
An eLearning platform with eCommerce allows you to create, deliver and sell courses from a single platform. But what concrete advantages does it offer?

The new performance management system of DynDevice LMS

30 March 2022
The eLearning platform of Mega Italia Media is enriched with the new performance management system developed in collaboration with Skill Risorse Umane.

Data Driven Training: statistics at the service of eLearning

16 March 2022
The best way to manage human resources is to do it with numbers.

The top 10 features of an eLearning platform

16 March 2022
Are you looking for an LMS and want to make sure you have the right tool for your business? Discover the 10 key features of any eLearning platform

Complete guide to choosing an eLearning platform

2 March 2022
Everything you need to know about choosing the right eLearning platform for your training needs.

LMS and LXP, let's have some clarity

2 March 2022
LMS and LXP follow two opposite yet complementary philosophies about the relationship between content and expertise, and between subject matter expert and end user.

Training organizations: how to increase sales of online courses

26 January 2022
Marketing strategies and tools for training organizations that want to sell online courses: everything you need to know to promote your training offer.

DynDevice LMS: eLearning platform for training centers

15 December 2021
eLearning platform made in Italy that allows training institutions to manage, deliver, sell and promote their courses

Companies with more than 100 employees: 10 reasons to choose DynDevice LMS

8 December 2021
"The eLearning platform is not the future of corporate training, but it is its present." Tullio Meroni - President Mega Italia Media

How to choose an eLearning platform for training companies

1 December 2021
What are the benefits of an LMS for training institutions and how to choose the right eLearning technology provider?

DynDevice Live training: innovation in videoconferencing courses

17 November 2021
The DynDevice LMS platform, now in version 5.3, improves its technical features to ensure its users an innovative and quality training management.

Universities: the benefits of an LMS for internal training

17 November 2021
How can an LMS platform improve the management and effectiveness of university staff training?

How to choose the right enterprise training software?

10 November 2021
What is a training management software, what is it for and how to choose the right one for your company?

LMS: the importance of the notification management system

3 November 2021
An automatic notification system improves the user experience of the platform and simplifies training management. Learn how.

8 Benefits of LMS in SaaS

27 October 2021
What are the benefits of adopting learning management systems (LMS) in SaaS?

The key components of LMS platform security

20 October 2021
What factors should you consider when choosing an LMS to ensure the security of the data and information it contains?

Training in Public Administration: the advantages of an LMS

6 October 2021
Public Administration needs more than ever to restart from internal training and an LMS can be the key. Let's find out why

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