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5 reasons why start-ups should consider eLearning solutions

11 July 2018
Training is not usually the highest priority for start-ups. But is it really necessary (and convenient) to renounce to it?

The beginner's guide to LMS solutions

27 June 2018
If you need to select an LMS system for your business, this ebook can give you some good tips and some ideas to choose the system that best suits your needs.

eLearning glossary

20 June 2018
IoT? IoE? Do you know all the terms of eLearning?


13 June 2018
3 tips to maximize the results of an LMS in SMEs.

The importance of intellectual capital

13 June 2018
What is intellectual capital and why is it important? Find out how to invest in intellectual capital with online learning and get the most out of it.

7 debunked myths on microlearning

13 June 2018
There are limits to what microlearning can do in the business environment. To use it effectively you must know these 7 false myths.

How to keep the customers of your LMS platform happy and loyal?

6 June 2018
Your current customers have already invested in your eLearning platform, but this does not mean you have to stop following them. How can you keep your customers loyal and happy?

Why create open source educational technology?

30 May 2018
Why take this decision? What advantages can it bring to your business?

eLearning and GDPR

23 May 2018
What are the implications of GDPR on eLearning?

LMS helping freelancers - Infographic

23 May 2018
How can an LMS lead to the growth of a freelance, an entrepreneur or an individual company?

8 successful practices to train your customers

16 May 2018
How do you train your customers to achieve long-term business success?

Applying e-learning to pharma and healthcare

9 May 2018
An interview with Laura Guardi from Pharming explains how eLearning training is effectively delivered in the pharma sector.

eLearning in the age of the sharing economy

9 May 2018
Technological evolution has strongly influenced tendencies and training possibilities: what do eLearning and sharing economy have in common?

The 5 software development trends of 2018 - Infographics

2 May 2018
New guidelines on solutions and innovations for software developers.

Technologies for eLearning training and 4.0 training in favour of Italian industry

25 April 2018
Super amortization and tax credit are two of the tools envisaged in the Italian Industry 4.0 plan which allow companies to adopt tools and resources for eLearning training.

The future calls for integrating LMS

25 April 2018
4 reasons why it will be increasingly important to integrate LMS with other software

How to moderate the costs of online training

18 April 2018
5 ways to reduce the costs of online training without decreasing quality and still achieving the desired results.

New eLearning scenarios

4 April 2018
Future and current possible scenarios of eLearning.

How to sell your online courses: choose your best e-commerce platform

21 March 2018
5 tips for choosing a satisfying e-commerce platform and maximizing your revenues from eLearning courses.

Video technologies for e-learning training

14 March 2018
What are the technologies for video transmission in e-Learning training today?

8 Learning Management System requirements of small and medium-size Companies

7 March 2018
Today's LMS platforms are not for the exclusive use of large companies, but smaller and medium-sized companies are increasingly adopting these training technologies. But what do these types of companies ask of their LMS systems?

How important is LMS reporting for training companies?

31 January 2018
eLearning training is a great opportunity for any company, but it is vital that your eLearning system provides accurate and reliable data on the training activity.

How to choose your new LMS?

24 January 2018
Everything you need to know about learning management systems (LMS).

Why buying a Learning Management System?

10 January 2018
How could an LMS help to improve the convenience and efficiency of your training program?

Webinar: live training just a click away

10 January 2018
The first videoconferencing software was born in 1990. In the last 27 years this mode of communication has become widespread, thanks to the evolution of the LMS that support them. But is it really all clear?

Top e-Learning Trends For 2018 That e-Learning Pros Need To Know

20 December 2017
In recent years e-Learning has become increasingly popular in the world. Thanks to the continuous evolution of technology and devices, the approach and applications to e-Learning are constantly changing.

What’s the cost for a LMS? A complete guide to avoid bad surprises.

13 December 2017
A complete buying guide to LMS, to understand explicit and hidden costs, in full transparency.

LEARNING 360: the first Digital Learning Open Event in Italy

29 November 2017
LEARNING 360, on November 17th, at Teatro Manzoni in Milano. The event, topics and figures.

Why using e-Learning in a company: advantages versus traditional training

29 November 2017
Which are the advantages of a e-Learning project, in a company? How can we maximize the effectiveness of a e-Learning project? Mr. Emanuele Pucci, CEO of Teleskill ...

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