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Game-based learning: cognitive load, motivation and learning

12 June 2019
Game-based learning is a teaching method that allows the user to visualize their progress and feel satisfied, motivating them to engage further and continue learning. In eLearning these aspects are fundamental.

The 5 worst eLearning navigation obstacles

12 June 2019
An eLearning platform has different ways of use than a simple book. For this, it is necessary to design the course in such a way that students can easily navigate between chapters and online content.

6 false myths about eLearning courses - Infographics

5 June 2019
Is it true that online courses have less quality, are easier or that employers tend to not recognize online certifications? It's time to debunk some of the major false myths about eLearning.

eLearning courses: how to give effective feedback

5 June 2019
What is the best way to give feedback to a student after a test? It is an important question as the student's assessment is a great teaching opportunity and an opportunity to stimulate learning.

6 Ways Knowledge Sharing Tools Enhance Employee Performance

29 May 2019
Knowledge management tools have simplified the way information is captured and curated in a company.

How, when and why choose an e-Learning training provider? - Infographic

22 May 2019
If you don't have an internal online training team, how do you choose the right provider for you? Here are 9 simple tips to follow.

Is the future of eLearning in speech recognition?

15 May 2019
What are the benefits of an LMS activated by a virtual assistant? How can a voice command be useful for creating inclusive online courses, for example, for staff and students with disabilities?

5 design elements to make an online course effective - Infographic

8 May 2019
An online course allows you to insert a wide variety of design elements that help to involve students and improve learning opportunities. However, it is essential that the interface is as intuitive as possible.

eLearning at SMAU London 2019

24 April 2019
At the international innovation event "Smau - Italy RestartsUp in London" was presented the made in Italy e-Learning solution.

Gamification: some useful examples for online training

24 April 2019
Those who think that gamification is to produce educational videogames did not fully understand one of the major trends in online education. Here then is what gamification means and how it can be used in the field of eLearning.

Disability and special needs: the advantages of e-learning

17 April 2019
E-learning allows students with disabilities or special educational needs to access a wide range of educational paths. What are the benefits? And what are the tools that allow us to improve the accessibility of online courses?

eLearning and digital revolution in the Italian school: where are we?

17 April 2019
What has been done so far for the use of e-learning in schools and what could be done to make the most of the potential of online education?

Why collaborative online learning activities are effective

17 April 2019
Online collaborative learning activities facilitate knowledge exchange and active learning and require a strong commitment from teachers, including in the implementation of feedback and evaluation processes.

Professional training: 10 false beliefs - Infographics

10 April 2019
Professional training is a valuable opportunity for companies and employees. Consequently, the question arises: why are there so many objections to vocational training?

The importance of context in eLearning

10 April 2019
The details of an online course, from the objectives to the contents, must be contextualized. It is an essential feature that will allow students to be aware of the usefulness of the training path and of the job opportunities.

Learning management system for mobile devices

10 April 2019
The smartphone is an essential part of everyday life and this would be enough to explain why having an LMS for mobile devices. There are many other good reasons to train on your smartphone.

5 good reasons to adopt e-learning in schools

10 April 2019
Using e-learning in schools to support the traditional teaching method can be useful for several reasons: it facilitates shared learning, makes it more pleasant, stimulates students' curiosity and more.

Instagram can be a useful tool for eLearning?

3 April 2019
In a world where social networks are an essential communication tool, tools such as Instagram can be useful to keep students' attention high but also to improve learning and stimulate conversation.

The theory of social learning and the impact on online education

3 April 2019
Online courses seem to have solved the eternal debate between behavioral and cognitive theory by applying a hybrid approach to learning: the theory of social learning. But how do you create an online social dimension?

The CSCL model applied to online learning

3 April 2019
Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) is a typology of collaborative computer-based learning that can be easily integrated with the models and processes typical of distance learning.

5 tips to improve a course according to user needs

27 March 2019
Student needs must be one of the most important factors to create an engaging and useful online course. For this reason, when designing an online training course it is essential not to forget the users' point of view. What are they looking for?

Learning object: what it is and what it is used for

27 March 2019
The Learning Object (LO) consists in the possibility of re-using, in the context of e-learning courses, educational material in digital format that can support the student for learning purposes.

e-Learning and the challenge for universities

20 March 2019
Every year universities that employ e-Learning increase the sharing of knowledge and provide and distribute learning through the web. What is the contribution that e-Learning can give to teaching and learning in these places of study?

6 tips to improve an online course

20 March 2019
The beginning of the year is always a great time to tackle new and old obstacles that can jeopardize the success of your online course. For this reason, we suggest you little ideas to make improvements to your eLearning project.

How to adapt the content of an existing online course to the specific needs of a client?

20 March 2019
When you have little time and resources to create an online course, the best solution could be to turn an existing online course into a personalized course. Here are some useful tips.

Online training in 2019

20 March 2019
The opportunities offered by eLearning today

How to use digital resources to train managers?

13 March 2019
How important is the training of managers in today's business environment?

The importance of corporate training - Infographic

13 March 2019
Some significant data on company training

Artificial intelligence and online language courses: pros and cons

13 March 2019
Language students approve and some linguists reject the use of artificial intelligence in language learning. Who will be right?

Web based learning: tools, techniques and methodologies

13 March 2019
Web-based learning consists in distributing digital material to all users to facilitate self-learning. The distribution of information material can be in synchronous or asynchronous form.

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