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How to choose an eLearning platform for training companies

What are the benefits of an LMS for training institutions and how to choose the right eLearning technology provider?

The spread of eLearning is nothing new for those working in the training field. Since 2000, industry revenue has grown over 900% (Brandon Hall Group Research) and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. On the contrary, the coronavirus pandemic has further accelerated the demand for eLearning solutions.

In this context, training providers have the opportunity to profoundly change their organizations and initiate a digital-first approach with which to achieve new economies of scale free from constraints such as physical limitations (e.g., classroom capacity), classroom costs, faculty availability, paper-based learning materials, etc.

In this article, we will see what the benefits of an eLearning platform are for training providers and provide some guidance on choosing the right eLearning technology provider

What is an eLearning platform for training providers and what is its purpose?

An eLearning platform (or LMS - Learning Management System) is a software that allows to manage and organize training activities in a centralized way. In the case of a training organization, the platform can therefore be used to:

  • manage course enrollments manually or automatically;
  • deliver online training (in synchronous and asynchronous mode) to an indefinite number of users without territorial or classroom capacity limits;
  • create customized online courses, whose modules can then be reused and adapted according to the specific training needs identified from time to time;
  • create training programs that are truly focused on the trainee, who can access them when and how he/she wants;
  • analyze usage statistics and keep track of training results to measure the value of your courses and possibly intervene to improve them;
  • centrally manage all documentation related to the training provided and/or to be provided;
  • reach new markets, even those distant from the company's headquarters.

In addition, some more complete eLearning platforms allow you to create and manage an eCommerce for the sale of courses and use specific marketing tools (newsletters, magazines, discount coupons, etc.) to promote your business.

How to choose an eLearning platform for training providers

Choosing an eLearning platform is probably the biggest predictor of your business success. In fact, the right platform will have functionality that is well aligned with your needs and will guarantee high levels of service and support. Here, then, are some pointers for choosing the right eLearning systems provider. 

1. Analyze your needs
First, identify in detail your needs and business objectives. What are you going to use the platform for? What results do you expect to achieve?

2. Make a list of the features you need
Once you have identified the needs of your business, prepare a list of the technical functionalities that the platform should have.

3. Choose a reliable supplier
Now that you know what you need, you can start analyzing what the market has to offer. In this phase, pay particular attention to the reliability of the supplier: collect as much information as possible, read what people say about them online, look at reviews and references. 

4. Platform features: integrations, data security, maintenance and support
Finally, to make sure you make the right choice:

  • check if the platform can be integrated with other software in use in the company: this will allow you to manage all information centrally, synchronizing data and simplifying business processes;
  • make sure that the supplier is able to guarantee high levels of security and adequate management and processing systems for the data contained in the platform;
  • ensure that you are offered timely support, as well as continuity of service and appropriate back-up and recovery systems (an eLearning platform that stops working stops your business, with all the consequences that this entails).

eLearning platform for training institutions: the case of DynDevice LMS

As we have seen, there are many elements to consider when choosing an eLearning platform that suits the needs of a training organization. On the other hand, if training is your core business, choosing the wrong platform will have negative consequences on your business and your profits.
DynDevice LMS, the eLearning platform developed by Mega Italia Media, offers the guarantee of a high technological standard, maximum reliability of the system and a leading Italian provider in the field of online training since 1988.

Here are some features that make DynDevice LMS the ideal eLearning platform for a training institution.

Cloud Software

DynDevice LMS is a cloud-based eLearning platform that does not require the installation of external software. To use it, all you need to do is connect to the Internet and access the platform via a browser. This means that it can be used anywhere and at any time both, administrator side, to create and edit learning materials and, user side, to enjoy the courses.

Integrated eCommerce

DynDevice LMS has an integrated eCommerce that allows you to set prices for courses and sell them directly to your customers. In addition, if you are a content creator, through the CourStore you can publish the courses you create and sell them to other administrators of other DynDevice platforms.

Advanced statistics

The platform provides very detailed statistics about both individual users and individual courses. For each type of statistics, it is possible to extract reports in CSV, Excel and PDF formats.

Verification and tracking of user activities

The platform is designed to offer the maximum educational rigor technically possible and allows to monitor and certify

  • the performance and completion of each user's educational activities;
  • the traceability of each activity carried out while connected to the system and its duration;
  • the traceability of the use of the single didactic units structured in Learning Objects (LO);
  • the regularity and progressiveness of use of the system by the user;
  • the methods and passing of learning tests and learning assessments.

SCORM Editor

DynDevice LMS is equipped with a SCORM editor with which you can create Learning Objects in SCORM format, set specific rules for navigation within the courses and certify the performance of activities by users. 

Augmented and Virtual Reality

The platform is equipped with a specific module for the creation of learning objects in augmented and virtual reality, for a more immersive and engaging training.

Web Conference and Live Training

The Web-Conference module allows you to create training courses in videoconference (synchronous mode) with all the specific features for distance learning. Moreover, thanks to the Live Training extension it is possible to manage live videoconference courses even more completely and transform them into asynchronous online courses in just a few minutes.

Classroom and blended training management

Not only eLearning: with DynDevice LMS you can also manage classroom and blended training, manage locations and teachers, book classrooms and manage all the training documentation (attendance records, certificates, minutes, etc..) for both the training carried out with DynDevice LMS, both for the previous one properly loaded. 

Integration with other business software

Each software used in the company contains important data. Making the platform for managing training with other business applications allows you to synchronize data and simplify business processes. 
DynDevice LMS is equipped with APIs (Application Programming Interface) that allow you to connect the platform to external software such as, for example, your management or CRM.

Chatbot for students 24h

Thanks to the application of Artificial Intelligence, the platform is equipped with an automatic chatbot that provides assistance to users who use the courses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, significantly improving the user experience and optimizing the time of use of the courses.

Automatic notifications

DynDevice LMS is equipped with a system for the automated management of e-mail notifications, useful, for example, to send users invitations to courses, e-mail reminders to the fruition of the course and training certificates. Moreover, the automatic notifications can be used to send reports on the training activities carried out and/or to be carried out to the platform administrators, greatly simplifying their work.

Community management

The DynDevice LMS eLearning platform provides all the necessary tools to optimally manage the community that attends its eLearning courses (or is enrolled in those in the classroom). The trainees can then access real-time chat and discussion forums to ask questions and receive answers or suggestions, as well as to compare themselves with other users. 

Management of funded training

DynDevice LMS allows you to manage in a complete and thorough way all the data and documents relating to projects and training plans for funded training. The system also allows, if necessary, to bind to certain times the possibility of using the courses, in accordance with certain projects of funded training.

Marketing tools

DynDevice LMS is finally equipped with a series of additional modules specific to marketing activities that allow you to transform the platform into a powerful and comprehensive tool for promoting business activities: newsletter system, news and magazine module, up-selling and cross-selling campaigns, Facebook connector and SEO Utility.

Free Demo DynDevice LMS

Do you want to find out if DynDevice LMS is the ideal platform for your training institution? Request a free demo

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