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Safety and health at work in the digital age: EU-OSHA campaign

1 May 2024
The digitalisation of the workplace brings with it new emerging risks. Discover the opportunities and challenges of digital transformation.

A "Selfie" to improve e-learning in schools

9 February 2022
Discovering the free EU tool made available to schools to improve the use of digital technologies for learning 

Digital education according to the EU: useful tools

26 January 2022
What is and what does the Digital Education Action Plan, the European initiative that aims to support the adaptation of the education and training systems of EU Member States, provide?

Mega Italia Media is nominated for the DIGITALEUROPE Future Unicorn Award

26 January 2022
The eLearning company from Brescia has been selected by DIGITALEUROPE as one of 17 candidates for the Future Unicorn Award

EU Commission: Digital Europe, Cybersecurity and DIH Programme

1 December 2021
The EU Commission has launched three programmes: the Digital Europe Programme, the Cybersecurity Programme and the DIH Programme. 7.5 billion euros allocated for the diffusion and use of digital technologies.

Outplacement and training: 880 million to implement GOL

20 October 2021
Active labor policies and training: the resources to implement GOL, the employment program.

Cyber risk: the defense of enterprises

1 September 2021
New challenges for enterprise cybersecurity have been brought by remote working and the growth of digitization

Digital skills: the skill mismatch has gone digital

28 July 2021
A real alert on the digital gap front that can slow down the restart of companies in the post-covid period

Active webcam and online didactics: obligation and privacy

16 June 2021
Is it compulsory to activate the webcam during online courses and videoconferences?

Transition 4.0 and PNRR: the challenge of digital skills

26 May 2021
The data emerging from the Digitization Index of the Italian Economy and Society (DESI) push the need to act to increase the level of digital skills.

Microcredentials in EU learning

12 May 2021
The EU approach to microcredentials will provide flexible and modular learning opportunities in lifelong learning.

Post-covid remote work: what do employees think?

12 May 2021
The lack of company guidance on post-covid work arrangements worries employees, who are calling for more clarity and hybrid models.

Artificial Intelligence: restrictive legislation in EU?

5 May 2021
EU tightening on Artificial Intelligence, from biometric recognition to chatbots

Corporate training improves stock market performance

5 May 2021
A McKinsey study shows the link between stock market performance and employee skill development programs.

From videocalls to video meetings with holograms

24 March 2021
Microsoft aims to develop applications that will allow virtual meetings with mixed reality, useful for work, telemedicine and training.

AGI: state of the art of General Artificial Intelligence

17 February 2021
What is General Artificial Intelligence (AGI) and where do we stand with its development and application? 

Support for connectivity in Italian schools

10 February 2021
EUR 325 million plan approved to connect 12,000 schools in areas with insufficient connectivity

Artificial Intelligence: ethical-legal principles

9 December 2020
Differences in the approach of the ethical-legal guidelines compared to Artificial Intelligence from country to country

Pandemic and digital education in sub-Saharan Africa

25 November 2020
About 300 million people in Africa have been affected by the pandemic's closure of schools.

DynDevice LMS and Artificial Intelligence: DyBot

11 November 2020
Published on international scientific journal the paper on the new DynDevice LMS chatbot.

Smart Working: remote controls and privacy

28 October 2020
Measures to limit Covid-19 infections put Smart Working back at the center of the debate.

The impact of Covid on eLearning courses in Africa

14 October 2020
eLearning Africa shows some errors in the management of Covid in the education sector, but creative solutions are also coming from the school.

Defending privacy in eLearning with Artificial Intelligence

23 September 2020
Is it possible to protect computer systems with artificial intelligence?

USA: Back to school in the classroom or online?

9 September 2020
What role will eLearning play in American schools six months after the outbreak of the pandemic in the country?

The world of smart working: cyber security

8 July 2020
Let's find out the cybersecurity implications that the l nimble work he brought with him.

The world of smart working: individual health

1 July 2020
For months now, smart working has become part of the lives of many workers in the world. How was it perceived? And what consequences for workers' health has it brought with it?

eLearning in the world: main markets and future trends

24 June 2020
What is the value of the eLearning market in the world? What are the main drivers of growth and future prospects?

COVID-19: smart working, video conferencing and cybersecurity

27 May 2020
Digital reality is a resource and an opportunity, but it also brings vulnerabilities and critical issues that should not be underestimated.

3 problems (and solutions) at the time of coronavirus

29 April 2020
Loneliness, organizational difficulties and lack of concentration are only three of the problems faced by online workers and students. Here are some strategies to overcome them.

Learning Technologies 2020: technologies applied to business training

22 April 2020
The Learning Technologies fair, the prestigious event dedicated to digital learning and technologies applied to corporate training, was held in London on 12 and 13 February 2020.

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