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17 February 2021: AGI: state of the art of General Artificial Intelligence

What is General Artificial Intelligence (AGI) and where do we stand with its development and application? 

10 February 2021: Support for connectivity in Italian schools

EUR 325 million plan approved to connect 12,000 schools in areas with insufficient connectivity

9 December 2020: Artificial Intelligence: ethical-legal principles

Differences in the approach of the ethical-legal guidelines compared to Artificial Intelligence from country to country

25 November 2020: Pandemic and digital education in sub-Saharan Africa

About 300 million people in Africa have been affected by the pandemic's closure of schools.

11 November 2020: DynDevice LMS and Artificial Intelligence: DyBot

Published on international scientific journal the paper on the new DynDevice LMS chatbot.

28 October 2020: Smart Working: remote controls and privacy

Measures to limit Covid-19 infections put Smart Working back at the center of the debate.

14 October 2020: The impact of Covid on eLearning courses in Africa

eLearning Africa shows some errors in the management of Covid in the education sector, but creative solutions are also coming from the school.

23 September 2020: Defending privacy in eLearning with Artificial Intelligence

Is it possible to protect computer systems with artificial intelligence?

9 September 2020: USA: Back to school in the classroom or online?

What role will eLearning play in American schools six months after the outbreak of the pandemic in the country?

8 July 2020: The world of smart working: cyber security

Let's find out the cybersecurity implications that the l nimble work he brought with him.

1 July 2020: The world of smart working: individual health

For months now, smart working has become part of the lives of many workers in the world. How was it perceived? And what consequences for workers' health has it brought with it?

24 June 2020: eLearning in the world: main markets and future trends

What is the value of the eLearning market in the world? What are the main drivers of growth and future prospects?

27 May 2020: COVID-19: smart working, video conferencing and cybersecurity

Digital reality is a resource and an opportunity, but it also brings vulnerabilities and critical issues that should not be underestimated.

29 April 2020: 3 problems (and solutions) at the time of coronavirus

Loneliness, organizational difficulties and lack of concentration are only three of the problems faced by online workers and students. Here are some strategies to overcome them.

22 April 2020: Learning Technologies 2020: technologies applied to business training

The Learning Technologies fair, the prestigious event dedicated to digital learning and technologies applied to corporate training, was held in London on 12 and 13 February 2020.

8 April 2020: Smart work and school at the time of the coronavirus: is Italy really ready?

Despite the digital divide, "narrow" bandwidth and obsolete hardware, the health emergency linked to the spread of the coronavirus is pushing Italians to take great steps towards digitization.

2 April 2020: Coronavirus: virtual classrooms not to stop company training

In this moment of health emergency more and more companies and institutions have found in virtual classrooms and videoconferencing the ideal alternative to the traditional classroom mode.

25 March 2020: The digital transformation in the Italian school: where are we now that schools are suspended?

With the outbreak of the covid-19 emergency, the Miur makes some resources available to schools to implement distance learning. What is the approach adopted in Italy and in the other countries where schools have been suspended?

25 March 2020: 4 tools to work effectively in smart working

What are the tools for companies that have to manage work and distance learning during the coronavirus emergency?

18 March 2020: The eLearning market in Africa: the current state and development prospects for corporate learning

What is the current eLearning situation in Africa and what are the trends in corporate training?

18 March 2020: Coronavirus: eLearning not to stop teaching

The virus does not stop culture. Thanks to eLearning and videoconferencing activities, nobody will lose the year.

11 March 2020: The response to coronavirus: Smart Working and eLearning training

The help that technology is providing to combat the emergency through smart working and online training.

29 January 2020: Useful podcasts for those who work in eLearning

Podcasts are an infinite source of knowledge, even in the eLearning sector. What are the best podcasts on this topic?

30 October 2019: Social groups: is eLearning the new frontier of social networks such as Facebook?

Not only work related social networks, but also the most common ones seem to be more open to platforms and online learning groups. How do social learning groups work on Facebook and what are the advantages they can give to eLearning?

11 September 2019: Cyber Security vs. Cybercrime - Infographic

What data are stored by your IT devices and how to defend them?

24 July 2019: Education in e-learning mode for refugees

In the 21st century, e-learning continues to play an important role in ensuring respect for the right to education, even for refugees who, in this way, can quickly integrate into the societies of the host countries and enter the world of business work.

26 June 2019: eLearning Africa - Increasing the talents of the continent

From October 23rd to 25th 2019 in Ivory Coast will be held the fourteenth edition of the international conference "eLearning Africa".

19 June 2019: Business training: growing interest in soft skills and the use of e-Learning

Safety first, then transversal competences, and finally languages and digital innovation.

29 May 2019: Who is the typical student of online courses?

Since the late 1990s, the number of students choosing online courses has grown steadily, especially between 2004 and 2016. But what are the characteristics of a typical online student and what do you study by choosing e-learning?

29 May 2019: The future of training is online: the first e-Learning course dedicated to Nautica is born

The first online course that, through a simple and effective study method based on memory techniques, helps to obtain a nautical license.

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