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5 reasons to implement eLearning in your company

15 February 2023
Why should your company use eLearning for employee training? Find out in this infographic.

3 Ways to Keep Motivation High - Infographic

30 June 2021
Completing projects and training while keeping your focus high is important and not a given, especially after a pandemic year. 

The LMS market (2020-2027) - Infographic

27 January 2021
How much will the online education market grow over the next 7 years?

The pillars of the Adult Learning Theory - Infographic

7 October 2020
What are the four principles of Knowles' andragogy that differentiate adult learning?

15 tips to improve learning - Infographic

30 September 2020
There are ways to improve your memory that we can all do. How not to overload our minds and learn the best?

How has COVID changed eLearning? - Infographic

29 July 2020
How are the changes in corporate training affecting the budgets and expenses of the training department? What are the best strategies to support people in these difficult times?

The history of training technology - Infographics

20 May 2020
How has training technology developed from the late 1800s to the present day? Let's find out in this infographic from the University of Phoenix.

The future of distance learning - Infographic

29 April 2020
What are the characteristics of distance learning and what are the future prospects of this specific training modality?

Cognitive distortions in learning - Infographic

16 April 2020
Cognitive prejudices, i.e. our beliefs, can lead to systematic deviations of reality, even in learning.

Smart Working: rethinking and planning the work in 5 steps - Infographic

2 April 2020
How to plan smart working effectively, following 5 simple steps.

When to use animated videos or those recorded in online courses? - Infographic

19 February 2020
How to integrate home-produced animations and videos into an eLearning course.

7 steps to create effective visual communication - Infographics

19 February 2020
From the choice of the font to the responsive design, the visual elements are fundamental for the proper functioning of an eLearning platform. Here are seven tips for creating excellent visual communication.

Social learning in the workplace - Infographic

12 February 2020
What is social learning and how can it be virtuously integrated into workplace training?

The trends of microlearning - Infographics

29 January 2020
Do you know what's trending in microlearning?

Instructional Design: the trends 2019 - Infographic

30 October 2019
Business education as an ecosystem.

Why choose microlearning for a refresher course? - Infographic

9 October 2019
Quick and easy to access, microlearning can be the best tool both to fix some content already learned in the past and to spread new updates on certain topics.

Onboarding programs: trend statistics 2019 vs. 2018 - Infographic

2 October 2019
Companies with defined onboarding programs record significantly better loyalty, productivity levels and employee satisfaction.

Cyber Security vs. Cybercrime - Infographic

11 September 2019
What data are stored by your IT devices and how to defend them?

How to choose the right platform to use online courses - Infographic

31 July 2019
7 factors to consider.

4 challenges in IoT testing - Infographic

24 July 2019
How to face the challenges of IoT testing?

What are the latest trends in HR? - Infographic

17 July 2019
In which direction is the evolution of human resource leaders going?

Why does business education need microlearning? - Infographics

10 July 2019
5 data to support microlearning in business education.

6 false myths about eLearning courses - Infographics

5 June 2019
Is it true that online courses have less quality, are easier or that employers tend to not recognize online certifications? It's time to debunk some of the major false myths about eLearning.

How, when and why choose an e-Learning training provider? - Infographic

22 May 2019
If you don't have an internal online training team, how do you choose the right provider for you? Here are 9 simple tips to follow.

4 questions on content curation applied to eLearning - Infographics

8 May 2019
Content curation can be one of the fundamental tools to be able to offer trainees a more flexible and engaging training path. What is it? What are the benefits of using this discipline for eLearning?

5 design elements to make an online course effective - Infographic

8 May 2019
An online course allows you to insert a wide variety of design elements that help to involve students and improve learning opportunities. However, it is essential that the interface is as intuitive as possible.

Professional training: 10 false beliefs - Infographics

10 April 2019
Professional training is a valuable opportunity for companies and employees. Consequently, the question arises: why are there so many objections to vocational training?

What are the 16 most valuable skills for recruiters in 2019?

3 April 2019
The approach to learning distinguishes one candidate from another.

The importance of corporate training - Infographic

13 March 2019
Some significant data on company training

What Is UDL? - Infographic

20 February 2019
Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is an education framework based on decades of neuroscience research. Let’s discover it together.

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