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How was e-Learning born and how did it develop?

23 January 2019
Online learning is the new future, but it is important to ask ourselves some important questions about this topic. How have these courses born? How have they developed and above all, what is the current situation?

Mandatory training on health and safety at work: e-Learning vs. classroom - Infographic

19 December 2018
Internet has made knowledge very accessible. Online training for health and safety at work is very convenient. But what role does the classroom now play?

3 types of motivation to learn - Infographic

12 December 2018
What kind of motivation works best for your students?

What is the profile of the e-learning student in 2018? - Infographic

17 October 2018
Knowing the preferences of modern students can be very useful for better planning your e-learning offer.

Classroom training vs eLearning – Infographic

19 September 2018
Points of strength of these different training methodologies.

Microlearning: what to do and to avoid - Infographic

12 September 2018
5 things to do and to avoid in microlearning

The future of e-Learning in an infographic

5 September 2018
A simple and intuitive representation to explain what will be the future of e-Learning, online learning.

5 mistakes to avoid when setting up an eLearning course - Infographic

18 July 2018
What common mistakes should educational designers avoid when making an online course? Educational design is used to create content that ensures high levels of user involvement and achieve the learning objectives.

7 benefits of Mobile Learning - Infographics

30 May 2018
What are the main advantages of mobile learning and why do people prefer this learning method? Find it out in this infographic.

LMS helping freelancers - Infographic

23 May 2018
How can an LMS lead to the growth of a freelance, an entrepreneur or an individual company?

The 5 software development trends of 2018 - Infographics

2 May 2018
New guidelines on solutions and innovations for software developers.

The 7 main reasons for investing today in eLearning - Infographic

25 April 2018
What are the pragmatic reasons for investing in online training?

Why use eLearning for employee training? - Infographic

18 April 2018
Online training is more effective than traditional methods.

How to create engaging content - Infographic

11 April 2018
The essential elements to easily create engaging content.

Best Practices in eLearning Design - Infographic

4 April 2018
Companies adopt project management techniques different from a graphical point of view. But which are the best and most efficient techniques in the area of eLearning?

8 Learning Management System requirements of small and medium-size Companies

7 March 2018
Today's LMS platforms are not for the exclusive use of large companies, but smaller and medium-sized companies are increasingly adopting these training technologies. But what do these types of companies ask of their LMS systems?

What is Blended Learning?

28 February 2018
eLearning and face-to-face instruction coexist and reinforce each other in 'blended learning'. Find out what's in this infographic.

Why should we build a digital community?

21 February 2018
A digital community can give companies a series of effective opportunities to communicate with their staff. Especially if it is a community within an eLearning platform.

How to take advantage of infographics in eLearning courses

14 February 2018
Five creative ways to insert infographics into your eLearning course

Challenges in the implementation of eLearning - Infographics

31 January 2018
An infographic helps us to discover the greatest challenges of eLearning.

Top 7 e-Learning Advantages. Infographic

13 December 2017
E-Learning is a powerful tool for imparting information and skills to employees in various training and corporate companies. It is a convenient, consistent, and flexible way to learn.

Which will be the trends of elearning in 2018? Discover them in this infographic

15 November 2017
Learning methodologies are continuously evolving and 2018 promises to be rich of innovations for online training

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