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2 September 2020: Post-COVID Training and eLearning

What will digital learning be like in the post-COVID future?

29 January 2020: Useful podcasts for those who work in eLearning

Podcasts are an infinite source of knowledge, even in the eLearning sector. What are the best podcasts on this topic?

20 November 2019: Methodologies for e-learning: a guide to design and develop projects

The guide covers methodologies and suggestions for creating interactive content and facilitating online learning, as well as some of the technologies used to create and deliver e-learning training.

18 September 2019: Improving Employee Wellbeing Through Learning and Development

The creation of learning cultures and healthy workplaces is key to foster employee engagement that leads to their wellbeing

11 September 2019: New eBook on eLearning training trends in 2019

Read the new guide to improve, measure, maximize the impact and returns on your corporate learning strategies in 2019.

15 May 2019: The results of the LinkedIn Report on corporate training 2019

A LinkedIn research highlights the centrality of education in today's working world.

24 October 2018: eLearning and SMEs

A project to test common online training practices in SMEs.

27 June 2018: The beginner's guide to LMS solutions

If you need to select an LMS system for your business, this ebook can give you some good tips and some ideas to choose the system that best suits your needs.

18 April 2018: Free eBook "Your step by step guide to design high impact blended courses - With 7 success stories [Update 2018]

Suggestions and ideas to move from training in presence to blended training.

4 April 2018: Workplace learning 2017

Linkedin Learning Report on how global training and development professionals are facing the most important challenges.

14 February 2018: What direction will eLearning take in 2018?

Discover trends and forecasts for 2018 proposed by EI Design.

17 January 2018: Free e-Learning course for distance education in Neonatology

Unitelma delivers a free e-Learning training course to doctors and nurses to improve the knowledge and reduce neonatal mortality.

10 January 2018: The regulation about the impact on health and safety at work of the economy of online platforms

Research presented by the European Risk Observatory regarding the professional risks of workers operating on online platforms, and therefore also on e-Learning platforms.

20 December 2017: Get for free the last eLearning resources

4 free download ebooks to be aware of the most important aspects of planning and designing in eLearning training

20 December 2017: 5 parametrs to measure the success of e-learning

The five key factors to measure the success of eLearning courses through the analysis of data

15 November 2017: Which will be the trends of elearning in 2018? Discover them in this infographic

Learning methodologies are continuously evolving and 2018 promises to be rich of innovations for online training

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