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Workplace competitiveness: how to manage it

13 December 2023
Workplace competitiveness can be positive for personal growth, but it can create a toxic environment. Let's explore how to manage it effectively.

Skills management software: what are they and what are they for?

8 November 2023
What are skills management software and how can they be useful for companies? Let's find out in this article.

Instructional designer: the "brain" of the training of the future

14 June 2023
The digitization of the education sector has made Instructional Design increasingly important. Who is Instructional design and what role does it play?

The benefits of project-based learning for employee evaluation

3 May 2023
Employee evaluation is a complex practice. Assessing learning on projects may be the most suitable method for this purpose.

How to use digital badges for employee evaluation

26 April 2023
Open Badges are digital certifications to attest to employees' skills and knowledge. Their use can be beneficial for skill enhancement.

Elearning data analyst: let's find out the skills needed

26 April 2023
What skills, training, competencies and soft skills, and what types of activities do the elearning data analyst has? What is his or her work process?

eLearning and new professions: the gamification expert

19 April 2023
The e-learning industry is growing day by day, hence the need of new professional roles: let's give a look to the gamification expert

The eLearning training consultant

12 April 2023
The eLearning industry has grown exponentially. This led to new professions, including the eLearning Training Consultant

Online trainer for e-learning

29 March 2023
Let's find out who he/she is, what activities he/she performs and what skills the online course teacher must possess.

The work of eLearning Content Developer

22 March 2023
The growth of the eLearning sector has seen the emergence of new professions, such as the eLearning content developer. Let's find out who he is and what he does.

The profession of UX/UI expert for eLearning

15 March 2023
Who is and what does the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) expert do in the eLearning sector?

The work of Instructional Design

8 March 2023
Creating engaging and effective learning experiences through instructional design. Learn about the key role of Instructional Designers in online education and beyond.

New jobs in the eLearning industry

1 March 2023
Learn about job opportunities in the world of eLearning, where technology is revolutionizing education and vocational training

The skills needed in the digital age

22 February 2023
We find out why digital skills training needs to be reconsidered and which skills are essential to keep teams competitive.

The Chief Learning Officer: who he is and why he is important in eLearning

15 February 2023
Among the figures orbiting the e-learning sphere, the Chief Learning Officer is one of the most important. Here is what his role is and how to make it effective.

Learning in the flow of work: how to put it into practice?

27 April 2022
The spread of hybrid working has led to the success of the so-called LIFOW. Let's find out what it is, how to apply it and how it improves company training.

5 Tools to Become a Freelance Instructional Designer

23 March 2022
Working as an instructional designer means having professional roots in multimedia design, but also having the right interpersonal skills.

End of the state of emergency: what will be left of smart working?

16 March 2022
The end of the Covid emergency brings new rules for those who work from home. From April 1, individual agreements required. 

Outplacement and training: 880 million to implement GOL

20 October 2021
Active labor policies and training: the resources to implement GOL, the employment program.

Digital burnout at work: what it is and how to fight it

14 July 2021
Digital burnout: the dark side of digital work. Let's find out what it is, how to recognize it, and best business practices to combat it.

Post-covid remote work: what do employees think?

12 May 2021
The lack of company guidance on post-covid work arrangements worries employees, who are calling for more clarity and hybrid models.

The fate of remote working: will people return to the office?

21 April 2021
We read conflicting opinions on whether or not to return to the office post pandemic. Who will stay to work from home? Will it really be possible to say goodbye to telecommuting?

Soft skills: what they are and why they are important at work

17 March 2021
Today more than ever, soft skills make the difference between an adequate candidate and the ideal candidate. Let's find out why.

Digital skills: increasingly in demand at work

13 January 2021
In the next 5 years, digital skills will make the difference in finding a job. 

The Future of HR in 21 New Job Positions

9 September 2020
The study of the Harvard Business Review on the future of human resources positions after the coronavirus.

The world of smart working: legislation

15 July 2020
What is smart working? How is it regulated in Italy, in Europe? And what are the novelties brought by the massive adoption in recent months?

The tutor in eLearning: tasks and skills required

8 July 2020
The tutor is an indispensable figure for any online course and plays a crucial role in the learning experience of the trainees. Let's find out why.

The world of smart working: cyber security

8 July 2020
Let's find out the cybersecurity implications that the l nimble work he brought with him.

The world of smart working: individual health

1 July 2020
For months now, smart working has become part of the lives of many workers in the world. How was it perceived? And what consequences for workers' health has it brought with it?

SME vs. instructional designer: the roles of eLearning

1 July 2020
Who is SME and what is its role in corporate training? What is the difference between the instructional designer and other eLearning professionals?

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