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Instructional designer: the e-Learning architect

27 March 2019
With the expansion of e-learning the figure of the instructional designer is destined to grow.

The profile of an eLearning professional

5 December 2018
eLearning consultants are more and more wanted by companies who develop and offer online courses. But what is the profile of an eLearning professional?

Professional figures of e-Learning

7 November 2018
Creating an e-Learning course is certainly not a walk. Planning a e-Learning lesson means bringing together a series of professionals who have to work together for the success of the course. Who are them?

How to start a career in e-learning

31 October 2018
Trainers and experts from every sector can open a new professional field by giving online courses. It is enough to know how to exploit the enormous potential of e-learning.

The new roles of educational designers in corporate training

17 October 2018
Learning contents are increasingly generated by employees, in a decentralized way. What is the effect on the role of the educational designer?

5 tips to hire the right e-Learning voice actor

19 September 2018
When we talk about the voiceover in e-Learning courses, the script makes the difference. But how to choose the most suitable voice actor to interpret your content?

12 questions for the interview with the educational designers

14 March 2018
How to select the best educational designers?

Online training is becoming more and more interesting for employers. Why?

28 February 2018
Education of the future is online. And employers are more and more interested in it.

How to create an appealing resume in the eLearning sector?

7 February 2018
8 tips to create a resume that potential employers will not forget.

Which are the essential skills for online learning professionals?

31 January 2018
At the base of all our results there are skills. In an ever changing world of work, it is essential to stay up-to-date.

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