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The profile of an eLearning professional

eLearning consultants are more and more wanted by companies who develop and offer online courses. But what is the profile of an eLearning professional?

The eLearning consultant is the professional that helps companies and institutions that offer online courses to their employees or make the contents of their training available to a wider audience. But what are the skills of an eLearning consultant and what distinguishes him/her from a classic trainer? Let’s try to understand this profile with a search on LinkedIn, one of the social media mostly used by e-learning professionals.

1. Where do eLearning professionals work?

Most eLarning professionals on LinkedIn come from Anglo-Saxon countries. United States lead the rank with 2.490 professionals, followed by the United Kingdom and Australia with around 650 people and then Canada, with slightly less than 400 profiles. eLearning sector has a great importance also in India, with more than 200 professionals on LinkedIn

2. In which industries do the eLearning experts work?

One third of eLearning professionals, i.e. 1.366 units, work in companies dealing with online courses. The others are distributed among:

  • IT services, 857
  • Education, 723
  • Professional training and orientation, 295
  • Computer software, 253.

Other areas that require the services of an eLearning consultant are: human resources, management consulting, financial services and healthcare.

3. Which universities form eLearning consultants?

An eLearning consultant has hardly learned the basics of the profession by a specific university course. As this is a relatively new, versatile and multi-faceted profession, also the chosen university paths are very differentiated. Among the universities most frequented by LinkedIn eLearning consultants we find the Australian:

  • Sydney University of Technology
  • Monash University
  • University of Melbourne.

Some professionals attended Phoenix University in the United States and the United Kingdom Open University, specializing in online courses.

4. Which activities are carried out by an eLearning consultant?

eLearning professionals define themselves as consultants, specialists and designers, depending on whether they are more oriented towards strategy, content creation or design. Regardless of the title, these professionals are able to:

  • Prepare training plans
  • Use authoring tools, i.e. systems that create training content
  • Use multimedia audio, video, graphics
  • Communicate with customers and course users.

If we were to draw a profile of an eLearning consultant we could say that he/she is an expert able to conceive and put into practice a training strategy for companies, universities and institutions using authoring tools, multimedia tools and a successful marketing strategy.

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