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How did HR trend 2020 change with coronavirus?

How do the 2020 HR trends change with the crisis and emergency brought by the coronavirus? The floor to HR expert, Tom Haak.

Sector trends are forecasts that are made at the end of each year for the following year. But since the end of 2019, times have changed dramatically around the world. Tom Haak, Director of the HR Trend Institute, gives his opinion on the HR 2020 trends that will (or will not) survive the crisis brought by COVID-19.

Growing HR Trends 2020

1. Customization

In the past, the human resources sector has focused heavily on standardisation and the formation of a strategy tailored to all. In recent years, the trend is shifting towards a personalised approach which focuses on the individual needs, wishes and skills of each employee. In a crisis scenario, each individual responds differently. In the coronavirus context, personalisation will play an important role in overcoming the crisis.

What is the best way for every employee to work from home? Once back in the office in shifts, which shift is best suited to each employee?

2. Human Resources Technology

The technology of learning will have a strong growth. It can no longer be seen as an accessory: it has proven to be and is currently an important engine of transformation. These advanced technologies have enabled us to work and train at a distance. Moreover, technological developments are moving very quickly.

3. Speed

The crisis itself is an accelerator and, in this emergency situation, organisations and employees had to adapt quickly. Suddenly it seems that many things are possible, and much faster than before. It is an opportunity to learn what works and what doesn't.

4. New approaches to the organization

Some problems have emerged (which were not very much perceived before), such as issues related to flexible employment contracts. Each organisation is undergoing significant restructuring: jobs are being reorganised, people are " retraining" and discovering new types of flexibility and creativity. These new approaches to the organisation will be increasingly present in the coming months, perhaps even in the coming years.

5. Analysis

Analyzing the current business situation can be an inexhaustible source of learning. What works and what doesn't, now that we all work from home? The answers emerging from such an analysis will be key to shaping a new way of working.

6. Productivity

Productivity is currently low, but it remains a priority to restart. How to increase productivity? The current situation shows us that the simple fact of working in an office for eight hours or more is no longer sufficient in itself. A turning point that gives us material to think about.

The 2020 HR trends that are changing

1. Less attention to employee experience

Improving employee experience was a hot topic among HR managers a few months ago. Tom Haak expresses his doubts that it will remain so. The current economic crisis is forcing companies to restructure and, unfortunately, this means that improving employee experience cannot be the top priority for organizations.

2. Less generosity

"Whether it was an extra day off for your birthday or a welcome gift, organizations were becoming increasingly generous to their employees. We still see a lot of understanding and kindness, but the question is how long it will last," Haak says.

3. Less social and environmental responsibility

"I believe the future of corporate social responsibility is also uncertain. At the macro level, we have seen many countries put their interests first. Unfortunately, we are also beginning to see signs of the same kind of behaviour among organizations," concludes the expert.

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