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How to develop a more productive e-learning team

In this article we will discover some ideas and suggestions to develop a more productive team of e-learning professionals.

To create a team of talented e-learning professionals, we must first identify the roles and responsibilities, not lose sight of the corporate objectives to be achieved, use the right tools and, more importantly, develop a working environment that conveys a positive influence on team performance.

With this in mind, let's take a look at some simple but effective suggestions to create "the perfect team" for your upcoming e-learning training projects. Let's begin.

1. Avoid ambiguity regarding roles and responsibilities

If any kind of confusion occurs regarding roles and responsibilities, your team certainly won't work effectively, and situations will arise in which people unfairly delegate their work to others. The best way to counter this is to define roles and responsibilities and assign specific functions to everyone. It is also important to specify the objectives to be achieved, set clear deadlines, give people the right tools and give them some flexibility to do their job to the best of their ability: the three key words are trust, respect and honesty.

2. Always keep company goals in mind

Each work group needs clearly defined goals to work with. Otherwise, it is difficult to keep everyone on the same line. Whatever your medium to long term goals, they should be extremely clear to your team, so that everyone knows the direction they are going.

3. Use e-learning project management tools, i.e. programs that help manage the project 

These tools are suitable for organizing and managing the creation of the course, but also for allowing the team to communicate more easily and to have a tool available that makes constant workflow control possible. In this way it is easy to improve teamwork, but only if the right tools are used. Fortunately, tools like ProofHub, Flow, Coggle, Airtable and Conceptboard are designed to facilitate the daily work of e-learning professionals. There are many reasons to use an e-learning project management tool, but first of all they are useful for:

  • Divide larger projects into a more manageable dimension.
  • Organize and manage everything more easily.
  • Collaborate and make it easier to work together.
  • Keep all important documents and files in one place.
  • Track the role played by each team member in the e-learning project.
  • Keep track of the work done in a more simple and immediate way.

4. Offer formal recognition for individual and team results

Did you know that over 43% of workers state that lack of recognition is the main source of unhappiness at work? Embracing a culture of recognition is beneficial. And it is not so complicated to implement it, it is enough to promote a completely new perspective, which increases the involvement of employees. The success of an organization is given by the people. It is good practice to develop your own leaders internally, growing talent right from the start in this direction so as to have a constant availability of qualified human resources and not having to look for them outside in the exact moment of need. This growth process is possible thanks to constant training and evaluation of performance and learning.

5. Ask your team for feedback

Hosting sessions where all team members come together to exchange ideas and make their contribution to achieving the long-term goal is important. In this way, your team of e-learning professionals will feel appreciated and work together more effectively.

Is your team of e-learning professionals working effectively? Which of the above suggestions would you like to put in place to increase your business productivity in the e-learning sector?

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