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Digital skills: increasingly in demand at work

In the next 5 years, digital skills will make the difference in finding a job. 

According to the forecasts of Unioncamere's Excelsior Information System, the trends that will influence the labour market over the next five years will be green and digital.

According to the bulletin, around 2.7 million people will enter the world of work in the next five years.

The digital trend

The pandemic has led to an acceleration in the digitalisation of many professions. Unioncamere predicts that in the next few years digital skills, especially basic ones (such as the use of internet technologies and visual and multimedia communication tools, currently possessed by only 42% of the population, according to the latest DESI report on the digitalisation of Italian society), will become increasingly important for accessing the labour market and will be required by around 1.5 million of the workers expected to enter in the next five years, equal to 56% of the job opportunities that will be created, including turnover and new jobs.

The demand for e-skills will affect existing and new emerging professions such as data scientist, big data analyst, cloud computing expert, cyber security expert, business intelligence analyst and artificial intelligence system engineer.

needs for digital professions

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