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3 Ways to Keep Motivation High - Infographic

Completing projects and training while keeping your focus high is important and not a given, especially after a pandemic year. 

What do different professions have in common when it comes to getting results and loving your work? Motivation, here is the engine from which everything always starts. 

Here are 3 ways to stay motivated:

1. Well begun is half done

Looking back, can you identify projects that you would have liked to start, but for which you lost motivation before you even began? This is a common experience for many people.
But why does it happen? Usually it's because before you start a project, you think too much about all the things you'd need to do and the time it would take. These thoughts can lead to concerns about the patience needed to complete the project, the outcome of the project, and the possibility of not completing it successfully. And worries can lead to stalling, to throwing in the towel before you even start. 
The smarter approach is to start, even if you are certain of what direction the project will take, and take it one step at a time, tackling one problem at a time with focus.

2. Tackle things head-on 

After you start a project, give it your attention, be there on the front end. 

3. Follow your progress

To keep motivation high, it is very important to track your progress. All it takes is a document to keep track of everything you're doing, or, in online training, the results of tests or statistics on the progress of use. 

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