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What is a virtual class? - Infographic

An interesting infographic presents global data on the use of virtual classrooms.

The concept of virtual classroom is certainly not new, but it is currently spreading more and more all over the world, not only among regular online students, due to the emergency situation that is involving us in this 2020.

The real goal of virtual classrooms is not to replace the traditional classroom merely because of technological evolution, but to offer a more interactive and collaborative learning environment, making education convenient and accessible to all.

Virtual classrooms, if well managed, have a high rate of involvement (Read " who is the facilitator of a virtual classroom?") and allow to replace physical classrooms in this particular moment of emergency (Read also " How to convert classroom training to e-learning mode").

In addition to reflecting the typical benefits of online training, virtual classrooms can also offer the opportunity to collaborate and interact with experts from around the world.

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