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DynDevice LMS: eLearning platform for training centers

eLearning platform made in Italy that allows training institutions to manage, deliver, sell and promote their courses

When it comes to eLearning platforms (or LMS), training providers have specific needs that are very different from those of companies in other sectors. This is because, in addition to the normal tools for delivering and creating courses, they need specific functionalities for managing users and teachers, for creating records and other training documents, for marketing and selling courses, etc.

The choice of an LMS for a training organization is therefore the greatest predictor of the success of its business. The right platform, in fact, will have features well aligned with the specific needs of the institution and will ensure high levels of service and support.

DynDevice LMS is the eLearning platform developed by Mega Italia Media that combines in a single environment everything a training organization needs. Used by numerous training centers throughout Italy, offers the guarantee of a high technological standard, the maximum reliability of the system and a leading Italian provider in the field of online training since 1988.

The platform is delivered in SaaS (Software As A Service), so it does not require the installation of any external software. This means that it can be used anywhere and at any time both, administrator side, to create and edit learning materials and, user side, to enjoy the courses.

DynDevice LMS: specific features for training centers

DynDevice LMS is the ideal eLearning platform for training institutions of all sectors and sizes because it allows you to optimize all the typical activities of those involved in training:

Training management

DynDevice LMS is equipped with a specific module to optimize the management of online, classroom and blended training. Let's find out below the main features specific to training institutions.

Management of courses, locations, classrooms and teachers

The platform allows you to manage not only online courses, but also classroom and blended training. DynDevice LMS includes specific modules for the management of locations and teachers, the reservation of classrooms and the management of all training documentation (attendance records, certificates, minutes, etc..) for both the training carried out on the platform, both for the previous one properly loaded.

Unique Archive

DynDevice LMS allows you to create a single, centralized archive of all data relating to trainees, teachers and customers, helping to ensure that the information is always up to date and accessible in seconds by all workers in the training center.

Automate tasks and communications

The platform allows you to automate repetitive tasks such as generating attendance certificates, managing training records and minutes, managing course registrations, etc.

Moreover, it is possible to set up automatic email notifications useful, for example, to send

  • to users: invitations to courses, logistical information on how to use the course, lesson calendars, reminders for the use of courses, training certificates, etc.;
  • to teachers: letters of assignment, reminders to start the course, lesson and exam schedules, etc;
  • to platform administrators: reports on training activities carried out and/or to be carried out, satisfaction questionnaires completed by users, etc.

Management of funded training

DynDevice LMS allows you to manage in a complete and thorough way all the data and documents relating to funded training plans. It is possible, for example, through appropriate variables, automatically insert the data and references of training plans in all documents (minutes, training contracts, certificates, records, etc..) produced by DynDevice LMS and related to courses provided in funded mode.

In addition, the system allows you to bind to certain times the ability to use the courses, in accordance with certain projects of funded training.

Community management

The DynDevice LMS eLearning platform provides all the tools necessary to optimally manage the community that attends your courses. The trainees can then access real-time chat and discussion forums to ask questions and receive answers or suggestions, as well as to compare with other users.

Integration with other business software

DynDevice LMS is equipped with APIs (Application Programming Interface) that allow you to connect the platform to external software such as, for example, your management or CRM, ensuring a synchronized management of data and greatly simplifying business processes.

Delivery and creation of courses

The system dedicated to the delivery of courses in DynDevice LMS allows you to greatly simplify the activities carried out by the training institution. Let's discover the list of delivery features with which the eLearning platform is equipped.

Library of courses already installed

DynDevice LMS is equipped with a large library with online courses ready to deliver: the ideal solution for a training organization that can then immediately begin to resell the courses to its customers, generating profit immediately.

The courses, guaranteed by Mega Italia Media, cover topics such as safety at work, digital transformation, compliance and quality, cyber security and apprentice training.

SCORM Editor

DynDevice LMS is equipped with a SCORM editor with which you can create courses in SCORM format and ensure the tracking of the development and completion of educational activities by users (as required, for example, in the case of training on safety at work).

The SCORM editor also makes it possible to set specific navigation rules within courses, useful, for example, to

  • inhibit access to certain sections if minimum objectives have not been met (such as obtaining a score on an assessment quiz);
  • allow the user to skip entire parts of the course if certain minimum objectives have not been reached.

Web Conference and Live Training

The Web-Conference module allows you to create training courses in videoconference (synchronous mode) with all the specific features for distance learning. Moreover, thanks to the Live Training extension, it is possible to manage live videoconference courses even more completely and transform them into asynchronous online courses in just a few minutes.

Augmented and virtual reality

The platform is equipped with a specific module for the creation of educational content in augmented and virtual reality, for an even more immersive and engaging training.

Training reports and monitoring tools

When delivering training courses, analyzing learning data is essential to understand the factors that determine the success of the courses and the achievement of training objectives. With this in mind, DynDevice LMS provides a wide range of tools to track users' activities, understand their behavior, and improve the training experience. Let's discover together the main reporting features included in the platform.

User activity verification and tracking

DynDevice LMS allows you to monitor and certify:

  • the performance and completion of each user's educational activities;
  • the traceability of each activity carried out while connected to the system and its duration;
  • the traceability of the use of individual learning units structured in Learning Objects (LO);
  • the regularity and progressiveness of use of the system by the user;
  • the modalities and passing of learning tests and learning assessments.

Advanced Statistics

DynDevice LMS offers very detailed statistics related to both trainees and individual courses. For example, regarding users, statistics include:

  • list of courses in which the user is enrolled;
  • list of completed, unfinished, expired courses;
  • progress status of courses;
  • start and end date of courses;
  • number of attempts for each section;
  • results achieved;
  • fruition times;
  • etc.

With regard to individual courses, instead, statistics include:

  • total number of users enrolled;
  • users who have completed the course
  • average user satisfaction;
  • currently active users;
  • etc.

For each type of statistic, it is also possible to extract reports in CSV, Excel and PDF formats.

Marketing activities and course sales

Integrated eCommerce

DynDevice LMS has an integrated eCommerce that allows you to sell courses to your customers directly from the eLearning platform. The sale can cover both online courses produced by Mega Italia Media and already present in the platform, and those eventually created by the training provider.

In addition, the system allows you to customize the content of the eCommerce pages and to manage online payments. This means that, if a customer makes the purchase of a course with a credit card or PayPal, it is possible to have the course activated automatically, without the intervention of any operator or administrator.

Selling courses through CourStore

For the creators of courses, DynDevice LMS provides its CourStore, a virtual store of eLearning courses within the control panel.

Through the CourStore, the training institution that creates online courses can then access a potential network of customers and resellers (all users of DynDevice LMS) to whom they can sell the courses created and increase their profits.

For more information, read also "Platform for selling online courses".

Marketing tools

DynDevice LMS is equipped with a series of additional modules specifically for marketing activities that allow you to transform the platform into a powerful and complete tool for promoting business activities:

  • newsletter system, to manage in a complete and professional way your DEM (direct e-mail marketing) campaigns, access to sending statistics and create up-selling and cross-selling campaigns;
  • news and magazine module, for the rapid publication on your site of news divided into categories;
  • coupon system to generate, manage and send discount coupons to your customers for the purchase of courses;
  • Facebook connector, for the automatic publication of news related to your business.

Free demo DynDevice LMS

Do you want to find out if DynDevice LMS is the ideal platform for your training institution? Request a free demo.

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