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7 steps to create effective visual communication - Infographics

19 February 2020
From the choice of the font to the responsive design, the visual elements are fundamental for the proper functioning of an eLearning platform. Here are seven tips for creating excellent visual communication.

The use of virtual reality in corporate training

12 February 2020
Virtual reality allows you to significantly improve the effectiveness of corporate training. We discover the potential of virtual reality courses and good practices for integrating this new technology into corporate training processes.

Virtual reality: how companies use it

5 February 2020
The use of virtual reality between companies is increasingly frequent. Let's find out the main application scenarios: from corporate training to recruiting, from sales to customer experience.

How, when and why to use learning tests in e-learning

11 December 2019
The learning test cannot be missing in your e-learning course. If you want to find out how, when and why you test your students' learning, read on!

Using an LMS to understand the training needs of students

11 December 2019
We are used to thinking of an LMS, learning management system, as a platform to manage and deliver online courses. If instead it were also a tool to analyze training needs?

What is the difference between a webinar and a virtual class?

4 December 2019
The terminology in e-learning is fundamental. Let's clarify some of the most used terms in the online course glossary starting with the webinar and virtual classroom.

How to convert classroom training to e-learning

20 November 2019
Converting classroom courses to the e-learning format can allow you to revolutionize the training offer for your company's staff. Let's see how to implement this transition.

Computer security for e-learning

13 November 2019
Today, companies that offer courses in e-learning mode must ensure that no third party can get hold of user data, which could endanger computer security and privacy.

What are the new tools available for designing online courses?

13 November 2019
What are the best tools in the field of elearning? Here are some of the main features that software should offer to help optimize both the organization and the creation of an online course.

Establishing learning objectives in the outsourcing of personalized e-learning

30 October 2019
Whether it is standard solutions or personalized e-learning, if you do not establish adequate learning objectives it is like putting students on a boat without a rudder.

The answer to automation in the world of work? Training

23 October 2019
The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that around 20% of current jobs could be automated in the coming years.

How to implement an e-learning project saving time money

23 October 2019
What to do to implement e-learning training saving time and money? How does the use of external suppliers represent an economic solution for companies?

10 advantages of eLearning training

23 October 2019
Are you not 100% sure that you want to enroll in an online course? These ten motivations can be an excellent starting point for deciding to start an eLearning course.

How to create e-learning courses by optimizing resources

16 October 2019
Do you need to test your e-learning course before launching it to verify its adequacy and effectiveness? With some simple authoring tools, you can create courses from simple PowerPoint slides.

Why choose microlearning for a refresher course? - Infographic

9 October 2019
Quick and easy to access, microlearning can be the best tool both to fix some content already learned in the past and to spread new updates on certain topics.

The main errors in mobile learning

2 October 2019
Mobile learning offers endless possibilities. Nevertheless, it is necessary to remember the differences between the various devices in order to avoid oversights during the design of the eLearning platform. What are the main errors?

New eBook on eLearning training trends in 2019

11 September 2019
Read the new guide to improve, measure, maximize the impact and returns on your corporate learning strategies in 2019.

Case study: how to increase sales by 200% thanks to a Learning Management System, LMS

11 September 2019
Is it possible for a small training institution to become scalable by tripling the number of students thanks to online courses? We are looking for answers with an American case study.

Tips for using icons effectively

31 July 2019
Intuitive, fast and effective, icons can be a very useful graphic element in eLearning. In order to be truly advantageous, however, these graphic elements must be used in a conscious and precise manner.

Online courses: ADDIE and other models for instructional design, which one to choose?

31 July 2019
What are the major models for instructional design and how to use them for online training?

How to choose the right platform to use online courses - Infographic

31 July 2019
7 factors to consider.

4 challenges in IoT testing - Infographic

24 July 2019
How to face the challenges of IoT testing?

Why create your own ad hoc business training?

24 July 2019
Suggestions for the development of a successful company Academy

How to make your webinars more interactive

17 July 2019
Have you ever attended an online webinar that didn't require your direct interaction?

What features must a learning management system (LMS) include?

10 July 2019
An LMS is used by those who create, manage and follow online courses. How do you choose the best platform for all these actors to agree?

Why does business education need microlearning? - Infographics

10 July 2019
5 data to support microlearning in business education.

How to switch from a classroom course to an online course

3 July 2019
What is the best way to move from traditional education to eLearning without slowing down the business training process?

3 strategies to reduce student dropout rates

3 July 2019
Online courses are becoming more and more successful. However, the number of students leaving the training course due to lack of motivation also increases. What are the most suitable strategies to avoid this phenomenon?

Benefits of self-learning in e-learning mode

26 June 2019
The e-learning courses are based on the use of new technologies that promote self-learning, disengaging from the limits imposed by the physical presence of a teacher, with the advantages deriving from flexibility and cost reduction.

How to prevent students from going into cognitive overload

26 June 2019
The "cognitive overwhelm" is that feeling that students can experience when they cannot continue a training course in a satisfactory manner due to stress and an excessively confusing and information-laden program.

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