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The advantages of an LMS with integrated eCommerce

An eLearning platform with eCommerce allows you to create, deliver and sell courses from a single platform. But what concrete advantages does it offer?

If you are in the training business, you will know that course design is only part of the work involved in selling online courses

Even the most comprehensive and effective course needs to be discovered by your potential audience in order to generate sales. A large part of your sales results will therefore depend on how well your courses are distributed and made visible to your target audience.

With this in mind, choosing an eLearning platform with eCommerce will greatly simplify the promotion and sales of your courses. Integrating eCommerce into an LMS allows you to create, deliver and sell courses from a single platform, with a significant improvement in the overall user experience.

But let's take a closer look at the benefits of an LMS with integrated eCommerce.

Simplify course management and sales activities

By integrating eCommerce into your eLearning platform, you will significantly simplify the management and sale of your courses.
Once the course has been created, you can automatically publish it on your eCommerce platform and ensure that it is immediately available for purchase. In addition, you can choose how your courses are displayed on your site, organise them according to their categories, set prices, discounts or price ranges.
But that's not all. You can ensure that when a user buys a course, the system automatically generates the course enrolment without the intervention of any administrator, reducing the margin of error in data entry.
An LMS with integrated eCommerce therefore saves you a lot of time and simplifies the management of routine administrative tasks.

Improve the user experience 

Integrating eCommerce into the eLearning platform improves the user experience for your customers, because they will be able to consult the training catalogue, purchase courses and use them directly from a single platform.
This means that when they buy a course, they will be automatically enrolled and will be able to start using it without having to move from one site to another or register on multiple platforms.

Gives access to advanced analytics

An eLearning platform with integrated eCommerce provides detailed analysis to measure the effectiveness and satisfaction of your eLearning courses: enrolments, attendance, scores, average time spent on a course, drop-out rates, sales figures, etc.
This data will facilitate the preparation of new courses and the maintenance of existing courses, which will help you to increase the sales and revenue of your platform.

eLearning platform with eCommerce: the case of DynDevice LMS

DynDevice LMS is the eLearning platform developed by Mega Italia Media that combines in a single environment everything you need to deliver, create and sell online courses. 
The system has an integrated eCommerce system that allows you to sell courses to your customers directly from the eLearning platform. The sale can involve both online courses produced by Mega Italia Media and already present in the platform, and those that may be created by the training provider.

DynDevice LMS is also equipped with a series of specific additional modules for marketing activities:

  • newsletter system
  • news module for the publication of articles
  • subscription management
  • creation of up-selling and cross-selling campaigns
  • creation and management of coupons and discounts

DynDevice LMS also provides its CourStore, a virtual shop of eLearning courses within the control panel that allows those who create eLearning courses to access a potential network of customers and resellers (all users of DynDevice LMS) to sell their courses and increase their profits.

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