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The benefits of an eLearning platform for teachers

How can an eLearning platform optimize the activities of a corporate trainer? 

The digital revolution has radically transformed every aspect of our lives, helping to make most activities easier, faster and more engaging. And this is also true for training: companies, training centers, schools and universities now have access to a wide range of innovative solutions through which they can optimize the management, delivery and evaluation of training.

In this article, we will focus on eLearning platforms dedicated to corporate teachers and trainers, explaining their features and the possibilities they offer.

eLearning platform: what it is and what it is used for

An eLearning platform is software that allows you to manage, deliver and monitor online, classroom and blended training courses. The most comprehensive platforms also allow you to create customized courses and sell them directly online.

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eLearning platforms: the benefits for teachers

eLearning platforms equipped with LCMSs (content creation tools) enable teachers to optimize their activities at all stages, from creation to delivery and evaluation of courses. 

1. They make content creation much easier

Creating good quality course content and resources can be time-consuming. A learning content management system counteracts this problem by facilitating the work of faculty. Generally, these platforms also have templates that further facilitate both the structuring of the course and the creation of learning materials.

2. They can automate assessments

Assessment is a vital part of the learning process, but keeping track of it using traditional methods is time-consuming. 
One of the main advantages of eLearning platforms is that they offer automated assessments: in fact, assessment can be done instantly by the software as soon as a student completes a test.

3. They offer detailed analysis

Data can tell you a lot about user performance. eLearning platforms use assessment data as well as data on user activity on the platform, allowing for extremely detailed insights into both the performance of individual users and entire groups. 
This kind of analysis provides vital data for evaluating the effectiveness of courses delivered, helping teachers identify possible areas for improvement.

DynDevice LMS: the eLearning platform for trainers, consultants and training providers

The DynDevice LMS eLearning platform enables trainers, consultants and training institution managers to manage the entire training process: from the creation of courses to the delivery of certified training, to the sale of courses (thanks to the integrated eCommerce) and the monitoring of educational results. 

Create and deliver synchronous training courses

DynDevice LMS allows you to deliver courses in videoconferencing (synchronous mode) by creating real virtual classrooms where teachers and participants are present at the same time and interact in real time sharing audio, video and data.

This training mode allows online courses to be delivered without sacrificing the interactivity typical of in-person training, reducing the costs of physical classrooms and travel.

Making lecture access is super easy for both lecturers and class participants: no software needs to be installed, as access is directly through a browser (including from mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets).

The DynDevice LMS eLearning platform also allows you to:

  • Manage all documentation related to training: user registrations; minutes of attendance, attendance log (with actual date and time of entry and exit from the WebConference by individual users); training certificates; learning tests, satisfaction questionnaires
  • Take advantage of interactive tools such as: screen sharing, slide show, virtual whiteboard, chat, create polls and Q&A area, and divide participants into rooms/sub-groups 
  • Record training sessions to document the smooth running of courses and to create asynchronous online courses
  • Send convenings and communications via customizable emails
  • Verify the actual attendance of trainees by automatically posting preconfigured questions with random timings as the class progresses

Create and deliver asynchronous training courses.

DynDevice LMS allows you to create and deliver online training courses asynchronously. Specifically, it is possible to:

  • Upload audio, video, text or file content
  • Assemble slides synchronized with videos
  • Manage the navigation sequence between the various sections of the course
  • Generate even complex assessment quizzes
  • Automatically add subtitles to course audio and video content
  • Create learning objects enriched with augmented or virtual reality
  • Easily and automatically manage course enrollments
  • Track users' activities in the platform (time of use, total courses completed, course progress status, etc.)
  • Assist users via chat
  • Access very detailed and analytical statistics
  • Make courses usable from computers, tablets, smartphones and smart-TVs (including via app)
  • Manage a complete archive of training delivered and training documentation (certificates, logs, training plans, learning tests, satisfaction questionnaires, etc.)
  • Sell the courses created via integrated eCommerce

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