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The new performance management system of DynDevice LMS

The eLearning platform of Mega Italia Media is enriched with the new performance management system developed in collaboration with Skill Risorse Umane.

DynDevice LMS, the eLearning platform 100% made in Italy developed by Mega Italia Media, continues to expand. It is these weeks, in fact, the release of version 5.4, which sees the introduction of new HR features.

Thanks to the collaboration with Skill Risorse Umane, a personnel selection, consultancy and training company, a complete performance management tool has been implemented, allowing companies to simplify the processes of human resources enhancement and development.

With the development of the new performance management tool, DynDevice LMS now allows you to manage in a single platform all the activities related to the management of the skills of their employees and to plan and monitor the effectiveness of training interventions. And, specifically:

  • map staff profiles;
  • manage in depth the skills assigned to employees;
  • identify areas of development
  • planning targeted training interventions;
  • constantly monitor individual growth within the organisation.

"Assessment managers will be able to manage and improve the performance of their employees, clarifying and sharing expectations and objectives, stimulating growth and improvement through exchanges and feedback moments," explains Laura Iacci, CEO of Skill Risorse Umane.

"The DynDevice LMS platform by Mega Italia Media, already used by hundreds of Italian companies of small, medium and large size, now becomes more powerful and useful to allow the HR manager to better manage these processes through a single system manageable remotely via PC, smartphone and tablet," adds Luigi Meroni, CEO of Mega Italia Media

Performance management with DynDevice LMS

Here is a list of the features included in the DynDevice LMS performance management tool:

  • management of profiles;
  • management of job descriptions and related skills;
  • management of operators;
  • management of the skills dictionary;
  • management of self-assessment forms to be filled in by employees;
  • management of assessment forms by assessors;
  • management of the logbook;
  • management of training and development plans for each member of staff, with a history of courses held.

Gap and training management

The platform also makes it possible to assign employees the most suitable training paths to fill the gaps that have emerged, including training content created directly by the company in eLearning, microlearning, videoconferencing and blended formats.
It is also possible to link skill improvement to the completion of a course and, vice versa, when the validity of a course expires, to automatically lower the score of skills related to the expired course, thus providing constantly updated assessments.

Managing graphical reports

DynDevice LMS also allows you to extract graphical reports of various types in order to fully analyse the entire company population. For example:

  • graphical maps comparing the ideal profile with the real profile of the employee;
  • graphs showing the evolution of the employee's skills;
  • comparison of aggregated results by professional profile, families, macro-areas;
  • comparison on single competences within the whole company population or single areas, families and profiles;
  • list of training activities carried out.

Find out more about the new DynDevice LMS performance management tool: request a free demo

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