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What's new in DynDevice 6.0, eLearning platform for companies

Video editor, improvements to the management of eLearning pills, new CME training management: find out what's new in the latest update of the DynDevice LMS eLearning platform.

The digital revolution has made it possible to have more and more advanced tools for the world of work, and has also revolutionised the way training is done in companies.

However, to be truly effective, training platforms must be able to anticipate the needs and requirements of users, with constant updating work both in terms of technical functionality and in terms of usability and user-friendliness.

With these objectives in mind, Mega Italia Media has recently released version 6.0 of DynDevice LMS, the eLearning platform in SaaS that allows companies to manage, deliver and create online, classroom and blended corporate training courses.

The 4 modules of DynDevice LMS

DynDevice LMS is a modular platform that easily adapts to the needs of any type of company.
Specifically, it has 4 modules that meet different needs:

1 - Managing training and delivering courses
With DynDevice LMS it is possible to organise company training (eLearning, classroom or blended), manage enrolments, venues and teachers, book classrooms, create archives and issue certificates, and set up automatic notifications. The platform allows eLearning courses to be delivered, controlling quality and effectiveness, on PCs, MACs, tablets, smartphones, Smart TVs, via DynDevice apps, via LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability).

2 - Creating courses
The platform is equipped with an editor for creating online training courses in synchronous and asynchronous mode, managing examinations via video call and organising webinars. 

3 - Manage human resources
With DynDevice LMS you can easily manage all aspects of employee documentation and training, as well as competence assessment processes. 

4 - Customise the platform
DynDevice LMS is much more than an eLearning platform! Thanks to the countless additional functions, you can transform the platform into a powerful and complete tool for promoting and marketing your business. A few examples? Integrated ecommerce, public website management and customisation system, system for managing and sending newsletters and/or discount codes, etc.

What's new in DynDevice 6.0

The new features released with the latest DynDevice LMS update are many and you can learn more about them by reading the release note.
In this article, we will focus on the main ones:

  • New video editing tool
  • Improvements to the management of eLearning pills
  • New CME training management

New video editing tool

With the new video editor, it is now possible to edit videos directly in the platform, without having to use external software. Here are some of the editing features available:

  • Video cutting
  • Size setting
  • Setting frame rate and bit rate

In which cases is this tool useful? 

  1. When you want to edit a previously recorded videoconference lesson (e.g. to include it in an asynchronous online course)
  2. When you want to edit a video to be imported into a course

Improvements to the management of eLearning pills

Microlearning is a mode of training characterised by very short contents that are easily accessible on mobile devices. Among their main features

  • Ease of content creation and updating
  • Simplicity and speed of use

With DynDevice LMS, short courses or training pills can be easily created and sold via eCommerce. Thanks to the latest platform update, it is now possible from the app to proceed (in addition to the creation) also to set the price and all the commercial data necessary for selling the training pills. 

New for CME training management

The specific functionalities present in DynDevice LMS allow the creation of online courses fully compliant with CME (Continuing Medical Education) accreditation requirements. In particular, the platform provides

  • access profiling
  • traceability of the course taken by the learner;
  • learning verification;
  • compliance with the SCORM™ standard;
  • certification of the completion of teaching activities and active participation in the course;
  • the traceability of each action performed by the user while connected to the system.

With the latest update, the possibility has been added, in the context of the functionalities useful for managing plans and all the documents to be able to deliver "CME Training", to generate the XML file necessary for funds to be able to report the "CME Training" carried out on the platform (and organised through it).

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