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DynDevice Live training: innovation in videoconferencing courses

The DynDevice LMS platform, now in version 5.3, improves its technical features to ensure its users an innovative and quality training management.

DynDevice LMS, that not only allows companies to create and deliver all corporate training (online, blended and classroom), but also to optimize and facilitate the management of all phases of the process: from user enrollment to courses to the issuance and management of training documents, has reached version 5.3.

The main objective of the eLearning platform of Mega Italia Media, all made in Italy, is to offer a customized and innovative training management experience to its users and a quality training to its trainees. 

These are the possibilities that DynDevice LMS offers:

  • Manage all the training: with DynDevice LMS you can organize and manage corporate training activities in eLearning, classroom / virtual classroom or blended. Manage course enrollments (online, classroom, blended), locations and teachers, book classrooms, create and issue certificates, creating a single document archive has never been so simple. 
  • Deliver courses to your employees: with DynDevice LMS you can deliver online courses, classroom training or virtual classroom or blended to employees and monitor the results. In particular, you can deliver eLearning courses on PCs, MACs, tablets, smartphones, Smart TVs, via DynDevice app for Android and iOS, via LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability), create communities of users and monitor the quality and effectiveness of the training carried out at any time. 
  • Create eLearning courses: with DynDevice LMS you can produce eLearning, microlearning, videoconferencing and webinar courses on any topic and deliver them to employees. All this in a few minutes thanks to the advanced SCORM editor or xAPI, starting from your own audio, video, text and file content. 
  • Manage human resources: with DynDevice LMS you can manage all aspects of documentation and training of employees, increasing their skills. Which aspects are taken into account? Master data, tasks and skills, types of risk and mandatory tasks, activities and work orders, medical examinations and much more. You can automate course registrations, organize remote meetings, start progress and company discussions, share knowledge with Knowledge Management.
  • Customize the platform: with DynDevice LMS you can customize your e-learning platform and use it as an ecommerce to promote your business directly and digitally. How? Manage personally all the content of the platform, send newsletters to advertise courses and use advanced modules to improve and complete training activities.  

Major innovations in DynDevice LMS 5.3

Live Training: real videoconference courses, not just videoconferences

As an extension of the web-conference, already present in previous versions of DynDevice LMS and essential to manage online training rooms valid at the legal level, Mega Italia Media has presented Live Training, module even more specific for training videoconferences. 
Thanks to it, distance learning sessions managed via videoconferencing can be easily recorded and converted into Learning Object SCORM™, ready to be used for building asynchronous online courses.

Some of the key features: 

  • pre-loaded slides into the session, without the need to use external software; 
  • view and control of trainees in the same slide sharing screen; 
  • appearance of the teacher's video embedded in the slides (in a different position depending on the slide, with the possibility for the teacher to interact with the text and images presented) for more engaging online classrooms; 
  • obscuring white background in the trainee's scenario, so that he/she is not distracted by the images of the other trainees present in the training session; 
  • possibility to enable multiple teachers per session to start sharing video and slides in the training session; 
  • precise and punctual verification of the presence of the trainees (both at visual level and at connection level). In addition, it is possible to schedule the exposure of random questions at random time intervals to the same trainees, who must answer confirming their presence.

In addition to all the typical features of videoconferencing systems (chat, screen sharing, "show of hands" to ask for the floor, subdivision into sub-groups of participants, etc.), the peculiarity of Live Training is the ability to precisely track the presence of trainees connected with mobile devices (at connection level), generating reports, including those specific to training providers.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR): full immersion in the educational scenario

Version 5.3 introduced the possibility to create AR/VR learning objects with 360° photographs and to place in these learning objects accessible to learners hotspots of 4 different types:

  • videos 
  • images
  • text (explanatory text related to the object on which the hostspot is placed)
  • links (to connect several 360° scenes and generate navigation paths)

The use of the scenes is also available through specific visors for AR / VR, thus allowing a total immersion of the learner in the educational scene.

HR Module: Reception Management

The new Reception module of DynDevice LMS simplifies the management of company visits.

In particular, what are the functions of the module?

  • enter in advance the master data of the guests who will be present in the company
  • print the badges to be delivered at the arrival of guests, useful for their stay in the company
  • view the history of visits

Chatbot and Artificial Intelligence: the new frontier of assistance to trainees

DynDevice LMS 5.3 presents new features for the chatbot Dybot.  
It is now fully customizable in the welcome messages and with respect to known topics. The chatbot dialogues better with the e-Learning platform, in fact, for example, it is able to know and communicate the deadline of the course enrollment for the user/course that is contacting it.  

Other novelties 

The new version brings then significant new features also regarding the management of CME courses, the generation of reports and documents, the enrollment history, the generation of PDF/a and much more. 

DynDevice LMS is a technological service of Mega Italia Media and all more than 150 eLearning courses in the catalog can be delivered, tracked and reported from the platform.

You can try the new release 5.3, which makes DynDevice LMS the most appropriate response to the training of today and tomorrow, by requesting a free demo.  

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