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2013-2018: How has the e-Learning world changed?

21 March 2018
What has changed in the e-Learning world in the last five years? Very.

AI Chatbots In eLearning

28 February 2018
The new frontiers of eLearning.

What direction will eLearning take in 2018?

14 February 2018
Discover trends and forecasts for 2018 proposed by EI Design.

Which are the essential skills for online learning professionals?

31 January 2018
At the base of all our results there are skills. In an ever changing world of work, it is essential to stay up-to-date.

Top e-Learning Trends For 2018 That e-Learning Pros Need To Know

20 December 2017
In recent years e-Learning has become increasingly popular in the world. Thanks to the continuous evolution of technology and devices, the approach and applications to e-Learning are constantly changing.

USA: students and Universities prefer e-Learning

20 December 2017
Fewer registrations at the campus? It’s due to the offer of e-Learning university education, more and more requested in the USA

Growth of worldwide market of corporate e-Learning

22 November 2017
Global market for corporate training via e-Learning is forecasted growing 19% in the period 2017-20121…

Emerging trends in e-Learning: how will be the digital learning in 2022?

22 November 2017
What’s the direction of e-Learning in the next 5 years? HR managers say toward Microlearning, cloud-based solutions and didactic and fruition customization ...

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