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Digital Upskilling: some examples of online training

22 July 2020
The digital transformation requires new advanced skills that affect businesses and employees. How to increase digital skills with eLearning?

The "new normality" and the consequences on training

22 July 2020
One of the sectors that are growing most and need to adapt quickly to the situation caused by COVID is eLearning.

HR and Big Data: the future of HR is more and more data-driven

22 July 2020
Why is employee data analysis becoming a priority for HR departments in companies of all industries and sizes?

eLearning in the world: main markets and future trends

24 June 2020
What is the value of the eLearning market in the world? What are the main drivers of growth and future prospects?

Trends in educational technology

24 June 2020
New technologies are an endless resource of educational content. From eLearning, to online libraries, to mass media, education tools are just a click away.

How did HR trend 2020 change with coronavirus?

17 June 2020
How do the 2020 HR trends change with the crisis and emergency brought by the coronavirus? The floor to HR expert, Tom Haak.

The future of distance learning - Infographic

29 April 2020
What are the characteristics of distance learning and what are the future prospects of this specific training modality?

Learning Technologies 2020: technologies applied to business training

22 April 2020
The Learning Technologies fair, the prestigious event dedicated to digital learning and technologies applied to corporate training, was held in London on 12 and 13 February 2020.

Smart Working: rethinking and planning the work in 5 steps - Infographic

2 April 2020
How to plan smart working effectively, following 5 simple steps.

Using scenario-based learning for the training of health workers

2 April 2020
Scenario-based learning allows you to recreate some realistic situations in a virtual environment, to be ready for any eventuality. This is why this technique is very effective for training in health care.

The eLearning market in Africa: the current state and development prospects for corporate learning

18 March 2020
What is the current eLearning situation in Africa and what are the trends in corporate training?

Make microlearning more effective by using chatbots

18 March 2020
Technological progress has opened the door to new approaches that can be used in microlearning: chatbots. Let's find out how chatbots can make online training even more versatile and effective.

Microlearning design: 7 indispensable characteristics

18 March 2020
Speed, effectiveness and simplicity. These three elements perfectly describe microlearning. To turn them into reality it is necessary to pay attention to some features of these "mini" online courses.

Virtual reality and augmented reality: what they are and how they can be used in business training

4 March 2020
What is the difference between virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)? Let's find out how these immersive technologies work and how they can improve the effectiveness of business training.

3 examples of social learning that every LMS should integrate

4 March 2020
Social learning is the ability of humans to learn from others. In addition to direct observation and imitation, there are other ways to encourage social learning, especially through eLearning. Here are 3 examples.

Will 2020 be the turning point for the Learning Experience Platforms (LXP)?

26 February 2020
LXPs have now reached a $ 300 million market. Will these platforms dominate the eLearning industry in the future and above all, what are they different from an LMS, Learning Management System?

The use of virtual reality in corporate training

12 February 2020
Virtual reality allows you to significantly improve the effectiveness of corporate training. We discover the potential of virtual reality courses and good practices for integrating this new technology into corporate training processes.

How to use microlearning in eLearning courses

12 February 2020
If we really want to base our course on microlearning it is not enough just to minimize the content. Here are some tips for planning a "micro" online course.

E-learning in the time of Tik Tok

5 February 2020
The successful features of Tik Tok (the social media app of the moment) offer useful food for thought also for the e-learning sector, according to Teleskill.

Virtual reality: how companies use it

5 February 2020
The use of virtual reality between companies is increasingly frequent. Let's find out the main application scenarios: from corporate training to recruiting, from sales to customer experience.

The impact of Artificial Intelligence on online courses: what expectations for 2020?

5 February 2020
Every year, Artificial Intelligence seems to be destined to change the world of online and classroom training. How will tangible changes be seen in 2020?

The trends of microlearning - Infographics

29 January 2020
Do you know what's trending in microlearning?

Artificial Intelligence: the professions of the future

22 January 2020
Will robots conquer the world of work? Will digitalization free workers from low value-added activities?

Why eLearning is the future of corporate training

15 January 2020
Many companies, internationally, are relying on eLearning for corporate training.

Statistics and eLearning: how to use student data to improve an online course

15 January 2020
The statistics of an online course are a mine of useful information not only to evaluate the results achieved by students, but also to adapt the content of the course to their needs. Here are some data to monitor carefully.

4 myths about ‘game-based learning’

18 December 2019
"Learning by playing". This should be one of the mottos of an online course designer. In addition to the so-called so-called gamification, choosing game-based learning, or game-based training, can be a winning move.

How can big data help e-learning professionals?

11 December 2019
It is expected that over 75% of all companies globally will invest in Big Data analysis within the next decade. But how can they help online learning professionals?

Binge learning: what e-learning can learn from Netflix

11 December 2019
"Overeating" on TV series is now a common phenomenon. What happens if e-learning is also transported to this form of consumption? Here are the results obtained from a recent study on the subject.

Reskilling in Italian companies

4 December 2019
50% of Italian companies are committed to building strategies for upgrading their resources.

Immersive learning: is it possible to fully immerse yourself in online training?

13 November 2019
From storytelling to simulations and challenges in real time: everything seems to focus on immersive learning where what matters is the error. Have we understood correctly?

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