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Students with DSA: more enrollment in Online Universities

21 September 2022
Telematic universities increasingly popular among students with disabilities and with DSA, and among those who choose them, 60 percent more make it to graduation. 

Subconscious language learning: reality or science fiction?

14 September 2022
The spread of eLearning is popularizing subconscious language learning. This method is much discussed by experts, and in this article we explore why.

The importance of Self-Directed Learning in the enterprise

22 June 2022
Trained and motivated employees are the main asset of a dynamic company. The two do not always walk in parallel.

Blockchain is transforming e-Learning

1 June 2022
We find out what blockchain technology is and how it can improve online learning.

Will the metaverse be the new frontier of e-learning?

18 May 2022
The metaverse is considered the next frontier of technology. But what exactly is it and how can it change the way we learn and approach the world around us?

DAD: edtech platforms in the world

4 May 2022
Asia is excited about the edtech sector, in Europe GoStudent is the most funded start-up in the sector

Learning in the flow of work: how to put it into practice?

27 April 2022
The spread of hybrid working has led to the success of the so-called LIFOW. Let's find out what it is, how to apply it and how it improves company training.

The Great Convergence in eLearning

27 April 2022
We analyse the growth of the eLearning market from trends related to technologies and skills in the sector and the dynamics of supply and demand.

E-learning in companies: advantages and trends

6 April 2022
In the corporate environment, distance learning is becoming one of the most widely used methods to train workers. Here are the benefits of e-learning and the trends for 2022

How can training be adapted to an increasingly fast-paced world?

30 March 2022
In the fast-paced and constantly changing world of business, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to provide training that is in line with their objectives.

eLearning 2022: 29 statistics

30 March 2022
29 amazing eLearning statistics for the year 2022, showing how technology has revolutionised teaching and learning

How to use e-Learning in schools: the case of Sugata Mitra

16 March 2022
We look back at the career of one of the most amous researchers on the topic of e-Learning looking for suggestions on how to introduce technology in school learning

End of the state of emergency: what will be left of smart working?

16 March 2022
The end of the Covid emergency brings new rules for those who work from home. From April 1, individual agreements required. 

E-learning and online universities: trends during the pandemic

23 February 2022
Boom in enrollment for online classes: the number of freshmen has grown by 7%.

School and Work: eLearning trends and declinations

16 February 2022
Chris Eigeland and Anant Agarwal's predictions on the 2022 evolution and trends of online training in business and academia

Metaverse and online training

9 February 2022
Lately we often hear about the metaverse as the next technological bet: what is it and what effects could it have on training?

HR trend 2022: 94% of companies will focus on training

9 February 2022
According to the international Global HR research, 2022 will be a year aimed at training and workforce development. Let's find out trends and strategies for success.

Booming EdTech market: future trends in e-Learning

2 February 2022
With projected growth from $106 billion to $377 billion between 2021 and 2028, the EdTech market is entering its golden age. How will this growth change the world of e-Learning?

Fit for the future: the link between digitization and business performance

26 January 2022
Is your company ready for the digital challenges of the future? Vodafone Business survey rewards companies that are flexible and open to the web

How the pandemic changed eLearning

20 October 2021
During the pandemic, eLearning showed its immense potential. How has the industry changed in recent months?

Italy: boom of online trainees

6 October 2021
The pandemic has changed many scenarios, including the desire for (online) training, which has seen a considerable increase in 2020 compared to the previous year.

Simulation Technologies: The Benefits

22 September 2021
Simulation-based learning can be a great ally for trainees and companies. What are the main benefits of using these technologies?

The state of training in the Italian Public Administration

22 September 2021
In 10 years, spending on training in the Public Administration has been halved. The numbers of the INAPP 2021 survey and future scenarios.

Is the future of education in hybrid learning?

15 September 2021
What is hybrid learning, what are hybrid learning models, and what role will it play in the future of education and training?

AI and HR: the future of human resources?

23 June 2021
How can solutions that include the use of Artificial Intelligence help HR work faster, saving time and resources?

What does HR tech mean?

9 June 2021
The digital revolution has touched all sectors. Let's talk about HR tech and understand what areas it encompasses. 

HR challenges of 2021: smart working and training

9 June 2021
Enhancing agile working and digital training: these are the main challenges that the HR sector will have to face during 2021

Microcredentials in EU learning

12 May 2021
The EU approach to microcredentials will provide flexible and modular learning opportunities in lifelong learning.

The fate of remote working: will people return to the office?

21 April 2021
We read conflicting opinions on whether or not to return to the office post pandemic. Who will stay to work from home? Will it really be possible to say goodbye to telecommuting?

New trends in eLearning: user-generated content

31 March 2021
Companies are increasingly using user-generated content. What is it and why is it so important for online training?

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