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HR-IT collaboration: optimizing business efficiency

What are and how to take full advantage of a synergistic approach between IT and HR teams?

In businesses, the collaboration of interdisciplinary figures is essential, and considering that digital technologies are now a strategic tool for companies and the people who live them on a daily basis, it is easy to direct the gaze toward the issues mastered by the IT team and those related to human resources. 

In short, as part of an innovation journey that places the human being at the center, companies must focus on the collaboration between HR and IT. 
This is underscored by an article published in The Economic Times (an Indian English-language newspaper), which explains how, only in this way, can the various solutions designed and adopted profoundly contribute to the enhancement of the work performance of different professionals. 

HR-IT synergy: areas of action

Here are some interesting examples of HR-IT collaboration.

1. Staff onboarding

Technology is assuming an increasingly relevant role in the pathways of onboarding new talent into the company, and a synergistic vision adds value: "Pairing IT experts with HR professionals allows, for example, to better organize the digitization of all processes, especially if you aim for interactions that often take place online and remotely."

2. Smart working 

Smart working can only benefit from the partnership between IT and HR departments. The world of work increasingly demands solutions that foster effective remote communications, and the marriage of these two professions allows for the combination of technical and organizational skills. How? By evaluating, choosing or co-constructing solutions for remote meetings, platforms to promote collaboration among people, and technical and functional tools such as those for digital signatures. By building an ecosystem of elements to break down space constraints and manage time more flexibly and efficiently.

3. Corporate training

The fruits of a shared journey between HR and IT are also reaped by corporate training. Available technologies can help process data on employees' job performance, their training needs, and ultimately target and build ad hoc targeted training offerings to broaden the skills of different professional figures, with positive spin-offs on employee satisfaction, professional growth, and business performance (even relative to competitors). While noting the strengths to be enhanced in each, the areas where action needs to be taken to close the gaps are also evinced.

These are just three possible winning applications of the HR-IT marriage.

Think your company is ready and want to find out more? Request a free demo of DynDevice LMS.

What is possible with DynDevice?

The made-in-Italy eLearning platform, with support in Italian, consists of 4 cloud solutions that can be activated according to specific business needs: 

1. TRAINING MANAGEMENT AND COURSE DELIVERY IN SCORM™ FORMAT: centralized management of all e-Learning training, classroom, virtual classroom, blended; creation of single repository of all documentation; training usable from any device, at any time, 7 days a week, even via dedicated and customizable App;
2. COURSE CREATION: creation of own training courses (also in microlearning), fully customized and possibility to distribute own courses also on other DynDevice platforms;
3. HR MANAGEMENT: control of training obligations; performance management tool, medical examination management and registry;
4. PLATFORM CUSTOMIZATION: immediate sale of courses directly from your own website; easy management of e-commerce and website content.

DynDevice is already being used to the satisfaction of dozens of multinational companies and institutions and thousands of medium-sized Italian companies from all sectors who wish to improve the management of corporate training (and more) by creating, delivering and managing corporate training in the round.

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