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Instagram can be a useful tool for eLearning?

In a world where social networks are an essential communication tool, tools such as Instagram can be useful to keep students' attention high but also to improve learning and stimulate conversation.

Instagram is undoubtedly the social network of the moment. Based mainly on visual content, in fact, this platform has become the showcase of many companies and professionals. Instagram is not only a springboard, but also a useful tool for those involved in e-learning, while not providing the same kind of possibilities that other platforms like YouTube or Twitter offer.

What are the features of this social network that can help tutors improve content and increase student engagement?

1. Stimulate the conversation

Like other social networks, Instagram can encourage a more fluid conversation, without fear or shame. Thanks to the use of simple images related to the topic of study, in fact, it is possible to stimulate a discussion even among students who usually have more difficulty intervening in a real conversation. Sharing the opinions of each one also has the effect of involving and caring more about the students and improving their critical spirit. The tutor can also decide to use the images to ask direct questions and to test the knowledge acquired during the course.

2. Use Instagram videos

The possibilities are reduced compared to YouTube. However, Instagram gives the opportunity to publish very short videos that can be very useful to quickly solve the doubts of the students but also to give additional information compared to the classic training program. This tool, in fact, can be very useful for the so-called microlearning, creating content that lasts a few seconds but that has the advantage of fixing itself better in the minds of the students who also have the possibility of covering the video as often as they need it.

3. A tool to monitor progress

The advantages of using Instagram within e-learning does not only stop at the official course or tutor profile. Students can also create ad hoc profiles for their information path to share information with the rest of the learners, but also to show and confirm progress made during the course. Sharing photos, phrases of encouragement or celebrating the goals achieved are small steps towards encouraging and involving students.

4. A container for notices, dates and advice

Most students enrolled in an online training course probably use Instagram and consult it every day. For this reason, a profile created specifically for the course can also be a "container" to allow students to stay up to date on the fundamental concepts of the course, to share and advise events, books or videos that can help increase knowledge, and, in general, be a tool to gather student feedback.

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