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Why does business education need microlearning? - Infographics

10 July 2019
5 data to support microlearning in business education.

Reskilling and upskilling: the watchwords of the future in the HR sector

3 July 2019
The average global investment in skills upgrading is $ 1,000 per person. The highest investments have occurred in the retail sector.

Business training: growing interest in soft skills and the use of e-Learning

19 June 2019
Safety first, then transversal competences, and finally languages and digital innovation.

5 tips to make an online course interactive

19 June 2019
One of the main challenges in designing an online training course is to be able to keep students' attention high. Adding interactive elements is one of the best strategies to succeed in this endeavor.

Learning organization: what does it mean to be a company that learns at the time of eLearning?

12 June 2019
The term learning organization coined by various authors, including Peter Senge and David Garvin, reflects the attitude of a company to remain competitive in a constantly evolving world. What is the role of eLearning in all this?

Reskilling: training at the time of the fourth industrial revolution

5 June 2019
Today and, increasingly, in the near future the watchword in the world of work is professional retraining.

Gamification and Social Networks influence online learning?

22 May 2019
In addition to the way we communicate, gamification and social networking have a strong impact on e-learning learning processes.

The results of the LinkedIn Report on corporate training 2019

15 May 2019
A LinkedIn research highlights the centrality of education in today's working world.

Is the future of eLearning in speech recognition?

15 May 2019
What are the benefits of an LMS activated by a virtual assistant? How can a voice command be useful for creating inclusive online courses, for example, for staff and students with disabilities?

4 questions on content curation applied to eLearning - Infographics

8 May 2019
Content curation can be one of the fundamental tools to be able to offer trainees a more flexible and engaging training path. What is it? What are the benefits of using this discipline for eLearning?

Is it convenient to use inbound marketing in eLearning?

8 May 2019
Promoting an online course through the creation of free content is the essence of inbound marketing applied to e-learning. Does it really work?

Gamification: some useful examples for online training

24 April 2019
Those who think that gamification is to produce educational videogames did not fully understand one of the major trends in online education. Here then is what gamification means and how it can be used in the field of eLearning.

Neuroscience and learning: 4 debunked myths

17 April 2019
Are there really people dominated by the right hemisphere and others by the left? Does our brain plasticity reduce and "force us to stop" from learning at the age of 3?

eLearning and digital revolution in the Italian school: where are we?

17 April 2019
What has been done so far for the use of e-learning in schools and what could be done to make the most of the potential of online education?

Learning management system for mobile devices

10 April 2019
The smartphone is an essential part of everyday life and this would be enough to explain why having an LMS for mobile devices. There are many other good reasons to train on your smartphone.

5 good reasons to adopt e-learning in schools

10 April 2019
Using e-learning in schools to support the traditional teaching method can be useful for several reasons: it facilitates shared learning, makes it more pleasant, stimulates students' curiosity and more.

Instagram can be a useful tool for eLearning?

3 April 2019
In a world where social networks are an essential communication tool, tools such as Instagram can be useful to keep students' attention high but also to improve learning and stimulate conversation.

The theory of social learning and the impact on online education

3 April 2019
Online courses seem to have solved the eternal debate between behavioral and cognitive theory by applying a hybrid approach to learning: the theory of social learning. But how do you create an online social dimension?

What are the leading countries in the eLearning industry?

27 March 2019
eLearning is a growing industry. The good news is that it is not only the richest countries in the world that benefit from it. Let's find out the ranking of countries that have bet on online training.

e-Learning and the challenge for universities

20 March 2019
Every year universities that employ e-Learning increase the sharing of knowledge and provide and distribute learning through the web. What is the contribution that e-Learning can give to teaching and learning in these places of study?

Artificial intelligence and online language courses: pros and cons

13 March 2019
Language students approve and some linguists reject the use of artificial intelligence in language learning. Who will be right?

How to use xAPI to make training more effective?

6 March 2019
What is xAPI and how can it be useful? Examples of use of xAPI that are very useful in corporate training.

The future of e-Learning

6 February 2019
Given the success achieved by training on online platforms in recent years, the question that touches the mind of many people is "What will the future be for e-Learning?". That's why we decided to elaborate the subject with you.

eLearning Trends in 2019 you can use to enhance your learning strategy

30 January 2019
As I began my exercise to predict eLearning Trends in 2019, I took a step back to see why anyone seeks upcoming trends.

Growth potential for e-Learning: 3 areas of interest

16 January 2019
3 sectors with solid bases to profitably develop e-Learning

Will Artificial Intelligence really change the way we work?

28 November 2018
3 predictions regarding which implications the fourth industrial revolution could have on the world of work and training.

Social learning: why it is important to share knowledge in e-Learning?

21 November 2018
Digital social learning is one of the trends of e-Learning, with a specific goal: to put users and their experiences at the centre of learning. Why this is important for a company and how it can stimulate employees?

Blockchain and online training

21 November 2018
How Blockchain can improve and make online training more effective.

e-Learning: the trends of 2019

21 November 2018
8 trends that will develop in 2019. What are the key trends to watch over the next year?

Speech recognition in training

7 November 2018
The demand for voice-activated devices is growing and can certainly find its place also in the e-learning sector and in training on transversal skills.

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