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More and more e-Learning in corporate training

The trend for this type of training grew strongly in 2017 in large Italian companies and is estimated to become prevalent in the coming years.

Last June, "Exploring eLearning" was held in Milan, an "innovative" training event where there were no "usual" speakers and moderators, but where the participants took part in 88 laboratories and islands of training experimentation in e-Learning to explore, plan, design the training of the future.

The event was attended by 630 trainers from 250 Italian Corporate Academy and over 20 Italian and foreign universities that proposed over 30 different methods of involvement to produce ideas for e-Learning training.

All this work has translated into over 3,700 ideas for innovating training in Italy, which will soon be reworked and made available for all Italian trainers and teachers.

The main data emerged from the interaction between the participants is that during 2017 in large Italian companies - in particular in the banking, telecommunications and metalworking sectors - e-learning training prevails over classroom training.

Along this line, it is expected that by 2025 eLearning training (which also includes training in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality) will be the prevailing type of training in all Italian public and private organizations.

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