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6 benefits of mobile learning

It is undeniable that mobile phone is an integral part of the lives of billions of people. Likewise, the benefits that mobile learning brings in terms of staff training are increasingly clear.

According to Ericcson’s estimates, 80% of the world's population, or 6.4 billion people, use their smartphone. Mobile phone is also one of the tools that create greater involvement in an online training course, granting its success.
These are some of the benefits that mobile learning brings to companies and employees.

1. Learn from anywhere increases the rate of completion of online courses

Mobile learning makes learning flexible, since it is disconnected from physical schedules and places. Video content, podcasts or other multimedia formats can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Mobile learning, in fact, includes training in the student's daily life. This leads to a higher rate of course completion and greater learning effectiveness.

2. Content divided into small modules make learning faster

The tendency towards micro-learning and the creation of content in easily digested "pills" has been strongly influenced by the adoption of the mobile phone training tool. Given the small size of the media, the content is concise, fresh and ready for use. This way, employees are not overloaded with knowledge and can learn better.

3. Mobile learning allows to better remember information

It is easier for the employee to remember short and fresh content that can be used when needed. The subject of study, therefore, fits into the long-term memory and helps to better carry out its work.

4. Customized content improve student participation

Another advantage of mobile learning is customization. Customized courses are more engaging and give students the right motivation. Being able to follow anywhere and at any time, it is even easier to never be behind others with training.

5. Availability

If mobile learning is part of the e-Learning strategy, the greatest advantage is to have h24 access to training. Whenever an employee has to launch a new product, for example, he can take the mobile phone and activate a short course on presentation to refresh his memory. In this sense, mobile learning supports the performance of those workers.

6. Responsive and future-proof design

We all have seen a magnificent website completely transformed on the mobile phone. Thanks to responsive design you can adapt your site to laptop, smartphone, tablet etc. The content of mobile training remains always future-proof following the evolution of technology.
Mobile learning is bound to last and its benefits prove how important it is for staff training.

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