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The impact of AI on the learning management systems market

Let's find out how the application of Artificial Intelligence in the field of corporate training is revolutionizing the sector globally.

Companies today spend more than $340 billion on employee training and development, averaging more than $1,500 per employee per year. This global investment supports an industry with hundreds of educational content and learning technology companies that exceeds $20 billion.

In this article, we will analyze the changes taking place in the education sector and discover the disruptive impact that artificial intelligence is already having on eLearning worldwide.

The evolution of eLearning platforms

Over the last thirty years, the evolution of corporate training systems has seen the transition from the first LMS with a large catalog of general courses to the so-called LXP - Learning Experience Platform.

Then came microlearning. The spread of smartphones has meant that training content can be used everywhere and this has required a review of the ways in which videos are used, which have become increasingly shorter and focused on micro-topics.

Today another evolution has arrived, that of artificial intelligence, which is about to completely revolutionize this sector, changing the supplier landscape at a rapid pace.

Why does artificial intelligence change everything?

The effectiveness of in-company training fundamentally depends on the quality of the content. It doesn't matter how easy, fast or interactive it may be: if the material offered is not of practical use and is not presented in an accessible form, it is doomed to failure.

Imagine a situation in which your corporate training system recognizes your identity, allowing you to ask questions and receive in return not only answers, but also a personalized range of ready-to-use resources and training materials.

Sometimes you might find what you need and walk away. Other times, you may want to explore the proposed content further. And on other occasions, you may decide to take more time to navigate through a course and absorb the necessary information.

Now imagine that this training experience is completely personalized, adapted not to a "standard course", but to your specific level of competence.

This is the future that artificial intelligence (AI) is preparing for us, a future that, in reality, has already begun.

Generative artificial intelligence does not just answer questions and provide material, but is also capable of creating videos, tests, quizzes and entire courses. This technology can act as a teaching aid for technical courses, or as a coach or mentor in leadership development programs, translating everything into any language. AI has the ability to identify user needs and generate ad hoc content.

How will this impact the markets for learning management systems (LMS), learning experience platforms (LXP), virtual reality (VR) learning and content providers? We will certainly see big changes in the industry in the coming years.

What are eLearning system vendors doing?

While it is not possible to know the activities of every single provider in the field of training and development, it is clear that the sector is evolving at a rapid pace.

Some innovative companies are working massively on the implementation of AI in training systems, using it to automatically generate educational content, simulations and scenarios with virtual characters that can be configured in an almost unlimited way.

But instead of LMS companies integrating AI technologies, the opposite is happening: AI content platforms are starting to integrate the LMS. It is unrealistic to expect incumbent suppliers to immediately adapt to these innovations.

The opportunity offered by artificial intelligence

The potential of artificial intelligence in transforming corporate content is immense and concrete.

Given the vast amount of outdated materials companies accumulate, resulting in trillions of dollars in compliance, sales training, operations, security and leadership development, AI has the power to revamp and reuse this content at scale, marking a notable shift towards innovative systems that blend knowledge management and learning.

Reflecting on your own company, it is clear how AI can liberate and make enormous amounts of content and training usable.

Thus opens an era of bold and stimulating transformations.

Source: “ The $340 Billion Corporate Learning Industry Is Poised For Disruption

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