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Tips for framing learning objectives

14 July 2021
Structuring and planning learning objectives is critical to having an overview of the online course to be offered to learners.

Creative ideas for updating an online course

23 June 2021
Are your online courses dated? Here are some creative ideas for updating the content of an eLearning course.

Tips for "condensing" the content of an online course

16 June 2021
Companies are requiring increasingly shorter courses to meet the needs and time constraints of employees. How to shorten an online course?

10 interactive contents to include in an online course

16 June 2021
Want to increase the motivation and engagement of your online learners? Here are 10 pieces of interactive content you need to include in your course.

Design thinking to support eLearning design

2 June 2021
How to apply design thinking to eLearning design to develop people-centered learning solutions?

How to simplify the maintenance of online courses

26 May 2021
How to implement a maintenance plan to ensure that an online course remains valid and relevant in the medium and long term?

Four types of knowledge: definition and application to online courses

19 May 2021
What are the four types of knowledge identified by Andersen and Krathwol and how to apply them to eLearning?

Montessori Method and eLearning: What do they have in common?

12 May 2021
Why the Montessori Method is perfect for eLearning.

What are interactions in eLearning and what skills do they develop?

28 April 2021
What is the role of interactions in an online course and how do they help develop problem solving skills?

How to create a video tutorial for an online course

14 April 2021
From screen recordings to publishing: how to make video tutorials with an authoring tool for eLearning and a good story

7 types of writing needed to produce an eLearning course

7 April 2021
Let's find out how many types of texts are needed within an eLearning course and what characteristics they should have.

Using Gagné's 9 events to create effective online courses

31 March 2021
Let's find out how to apply one of the most popular instructional design models in the world to eLearning: Gagné's 9 events.

How to create an online course in 12 steps

24 March 2021
Everything you need to know to create an online course: from choosing the topic, to promoting and evaluating the course.

Apply the chunked method in an online course

17 March 2021
A remedy for declining attention and motivation in eLearning? The segmented lecture.

20 types of content that can be used in eLearning

24 February 2021
You need to create an online course? Here are 20 ideas of content to include in your course.

Writing 'conversations' for eLearning

17 February 2021
All content, from multimedia to textual, must be written in such a way that it arouses interest and facilitates learning.

How to make quizzes in an online course more engaging

10 February 2021
How to turn end-of-module or course quizzes into a game or scenario with different twists.

How to create podcasts for online courses

3 February 2021
The ideal eLearning content for multitasking people who don't like to appear. The podcast: how to design it and engage learners.

Main training evaluation models

27 January 2021
How to evaluate the effectiveness of a course? Here is an overview of the main learning evaluation models.

How to design microlearning content

20 January 2021
The risk with micro content is that the information provided is not comprehensive enough. Here is how to structure microlearning content to make it comprehensive and effective.

How to create multilingual courses

13 January 2021
eLearning allows courses to be delivered anywhere in the world. But how to create multilingual online courses?

Personalising online courses with adaptive learning

13 January 2021
What are the tools that help to customise an eLearning course and what is the role of artificial intelligence?

eLearning: feedback from trainees

9 December 2020
How and when to collect feedback from students on an online course?

Millennial-proof eLearning

2 December 2020
What are the features that cannot be missing in an online course dedicated to millennials?

Tips for writing branched scenarios for eLearning

25 November 2020
Where to start from to write an online course based on the scenario and how to develop the different ramifications of history?

Tips to make it easier to locate an online course

25 November 2020
How to make an online course not only understandable but also culturally suitable for a foreign audience?

Elearning: how to enhance writing skills

25 November 2020
How to enhance content writing skills for eLearning courses? 

Multilingual online courses: the importance of localization

18 November 2020
What does it mean to localize an online course and why is it important to do so if you want to reach an international audience?

Hotspot: what they are and how to use them in an online course

11 November 2020
Some invisible buttons help to improve the graphics of the online course, but also make the training experience more interactive.

Transmitting Key enabling technologies with eLearning

4 November 2020
What are the key skills to transform manufacturing into industry 4.0 and how to train staff at a distance?

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