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How to design microlearning content

20 January 2021
The risk with micro content is that the information provided is not comprehensive enough. Here is how to structure microlearning content to make it comprehensive and effective.

How to create multilingual courses

13 January 2021
eLearning allows courses to be delivered anywhere in the world. But how to create multilingual online courses?

Personalising online courses with adaptive learning

13 January 2021
What are the tools that help to customise an eLearning course and what is the role of artificial intelligence?

eLearning: feedback from trainees

9 December 2020
How and when to collect feedback from students on an online course?

Millennial-proof eLearning

2 December 2020
What are the features that cannot be missing in an online course dedicated to millennials?

Tips for writing branched scenarios for eLearning

25 November 2020
Where to start from to write an online course based on the scenario and how to develop the different ramifications of history?

Tips to make it easier to locate an online course

25 November 2020
How to make an online course not only understandable but also culturally suitable for a foreign audience?

Elearning: how to enhance writing skills

25 November 2020
How to enhance content writing skills for eLearning courses? 

Multilingual online courses: the importance of localization

18 November 2020
What does it mean to localize an online course and why is it important to do so if you want to reach an international audience?

Hotspot: what they are and how to use them in an online course

11 November 2020
Some invisible buttons help to improve the graphics of the online course, but also make the training experience more interactive.

Transmitting Key enabling technologies with eLearning

4 November 2020
What are the key skills to transform manufacturing into industry 4.0 and how to train staff at a distance?

eLearning: how to use the tabs

4 November 2020
Tabs help to "move" the online learning path: but when and how is it best to use them?

How to create successful webinar

4 November 2020
What to do before, during and after the webinar to make your online event a success for you and your audience?

Webinar: how to choose the right format?

28 October 2020
Webinars are not all the same: discover the different webinar formats and choose the one that best suits your needs.

How to write an eLearning course script

21 October 2020
The script of an online course has a direct impact on its teaching effectiveness. Find out how to write engaging eLearning scripts.

Memorability in eLearning - Infographic

14 October 2020
Here is how cognitive distortions can be used effectively and productively in the creation of eLearning.

Create a video for eLearning

14 October 2020
What is the most suitable lighting for your video? Where to place the microphones? Creating an eLearning video is not as easy as it sounds!

Content care vs creating eLearning content

7 October 2020
Is it better to "take care" of eLearning content, using and organizing already existing resources, or create them from scratch?

5 questions to ask yourself before designing an online course

7 October 2020
Designing an online course is an exciting but also very challenging activity. Before you embark on this adventure, ask yourself these five questions!

Learning styles: how do your students learn?

7 October 2020
The 7 learning styles to know to create an effective online course suitable for all types of students.

Tips to speed up the creation of eLearning courses

23 September 2020
How to start an online course quickly for remote workers.

How to dynamize an eLearning content

23 September 2020
An online course allows you to create content more dynamic than that of a traditional textbook. How to take advantage of the interactivity?

What works in gamification?

16 September 2020
Anyone designing an online course needs to know what gamification strategies work best for their target audience.

How to choose the perfect title for an online course

16 September 2020
The course title is the first opportunity to capture the attention of users. But how to choose a title that works?

How to choose the 'voice' of your online course

9 September 2020
Subtitles or audio? Artificial voice or voiceover? Here is why and how to choose the most suitable (human) voice for your online course.

How to select music for an eLearning course

2 September 2020
With eLearning, the choice of music has an emotional and didactic value. Here's how to choose the "soundtrack" for an online course

Analysis of training needs: what it is and how to conduct it

29 July 2020
All the things you need to know about training needs analysis.

5 video formats to use in an eLearning course

15 July 2020
There are many ways to do videolessons: with or without the trainer, live or recorded. Here is how to choose the most suitable video according to the participants.

Why are they avoiding your online course?

8 July 2020
The training course you have designed with so much care and effort is not succeeding. Why not? What can you do to attract students?

The tutor in eLearning: tasks and skills required

8 July 2020
The tutor is an indispensable figure for any online course and plays a crucial role in the learning experience of the trainees. Let's find out why.

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