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30 October 2019: When to use eLearning in your company?

When is it preferable to take advantage of the possibilities eLearning has to offer? From smartworking training to entry-levels, here are the contexts in which an online course is a step ahead.

23 October 2019: Strategies to promote a new corporate culture with eLearning

What strategies can be adopted to help change behavior in the company through online courses? Events, challenges and social learning are the key words.

23 October 2019: The answer to automation in the world of work? Training

The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that around 20% of current jobs could be automated in the coming years.

23 October 2019: How to implement an e-learning project saving time money

What to do to implement e-learning training saving time and money? How does the use of external suppliers represent an economic solution for companies?

16 October 2019: How to create e-learning courses by optimizing resources

Do you need to test your e-learning course before launching it to verify its adequacy and effectiveness? With some simple authoring tools, you can create courses from simple PowerPoint slides.

16 October 2019: Errors in training strategies: pedagogy vs. andragogy

Differences between training strategies for children and adults.

16 October 2019: Customize the e-learning experience through empathy

The e-learning that is based on empathy is able to enter into direct connection with the user, with his mindset, with the work environment in which he works and with the problems he faces, by involving him adequately to offer him a solution.

16 October 2019: Why are eLearning contents so interesting for students?

In order to best design an online course, it is preferable to know which are the characteristics of the eLearning courses most appreciated by users. Costs? Interactivity? Choice? Here are the main reasons.

9 October 2019: How to help the students complete the course?

3 ways to support trainees in achieving their educational goals.

9 October 2019: What are corporate academies?

How are they structured and why have one?

9 October 2019: Authoring tools to create e-learning content: which to choose?

There are different types of authoring tools. The two main types are authoring tools that can be installed on the desktop and authoring tools in the cloud. How to choose the one that best suits your needs?

9 October 2019: Why choose microlearning for a refresher course? - Infographic

Quick and easy to access, microlearning can be the best tool both to fix some content already learned in the past and to spread new updates on certain topics.

2 October 2019: Storytelling and microlearning, can they coexist in an online course?

How can a long story and short content be integrated? The eLearning answer.

2 October 2019: How to create successful e-learning content for large companies

Creating a successful e-learning course for a large company means using techniques that help employees learn quickly and memorize knowledge, but above all practices adaptable to different departments, usable with a very large user base.

2 October 2019: The main errors in mobile learning

Mobile learning offers endless possibilities. Nevertheless, it is necessary to remember the differences between the various devices in order to avoid oversights during the design of the eLearning platform. What are the main errors?

25 September 2019: Personal anecdotes in eLearning: the main mistakes to avoid

Well-structured and compelling stories can be a powerful tool within an eLearning course. In addition to maintaining high student concentration, they can help you discover practical cases and improve problem-solving skills.

25 September 2019: Questionnaire for the evaluation of a course in e-learning mode

The questionnaire that follows a course in e-learning mode is a kind of test aimed at measuring the reactions of the participants, collecting information and feedback. What is useful to ask the students?

25 September 2019: Instructional designer: tips to create an online course without distractions

One of the greatest challenges of the instructional designer is to create an online course according to deadlines, without the classic writer's block and other distractions that slow down its productivity. Here's how.

18 September 2019: 5 characteristics of a successful e-learning course

The goal of a successful e-learning course is to inform, stimulate attention and actively involve the user in the training path to improve his/her work performance.

18 September 2019: How to write the description of an online course

The description of an online course is like a shop window: by reading the text, potential students will decide whether to participate in the training course offered. How to best write this description?

11 September 2019: Case study: how to increase sales by 200% thanks to a Learning Management System, LMS

Is it possible for a small training institution to become scalable by tripling the number of students thanks to online courses? We are looking for answers with an American case study.

11 September 2019: 7 useful skills to create better online courses

Behind a successful online course, there is always a well-trained design team. But what are the skills and abilities that those who work in the eLearning sector should have? What are the essential qualities to train?

31 July 2019: The 5 W of Microlearning

Microlearning is a method of acquiring knowledge online in short-lived "pills", which offers users maximum freedom and flexibility.

31 July 2019: Tips for using icons effectively

Intuitive, fast and effective, icons can be a very useful graphic element in eLearning. In order to be truly advantageous, however, these graphic elements must be used in a conscious and precise manner.

31 July 2019: Online courses: ADDIE and other models for instructional design, which one to choose?

What are the major models for instructional design and how to use them for online training?

24 July 2019: How to apply the startup MVP strategy to an online course

Before launching a product on the market, startups validate their idea with a minimum viable project. Is it possible to do the same thing with an online course?

24 July 2019: Why create your own ad hoc business training?

Suggestions for the development of a successful company Academy

17 July 2019: How to make your webinars more interactive

Have you ever attended an online webinar that didn't require your direct interaction?

17 July 2019: Why take an online course in the form of micro-contents?

Is creating micro-content just a response to the decline in attention and retention, or a more effective method of transmitting knowledge?

3 July 2019: The process of reviewing the e-Learning contents in 4 steps

Using an e-learning content review service can help you create quality. However, the review process may be complicated, elaborate and boring unless you follow the following 4 best practices.

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