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19 September 2018: 5 tips to hire the right e-Learning voice actor

When we talk about the voiceover in e-Learning courses, the script makes the difference. But how to choose the most suitable voice actor to interpret your content?

19 September 2018: 7 creative ways to use Video Demos in online training

Are your employees tired of the usual online training tutorials and the usual guided presentations? Always choosing the same approach, little by little, can lead to boredom.

12 September 2018: Microlearning: what to do and to avoid - Infographic

5 things to do and to avoid in microlearning

12 September 2018: Translation of an e-Learning content: what to consider

Involving a global workforce in your training content involves localizing e-Learning translations for each market. What does it mean when talking about multilingual e-Learning projects?

12 September 2018: 3 tips for using storytelling in e-Learning

Inserting storytelling elements in e-Learning can involve users and make them come back for other training content. Here are some practical tips for using good stories in online training.

5 September 2018: How to create good e-Learning content

e-Learning is a widespread training method that saves time and resources. Is there a way to create good e-Learning content?

25 July 2018: 5 problems trainees can meet with eLearning user interfaces

User interface is sometimes experienced as frustrating because it is easy to get lost or because the system does not often work as expected. How to make sure that participants have fluid interactions with eLearning?

25 July 2018: 6 moves to create a successful training experience

Mini-guide on the steps you should follow in designing a training experience that focuses on users and not simply about the content.

25 July 2018: Does digital teaching really threatening teachers?

The first word that you associate with training is "teacher". Teachers play an important role in any society. But what changes in the age of technology?

25 July 2018: Training needs analysis: when is eLearning the solution?

A manager discovers a performance problem, so he asks you, as a training designer, to create an eLearning course. Do you take this request on the fly or do you go deeper to investigate the needs?

18 July 2018: 5 mistakes to avoid when setting up an eLearning course - Infographic

What common mistakes should educational designers avoid when making an online course? Educational design is used to create content that ensures high levels of user involvement and achieve the learning objectives.

18 July 2018: LMS: responsive vs App-based approach

What are the pros and cons of adopting a responsive LMS or an LMS in app format? Which is more useful for your employees' needs?

11 July 2018: How do you make MOOCs more accessible to an international audience?

How to overcome the major difficulties encountered by students who take mass online courses in English.

4 July 2018: 5 reasons to use humour in eLearning courses

How does the sense of humour improve eLearning?

4 July 2018: How to achieve the pre-established learning objectives?

3 Steps that can help you define your learning goals.

4 July 2018: 3 types of videos for eLearning

There are many ways to structure and produce a course, depending on available resources and objectives.

27 June 2018: Why it is convenient to personalize learning - 10 Benefits

What are the advantages that can be gained from personalizing eLearning for employee training?

20 June 2018: Neuroscience: the focus for educational designers

When the course is not engaging, students will have problems paying attention and this will lead to poor results. Educational designers must be aware of how the human brain works to maximize the attention of learners.

20 June 2018: 5 tips for recording high quality audio in your e-learning courses

An online course can be beautiful, but with a very bad audio that makes the fruition difficult and boring. How to improve the sound of eLearning courses and make them more effective?

13 June 2018: 7 debunked myths on microlearning

There are limits to what microlearning can do in the business environment. To use it effectively you must know these 7 false myths.

6 June 2018: Health eLearning Voice Over: is a medical background necessary?

What is the secret to being a perfect voiceover (while not having a medical background) in courses for health professionals?

30 May 2018: Why create open source educational technology?

Why take this decision? What advantages can it bring to your business?

30 May 2018: 4 things you need to do to maximize the engagement of your international learners

Delivering native language training can greatly increase your learners’ engagement and provide better educational results.

30 May 2018: 7 benefits of Mobile Learning - Infographics

What are the main advantages of mobile learning and why do people prefer this learning method? Find it out in this infographic.

30 May 2018: How to apply the Pareto principle to learning

In general, teachers dedicate 80% of their time to 20% of students. Especially if we are talking about adult training programs, there are some rules to keep in mind.

16 May 2018: How to use audio effectively in your eLearning course?

Voices that read slides? That's enough! 4 practical examples on how to best use audio in online courses.

9 May 2018: How to train millennials

To effectively train the workers of today and of the future it is necessary to know them.

9 May 2018: Applying e-learning to pharma and healthcare

An interview with Laura Guardi from Pharming explains how eLearning training is effectively delivered in the pharma sector.

25 April 2018: 5 errors in the provision of marketing training

Training for marketing professionals has a major impact on business results. However, this is often overlooked. How to avoid mistakes and what goals to pursue?

25 April 2018: The future calls for integrating LMS

4 reasons why it will be increasingly important to integrate LMS with other software

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