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The role of audio in eLearning

3 July 2024
In this article, we explore the use of audio in eLearning, its functions, and how it enhances the transmission and retention of information.

Universal design and eLearning: create all the functions you need

12 June 2024
Apply the principle of universal design to learning on the road to make eLearning accessible to all and promote inclusiveness in training

Artistic techniques to include in online courses to improve learning

29 May 2024
The use of artistic techniques within e-learning courses allows us to transform banal topics into captivating experiences capable of stimulating the student's emotional work.

Color Psychology in eLearning: how colors influence learning

15 May 2024
The psychology of color in eLearning, a useful tool for influencing student learning and maximizing results.

UX principles for eLearning: designing courses with the user at the center

1 May 2024
User Experience in eLearning: the essential principles for accessible, personalized and engaging online courses.

The role of empathy in eLearning to create effective learning

24 April 2024
To make learning in eLearning effective, the use of empathy also plays a fundamental role in planning. Let's find out why.

Introducing an eLearning course: what to include to spark interest

14 February 2024
The introduction to an online course represents the first opportunity to capture the attention of the future student: here are the steps to make it captivating.

Advanced gamification: innovative techniques to gamify eLearning

7 February 2024
Advanced gamification techniques are useful tools for involving and orienting students in eLearning and improving performance. Let's find out how to implement them.

Storytelling and eLearning: creating stories to facilitate learning

24 January 2024
Find out how using storytelling can help you improve online teaching and how to use different narrative structures depending on your training objectives.

Localization of content: adapting courses to diverse cultures

13 December 2023
When creating a course, it is essential to consider the cultural diversity of the target audience. This is where content localization comes into play.

Storytelling in eLearning: engaging to educate

6 December 2023
Storytelling is a powerful tool that enhances understanding and memorization of information, boosting the effectiveness of courses.

Scenario-Based eLearning: what it is and why it's useful for businesses

29 November 2023
In this article, we explore what "Scenario-Based eLearning" is and why it's beneficial for corporate training.

How to Create Effective Slides for an eLearning

22 November 2023
Course Slides are one of the most widely used tools in an online course. Here's how to design them to make learning effective and engaging.

How to prevent overlearning in occupational safety training

15 November 2023
eLearning strategies to prevent overlearning in workplace safety training, with a focus on personalization, microlearning and feedback.

How to create an eLearning course that respects the principles of pedagogy

25 October 2023
Careful didactic design makes it possible to order content and maximise its effectiveness. But how to apply the principles of pedagogy to the creation of a course?

Icons in e-learning: how to use them effectively

25 October 2023
Icons are an important tool for online courses. Images can in fact facilitate learning. Here are the advantages and ways to use icons effectively

eLearning courses: how to create a brand

20 September 2023
Let's find out what branding is and how to create a brand for an eLearning course to make it engaging and distinguish it from others

Audio for e-learning: here's how to use it effectively

13 September 2023
The use of audio tracks within e-learning courses can be a very effective tool. Let's find out how to create effective audio to include in online courses

How to create an effective Personal Learning Environment (PLE)

19 July 2023
The use of technology in education has led to the creation of student-centered learning environments. Here's what they are and how to build them

The best eLearning content: guidance and tips

17 May 2023
Creating content for inclusion in training courses is a central theme for eLearning. Let’s see some examples of contents and advice on how to create them

How to design an effective course structure

19 April 2023
Designing didactics in courses is a critical step in eLearning training. Learning theories can help evaluate the final design.

The work of eLearning Content Developer

22 March 2023
The growth of the eLearning sector has seen the emergence of new professions, such as the eLearning content developer. Let's find out who he is and what he does.

Active learning in eLearning

15 March 2023
Active learning is one of the most effective and popular training methods, but creating an active learning environment online requires a lot of attention.

The role of psychology in eLearning

25 January 2023
What psychological techniques can be used to create a better online learning experience?

Virtual Learning Environment: what it is and how to make it effective

18 January 2023
The importance of creating an effective VLE in e-learning training. All the characteristics of the virtual learning environment.

How to transform traditional training into interactive eLearning

14 December 2022
Here are all the steps you need to implement to transform traditional teaching content into effective materials for engaging e-learning

Modern Learners: who they are and how they are formed

14 December 2022
The peculiarities of modern learners force us to rethink how courses are delivered and designed. How to design courses that are Modern Learner-proof?

How to edit the audio of your eLearning courses

23 November 2022
One of the main components that should not be underestimated when working on a new eLearning course is the audio stream. 

Microlearning at school: getting the most out of the classroom and Dad

23 November 2022
The pandemic of Covid-19 imposes, in the Italian education landscape, a digital reflection that is concrete and aimed at the learner's benefit. Microlearning is a viable and current solution. 

The differences between gamification and game-based training

23 November 2022
Applying game elements to corporate training increases user engagement. But when to use gamification and when to use game-based learning?

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