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The Charter of Rights of Online Trainees

22 July 2020
Online training in 2020 played a crucial role. What are the fundamental rights to be guaranteed to online students?

An online course with a minimalist design

15 July 2020
Minimalism is always in vogue. In eLearning platforms as well as giving an elegant touch to the site is able to facilitate the study and readability.

5 video formats to use in an eLearning course

15 July 2020
There are many ways to do videolessons: with or without the trainer, live or recorded. Here is how to choose the most suitable video according to the participants.

How and why to connect your LMS to the HR management system

15 July 2020
Let's find out why linking your LMS to HR management will improve the effectiveness of corporate training and employee performance.

Why are they avoiding your online course?

8 July 2020
The training course you have designed with so much care and effort is not succeeding. Why not? What can you do to attract students?

Sales courses: how to turn them into eLearning courses

8 July 2020
With distance working, sales training must also take place online. How to move product knowledge and sales techniques to the online channel?

Smart working: improving employees' skills and productivity

1 July 2020
Continuous training and productivity control are two elements that become even more indispensable in smart working.

Tips to improve the navigation of an online course

1 July 2020
Navigating an online course has an impact on the educational success of users and the credibility of the platform. Find out how to make it clear and intuitive.

Videolessons: When is the time to turn off the camera?

24 June 2020
Is it really necessary to keep the camera on all the time, or is it better to turn it off for more effective training?

How to treat emerging skills internally

24 June 2020
How to develop business skills and agility to respond quickly to future challenges with employees able to move fluidly between projects, teams and work?

Why do students drop out of online courses?

17 June 2020
eLearning and drop-out rates: What are the factors that drive students to drop out of an online course before completing it?

Agile Methodology: how to use it in eLearning

17 June 2020
The term Agile indicates a software development methodology that meets the criteria of flexibility and speed. What are its advantages in online courses?

eLearning: towards digital democratisation

10 June 2020
After investing time and resources to develop eLearning solutions, it is difficult for companies and institutions to decide to dismantle online learning systems once the emergency has passed.

Learning by doing (and online learning): what is it?

10 June 2020
Learning in a practical way requires contact with other people and real interactions in the workplace. How can this form of learning be exploited with eLearning?

Online courses: no to boredom!

10 June 2020
A boring course is equivalent to an uninvolving and effective course. With a bit of inventiveness it is possible to design a training course both instructive and enjoyable.

Blocking or not blocking navigation in eLearning courses?

3 June 2020
Should students of an online course be able to navigate freely through the content or should they follow a set path?

Why isn't your gamification strategy working?

3 June 2020
It is not enough to apply the principles of gamification to improve an online course. What are the mistakes that can make this strategy fail?

How to choose the navigation style in the eLearning course?

27 May 2020
Intuitive navigation is fundamental to the success of an online course, but how to choose the most suitable type of navigation for your course?

COVID-19: smart working, video conferencing and cybersecurity

27 May 2020
Digital reality is a resource and an opportunity, but it also brings vulnerabilities and critical issues that should not be underestimated.

eLearning: the importance of (also) online interactions

27 May 2020
The possibility to interact with other students and tutors allows to involve students and to improve their critical and learning skills.

How to make online continuing education accessible

20 May 2020
Continuing education is no longer a visionary project of large companies, but an urgent necessity also for small and medium enterprises. How to keep life learning alive with a small budget and quickly? (The answer is in eLearning).

Why include subtitles in an online course?

20 May 2020
Let's find out how subtitles improve the teaching effectiveness of online courses and what aspects should be taken into account for proper subtitling.

Involving students: 3 design strategies

20 May 2020
Customizing, narrating and being empathetic are three strategies that can help you design an online course that will engage and engage the students.

Learning Analytics in online training

13 May 2020
How can learning data analysis improve your online course and help you create more effective learning experiences?

How to choose a character for eLearning courses

13 May 2020
Using a fictional character to accompany the students in eLearning is a way to increase their involvement. What characteristics should it have? Should it be a drawing or a real character? Man or woman?

How to talk to students

13 May 2020
Trying to create a direct relationship with the students, a kind of conversation, allows to increase their involvement and improve the final results.

Immediacy: the feature to involve students

6 May 2020
To avoid the online course being less effective it is preferable that students always feel "active" within the course. A greater presence of tutors, for example, is one of the winning weapons.

Strategies for creating successful Learning Objects

29 April 2020
Learning Objects are like Legos, bricks that can be used over and over again to create different constructions. Here are some ideas for planning some really reusable learning objects.

3 problems (and solutions) at the time of coronavirus

29 April 2020
Loneliness, organizational difficulties and lack of concentration are only three of the problems faced by online workers and students. Here are some strategies to overcome them.

Tips for a good video conference call

22 April 2020
Whether it's corporate training or didactics, for a successful videoconference it is essential to avoid "technical problems" and keep participants involved. Here are some tips to make everything go smoothly.

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