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eLearning: ways to evaluate students

28 July 2021
An online course is not complete if it does not also include the phase of assessing the students' learning. What are the most useful modes of assessment?

3 Decision Models for eLearning

21 July 2021
How to make crucial decisions involving online training by adopting some decision-making models.

How to record the audio track of an online course

21 July 2021
If you want to make your eLearning course engaging for your learners, you need to take care of the audio tracks as well. Here are some tips to make them effective.

How to create an accessible online course?

21 July 2021
Accessibility is a fundamental requirement to meet the needs of all online learners. But how to make a course accessible?

How to demonstrate the effectiveness of an online course

14 July 2021
In addition to the metrics of an online course, there are several ways to see if the course has met its training objectives, putting the beneficiaries at the center.

Tips for framing learning objectives

14 July 2021
Structuring and planning learning objectives is critical to having an overview of the online course to be offered to learners.

Digital burnout at work: what it is and how to fight it

14 July 2021
Digital burnout: the dark side of digital work. Let's find out what it is, how to recognize it, and best business practices to combat it.

Skill gap analysis: how to assess skills with eLearning

7 July 2021
What's the difference between training needs analysis and the skills gap required for a job? Here's how to perform skill gap analysis in eLearning.

Why use ebooks in an online course?

7 July 2021
Convenience, speed, and accessibility are just three of the benefits that ebooks offer within an online training course. Want to learn more about them? Read the article.

The 5 steps to a perfect employee onboarding process

7 July 2021
Onboarding programs play a crucial role for any company. Let's find out what they are, how to develop them and what benefits they offer.

Dynamic learning: how and when to use it in an online course

30 June 2021
Constant change, action and involvement. These are the characteristics of dynamic learning. What kind of learner is it suitable for?

Compliance: online courses on discrimination and harassment

30 June 2021
Discrimination and harassment issues are becoming more and more central within companies. How to address these issues in an online course?

3 change management models suitable for eLearning

23 June 2021
Change management is crucial in post-pandemic rebuilding. Let's explore eLearning templates to prepare employees for new changes.

How to choose the background of an online course

23 June 2021
The design of the eLearning is crucial for the success of a course. The background is one of the elements to which to pay more attention. How to choose it?

Creative ideas for updating an online course

23 June 2021
Are your online courses dated? Here are some creative ideas for updating the content of an eLearning course.

How to optimize the content library of an eLearning platform

16 June 2021
What is a content library for and how to make it as user-friendly as possible?

Tips for "condensing" the content of an online course

16 June 2021
Companies are requiring increasingly shorter courses to meet the needs and time constraints of employees. How to shorten an online course?

10 interactive contents to include in an online course

16 June 2021
Want to increase the motivation and engagement of your online learners? Here are 10 pieces of interactive content you need to include in your course.

Talent management: how to manage talent with eLearning

9 June 2021
Attracting new talent is not enough, you also need to know how to manage them and promote their development. Here's how eLearning helps to manage talent

Adaptive learning: the future of education

9 June 2021
A course that can adapt to the needs and abilities of the student? That's possible thanks to adaptive learning.

Self training: how to create an individual training plan

2 June 2021
How to help students choose their own learning path by exploiting the potential of their LMS

Visual clarity: how it affects eLearning

2 June 2021
Did you know that visual clarity greatly affects the way people process information, including in eLearning?

User experience: what does it mean in an online course?

26 May 2021
What do we mean by user experience when we talk about online courses? How can you tell if an online course is truly user-friendly?

Tips for launching your online course

26 May 2021
The launch of an online course is a delicate moment in which an exhaustive check of the platform and its contents is essential. Are you sure everything is ready?

How to simplify the maintenance of online courses

26 May 2021
How to implement a maintenance plan to ensure that an online course remains valid and relevant in the medium and long term?

E-learning ecosystem: the challenges of the future

19 May 2021
What is a learning ecosystem? Discover some of the elements that can play a key role in the present and future of the elearning system.

Children with disabilities and eLearning: removing the obstacles

12 May 2021
In order to provide inclusive education, eLearning platforms must adapt to all needs, including those of children with disabilities.

Gamification and remote work: how do they interact?

5 May 2021
Making remote work fun, a challenge for eLearning.

Continue to engage students after the course ends

5 May 2021
How do you promote engagement with students who have already finished one of your courses? Here are some strategies for keeping in touch with them.

Personalize learning in smart working

28 April 2021
Do you want employees, despite smart working, to not feel "disconnected" from the company? To maintain engagement, one option is personalized learning.

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