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User experience: what does it mean in an online course?

26 May 2021
What do we mean by user experience when we talk about online courses? How can you tell if an online course is truly user-friendly?

Tips for launching your online course

26 May 2021
The launch of an online course is a delicate moment in which an exhaustive check of the platform and its contents is essential. Are you sure everything is ready?

How to simplify the maintenance of online courses

26 May 2021
How to implement a maintenance plan to ensure that an online course remains valid and relevant in the medium and long term?

E-learning ecosystem: the challenges of the future

19 May 2021
What is a learning ecosystem? Discover some of the elements that can play a key role in the present and future of the elearning system.

Children with disabilities and eLearning: removing the obstacles

12 May 2021
In order to provide inclusive education, eLearning platforms must adapt to all needs, including those of children with disabilities.

Gamification and remote work: how do they interact?

5 May 2021
Making remote work fun, a challenge for eLearning.

Continue to engage students after the course ends

5 May 2021
How do you promote engagement with students who have already finished one of your courses? Here are some strategies for keeping in touch with them.

Personalize learning in smart working

28 April 2021
Do you want employees, despite smart working, to not feel "disconnected" from the company? To maintain engagement, one option is personalized learning.

The benefits of skills management software

28 April 2021
What is skills management, what benefits does it offer companies and how can it be optimized by adopting specific software?

LMS: Benefits for Manufacturing Companies

28 April 2021
An LMS can help manufacturing companies respond effectively to ongoing industry challenges. Let's find out how.

Clear objectives, motivated trainees

21 April 2021
Looking for a strategy to motivate learners right away? Spend time writing your online course objectives to make them clear and engaging.

eLearning: the importance of customer support

21 April 2021
Customer service and tutoring service in eLearning courses are of fundamental importance 

Tips for creating an online course trailer

21 April 2021
A trailer is a powerful promotional tool that can help you promote your online courses. But how to create a course trailer?

Tips for pricing an online course

14 April 2021
Not sure what to price your course? What are the elements to consider? Is it worth reducing the price or even offering an online course for free?

eLearning metrics to evaluate corporate training

14 April 2021
How to use your LMS data to understand if online training is working and contributing to your company's growth?

How to create a video tutorial for an online course

14 April 2021
From screen recordings to publishing: how to make video tutorials with an authoring tool for eLearning and a good story

Using animations in eLearning

7 April 2021
What are the uses of animations in an online course? What are the benefits of animated worlds and characters in eLearning?

7 types of writing needed to produce an eLearning course

7 April 2021
Let's find out how many types of texts are needed within an eLearning course and what characteristics they should have.

2021: The importance of measuring the effectiveness of eLearning

31 March 2021
Analyzing the effectiveness of online courses is critical to offer quality products and ensure training lives up to the expense made.

Using Gagné's 9 events to create effective online courses

31 March 2021
Let's find out how to apply one of the most popular instructional design models in the world to eLearning: Gagné's 9 events.

New trends in eLearning: user-generated content

31 March 2021
Companies are increasingly using user-generated content. What is it and why is it so important for online training?

Smart working: tips for online learning

24 March 2021
How to adapt corporate training to the needs of smart workers? Some suggestions from the world of eLearning

The knowledge base in corporate training

24 March 2021
What is a knowledge base and how does it contribute to online training?

How to create an online course in 12 steps

24 March 2021
Everything you need to know to create an online course: from choosing the topic, to promoting and evaluating the course.

eLearning: how to meet the challenge of learning analytics

17 March 2021
How to address the challenges of learning analytics? First and foremost, by avoiding making the most common mistakes. Find out what they are.

Apply the chunked method in an online course

17 March 2021
A remedy for declining attention and motivation in eLearning? The segmented lecture.

Soft skills: what they are and why they are important at work

17 March 2021
Today more than ever, soft skills make the difference between an adequate candidate and the ideal candidate. Let's find out why.

eLearning: the possibilities for onboarding

10 March 2021
One of the tools companies have to improve onboarding is to offer virtual, effective training to new hires.

Infographics: types and methods of use in eLearning courses

10 March 2021
Everything you need to know about the use of infographics in eLearning: main formats, when to use them and how to make them didactically effective.

Chatbots: what are they and how to use them in eLearning?

3 March 2021
How does a chatbot work in an online course and is its use in opposition to course customisation?

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