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10 effective ways to promote an online course

1 June 2022
A list of the main marketing tools that will help you market your online course and increase sales.

Neuroscience and memorable virtual learning experiences

25 May 2022
To be effective, online training must come to terms with instructional design that takes into account the functioning of the human brain. 

Transformative Learning in Human Resources

25 May 2022
Staff training is a necessary step for a company that wants to grow. The challenge is to avoid that greater competence is accompanied by less open-mindedness with regard to possible decision alternatives.

E-tutor: the project against early school leaving

25 May 2022
Who an e-tutor is, what they do and why they are also important in e-learning. An EU project aims to reduce early school leaving with the help of e-tutors

Reward programmes for corporate training

25 May 2022
Training is often perceived as an unproductive and oppressive activity. How can reward programmes be used to motivate employees to complete courses?

Building tailor-made learning pathways

18 May 2022
In this article we talk about how to create learning paths focused on specific target groups. Here are some tips.

How to use Learner Personas to design courses

11 May 2022
Marketers routinely use Buyer Personas to meet the needs of their market. Let's find out how to apply this technique to the production of content for eLearning courses.

E-learning and privacy, how to navigate the web

11 May 2022
How to protect oneself from hacker attacks and the dissemination of data provided on the web? Here are the strategies that platform operators and users can follow to avoid privacy threats

eLearning and environmental sustainability

11 May 2022
The 2030 Agenda has set clear objectives to be achieved in terms of sustainability. What part can eLearning play in this? 

The 5 main methods of delivering corporate training

11 May 2022
What are the main methods of training delivery and how do you choose the one that best suits your business needs and objectives?

How to grow an e-learning project: step by step guide

4 May 2022
We explore the steps you can take to expand your business from a single course to a broader and more profitable offer.

The Great Convergence in eLearning

27 April 2022
We analyse the growth of the eLearning market from trends related to technologies and skills in the sector and the dynamics of supply and demand.

How to set up an e-learning project: step by step guide

20 April 2022
What are the steps needed to launch an e-learning course? From finding a customer to setting a budget, here are all the tips you need to get your online learning project off the ground.

Main cloud services for instructional designers

20 April 2022
If you are in the business of creating content for eLearning courses, you will certainly need cloud services that will greatly increase your productivity. Find out which ones

The benefits of mobile apps for corporate training

20 April 2022
The increasing use of mobile devices in education has led to the rapid spread of training apps. Let's find out the benefits and use cases.

Performance management: what it is and how to optimise it

13 April 2022
How to ensure that employee performance is aligned with the company's strategic objectives? The answer lies in performance management.

Education problems that technology can solve

13 April 2022
The pandemic has been a great test case for fully understanding the advantages and disadvantages of education technology. What are these problems and what are the possible solutions?

E-learning in companies: advantages and trends

6 April 2022
In the corporate environment, distance learning is becoming one of the most widely used methods to train workers. Here are the benefits of e-learning and the trends for 2022

Does the school only need digital tools? Teacher training

6 April 2022
The funds allocated by the NRP underline that the digital challenge is imminent, even in schools.

Investing in eLearning: a chorus of voices in the company

30 March 2022
What is ROL (return on learning) and how to use it to clarify the benefits of corporate training.

Wellness education in the digital age

9 March 2022
At a time when digital has become a fundamental part of children's lives as well, it is important to pay attention to their physical and emotional well-being. In this landscape, wellness education takes on particular relevance.

The evolution of synthetic voices: opportunities and risks

2 March 2022
Advances in the application of deep learning algorithms make it possible to produce artificial voices that are increasingly more lifelike than human language. An interesting development also for the creation of eLearning courses. 

Child safety in the digital age

23 February 2022
How do we protect children from the "dangers" of digital exposure? Here are the risks young people may face and OECD recommendations to ensure the development of digital safety

Learning objects: what they are and what they are used for

23 February 2022
When we talk about eLearning training we often hear about Learning Objects (LO). But what exactly are they and how do they improve the instructional design of an online course?

LMS platforms: how to improve notifications to trainees?

16 February 2022
Let's find out how to improve the effectiveness of corporate training course invitations and reminders: tips, rules and templates

eLearning and enterprises: a winning relationship

2 February 2022
The pandemic and the revival of the country's economy have shown how the combination of continuing education and eLearning is the winning tool for businesses.

Cybersecurity: how to set a secure password

2 February 2022
Globally, password vulnerability data worsened from 2020 to 2021. Banned easy passwords resulting in the most chosen passwords of 2021

Flipped classroom in the company learning

26 January 2022
In the transition from school to companies, the model of inverted classroom, flipped classroom, has been transformed into inverted learning, flipped learning. Here are what its characteristics are.

Tips for creating a blended learning program

26 January 2022
Have you ever considered designing a blended learning program? Do you know the main elements to consider?

Training organizations: how to increase sales of online courses

26 January 2022
Marketing strategies and tools for training organizations that want to sell online courses: everything you need to know to promote your training offer.

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