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11 April 2018: Graphic design in eLearning for Newbies

4 tips to create effective graphics.

4 April 2018: Best Practices in eLearning Design - Infographic

Companies adopt project management techniques different from a graphical point of view. But which are the best and most efficient techniques in the area of eLearning?

28 March 2018: 3 ways to make your eLearning social

Together we learn better and more. How to introduce a form of "social" training in the company?

28 March 2018: Support career advancement with online training

How to support your employees to achieve their goals? With dedicated courses and effective training.

28 March 2018: What is microlearning and what are its 5 main advantages?

How to create courses in Microlearning and why all companies should do it ...

28 March 2018: Improve business training experience with YouTube

9 ways to improve online employee learning.

21 March 2018: How to mitigate online training globalization risks

What are the risks for eLearning training coming from globalization and how to dominate them?

21 March 2018: How to sell your online courses: choose your best e-commerce platform

5 tips for choosing a satisfying e-commerce platform and maximizing your revenues from eLearning courses.

21 March 2018: How to prepare to shoot a video content for eLearning

3 points must be clear before entering the shooting room.

14 March 2018: Evolution of digital content technology and eLearning strategy

LMS is the main tool for managing eLearning training, but business strategy is essential.

7 March 2018: Why investing in informal learning?

How to effectively employ informal learning.

7 March 2018: 5 common mistakes in the production of reports from your LMS platform

Do not waste time and effort creating relationships that are of no use to anyone! Read which are the 5 most common mistakes in the reporting activity from the platform and, above all, how to avoid them.

28 February 2018: What is Blended Learning?

eLearning and face-to-face instruction coexist and reinforce each other in 'blended learning'. Find out what's in this infographic.

21 February 2018: 4 steps to evaluate corporate training

Is training in your company effective? Find out now!

21 February 2018: 6 blended training models that guarantee successful training

Blended training uses a combination of both online learning and face-to-face instruction to achieve the training results. Here are 6 models developed by trainers and educators to enhance this training method.

21 February 2018: Why should we build a digital community?

A digital community can give companies a series of effective opportunities to communicate with their staff. Especially if it is a community within an eLearning platform.

21 February 2018: Short attention? Here's how to use it for the benefit of eLearning

8 tips to make the most of the short attention in eLearning.

14 February 2018: Less is more ... also in eLearning

To maximize the effectiveness of your eLearning product it is very often enough to enhance its simplicity.

14 February 2018: How to take advantage of infographics in eLearning courses

Five creative ways to insert infographics into your eLearning course

7 February 2018: How to use storytelling in eLearning

Some examples to create effective eLearning courses thanks to storytelling.

7 February 2018: Good resolutions for training professionals

4 development goals that every training professional should set in 2018.

31 January 2018: How important is LMS reporting for training companies?

eLearning training is a great opportunity for any company, but it is vital that your eLearning system provides accurate and reliable data on the training activity.

24 January 2018: Gamification: learning by playing

Would you like your training course to be perceived by your students as a free expression of their will rather than as an obligation?

24 January 2018: How to make effective and profitable e-Learning training with limited budgets

Is your e-Learning training budget limited? Optimize it by following these six simple steps.

24 January 2018: Why choosing Mobile Learning?

The reasons that push organizations to provide at least part of their training in the form of mobile learning.

17 January 2018: Background music kills learning

Why music and background sounds are bad for learning?

17 January 2018: How to effectively use Storytelling in e-Learning

Why use storytelling in learning? Because stories teach.

10 January 2018: Why buying a Learning Management System?

How could an LMS help to improve the convenience and efficiency of your training program?

10 January 2018: The correct mix of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in online learning

What are the differences between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation? How to best combine them with online learning?

10 January 2018: How to optimize textual communications online

Online communication requires a series of measures that guarantee the effectiveness of the communication itself. Let's find out together ...

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