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The benefits of mobile apps for corporate training

The increasing use of mobile devices in education has led to the rapid spread of training apps. Let's find out the benefits and use cases.

In recent years we have witnessed a steady increase in the use of smartphones in every area of our lives: from searching for information to buying products, from watching films and listening to music to managing payments in stores, etc.

The education sector has also been profoundly transformed by the increasing use of mobile devices in education. With the spread of so-called "mobile learning", training has become easier, faster and more flexible, and more and more companies are deciding to equip themselves with a training app for their employees.

In order to better understand how mobile apps can improve the effectiveness of training, in this article we will explore the main advantages of app-based learning, focusing on the following topics:

What is mobile learning?

Mobile learning is the method of delivering training via portable devices such as smartphones or tablets. Training content can be of various types: podcasts, videos or complete eLearning courses.

Training apps: what they are and how they work

Apps are software applications designed for use on mobile devices. Training apps therefore allow users to access training content directly from their smartphone or tablet, providing a learning experience that is as satisfying as the desktop experience.
Most mobile training apps also allow users to download training material and use it offline at a later date.
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Advantages of using mobile training apps 

1. Always accessible training
App-based training allows people to access content anywhere, anytime. They don't need a laptop or desktop computer: the training content is always there on their smartphone and can be accessed from home, on business trips, on the way to work or at the office.

2. Training integrated into the workflow
A corporate training app gives employees quick access to the information they need at all times, even during workflow. This means that content such as product updates, sales sheets or compliance updates are always just a few clicks away.

3. User-friendly training
Each of us learns differently, at different times, in different ways and with different personal inclinations. With this in mind, training apps offer users the possibility to access training material anytime, anywhere and at their own pace.

4. Increased completion rates
When training is accessible, users are more committed to completing it. Training apps help trainees take the training when they want to rather than when they have to, resulting in higher course completion rates.

5. Increased engagement with Millennials
Millennials love technology and spend an average of over 90 hours per month on mobile apps. Therefore, implementing a training app will greatly benefit this demographic.

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6. Immediate update
eLearning training has the great advantage of allowing constant and timely updating of courses. Have you introduced new company procedures? With a training app you can ensure that all employees are informed at the same time and that they have access to the same materials.

7. Reinforcing classroom training
An app can also be used to support traditional classroom training, e.g. to allow users to consult training materials at any time and from anywhere. In this way, a blended learning experience is offered to trainees that is even more engaging and didactically effective.

8. Improved performance
Mobile training apps allow trainees to practice as many times as necessary without the fear of failure. This generally results in improved performance, as users are able to apply what they have learned instantly and directly in the workplace.

App for corporate training: the DynDevice LMS case study

DynDevice LMS is an eLearning platform with a customisable native Android and iOS app. 
As a trainee, with the DynDevice App you can:

  • easily access your organisation's eLearning platform
  • manage your profile
  • progress through the e-Learning courses you are enrolled in
  • check completed courses and download documents such as certificates and reports.

As an administrator, with the DynDevice App you can:

  • have a completely customised app in terms of graphics (app icon, logo in the app, graphic style of the screens) and user experience (customised display of the contents of the different pages)
  • manage a system of notifications to the trainees to inform them of any course enrolment or deadline, and to stimulate them to carry out the training. Notifications can be activated/deactivated from the app options.

It is also possible, thanks to the "DynDevice OffP" PWA, to make content available to your learners in offline mode, by downloading all the content you wish to use in this mode.

For further information, request a free demo.

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