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eLearning, a growing sector

16 September 2020
Due to the mistrust of many people towards face-to-face contact, the eLearning sector continues to grow in the recovery phase.

Post-COVID Training and eLearning

2 September 2020
What will digital learning be like in the post-COVID future?

eLearning in the world: main markets and future trends

24 June 2020
What is the value of the eLearning market in the world? What are the main drivers of growth and future prospects?

The state of continuing education in Italy

10 June 2020
The low level of continuing education in Italy does not allow employees to keep up with the digitization of professions.

Peer education in corporate training

13 May 2020
Peer-to-peer learning: How to help employees learn from each other?

Smart work and school at the time of the coronavirus: is Italy really ready?

8 April 2020
Despite the digital divide, "narrow" bandwidth and obsolete hardware, the health emergency linked to the spread of the coronavirus is pushing Italians to take great steps towards digitization.

The eLearning market in Africa: the current state and development prospects for corporate learning

18 March 2020
What is the current eLearning situation in Africa and what are the trends in corporate training?

Can brain drain be avoided through online training?

11 March 2020
The tendency to job-hopping, literally jumping from one job to another, also increases in Italy. The risk for companies is to lose the best talent, especially in favor of foreign companies. Thanks to eLearning, brain drain can be mitigated.

Mental Patterns: How Do They Affect Student Results?

26 February 2020
How to design an online course so that students can connect content with their experiences? Here are some tips on how to use trainee's mindsets.

What is the HILL model and how can it make eLearning more effective?

12 February 2020
All the secrets of High Impact Learning that Last, a durable and high impact training model.

Artificial Intelligence: the professions of the future

22 January 2020
Will robots conquer the world of work? Will digitalization free workers from low value-added activities?

Neuroscience and training: how to improve the learning of new skills

15 January 2020
85% of job success depends on having well developed soft skills, while only 15% depend on technical skills.

Statistics and eLearning: how to use student data to improve an online course

15 January 2020
The statistics of an online course are a mine of useful information not only to evaluate the results achieved by students, but also to adapt the content of the course to their needs. Here are some data to monitor carefully.

The 5 major challenges in using the 70:20:10 model in business education

18 December 2019
Challenges of using the business model 70:20:10.

Reskilling in Italian companies

4 December 2019
50% of Italian companies are committed to building strategies for upgrading their resources.

Confirmation bias in eLearning

27 November 2019
Many trainees approach the online course with prejudice. This could affect their learning success.

Onboarding programs: trend statistics 2019 vs. 2018 - Infographic

2 October 2019
Companies with defined onboarding programs record significantly better loyalty, productivity levels and employee satisfaction.

Improving Employee Wellbeing Through Learning and Development

18 September 2019
The creation of learning cultures and healthy workplaces is key to foster employee engagement that leads to their wellbeing

Reskilling and upskilling: the watchwords of the future in the HR sector

3 July 2019
The average global investment in skills upgrading is $ 1,000 per person. The highest investments have occurred in the retail sector.

Who is the typical student of online courses?

29 May 2019
Since the late 1990s, the number of students choosing online courses has grown steadily, especially between 2004 and 2016. But what are the characteristics of a typical online student and what do you study by choosing e-learning?

6 Ways Knowledge Sharing Tools Enhance Employee Performance

29 May 2019
Knowledge management tools have simplified the way information is captured and curated in a company.

The results of the LinkedIn Report on corporate training 2019

15 May 2019
A LinkedIn research highlights the centrality of education in today's working world.

Neuroscience and learning: 4 debunked myths

17 April 2019
Are there really people dominated by the right hemisphere and others by the left? Does our brain plasticity reduce and "force us to stop" from learning at the age of 3?

Professional training: 10 false beliefs - Infographics

10 April 2019
Professional training is a valuable opportunity for companies and employees. Consequently, the question arises: why are there so many objections to vocational training?

10 signals that show you that your employees are dissatisfied - Infographic

30 January 2019
Are your employees happy and motivated in your company?

How important is e-Learning for your organisation? 4 statistical data

24 October 2018
4 statistical data show that e-Learning is a profitable solution for both employers and employees.

e-Learning and gamification: what is possible to learn from videogames?

18 July 2018
Peole who start working in a fast food expects to be trained with for a necessary (and boring) training video. But the initiation rite for the new chefs at KFC is much more original. What does it consist of?

4 steps to create a positive learning environment

4 July 2018
Did you know that the physical environment in which we learn has a strong impact on performance?

How well do you learn with Experiential or Inquiry Approaches: what’s the best?

27 June 2018
What is the best way to train workers? Are security policies better acquired with simulations or content presentations?

Choose your best digital learning

23 May 2018
6 case studies show that blended mode improves quality, efficiency and cost of training.

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