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AI: Italian market worth 300 million, growing

Artificial Intelligence market in Italy is worth €300m, +15%.

Over the past year, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector in Italy has seen an increase in interest from institutions, has become part of the European recovery plan and is now a familiar concept to consumers. In fact, it is a sector that has responded very well to the health emergency, with 15% growth compared to 2019 and a value of €300 million.
According to the Artificial Intelligence Observatory of the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano (research also taken up by Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi during his speech on the Strategic Objectives of the Next Generation EU), more than half (53%) of the medium-large Italian companies analysed have activated at least one AI project during 2020.

In general, spending is driven by investments on Intelligent Data Processing (33%), algorithms to analyse and extract information from data, chatbots and virtual assistants, at +10% and +28% respectively. The majority of users (94%) have heard of AI at least once and have a correct understanding of it, linked to the automation of specific tasks (65%), driving vehicles without human intervention (60%), human-machine interaction (58%) and logical reasoning (40%). More than half (51%) have already used products and services that include artificial intelligence features, mainly phone voice assistants (65%), smart speakers for the home (62%) and systems that provide suggestions on e-commerce sites (58%). 

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